The Power of Lightheartedness


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Life is short, so wouldn’t it be great to feel like you can ride through it with a light heart instead of being reactive to every bump and curve in the road? Getting upset only adds another layer of difficulty, and is guaranteed to drain your good energy.

Whether your world is calm or tumultuous (or anything in between), imagine what it would be like to keep your sense of humor through it all.

You can still do what needs to be done. You can respond authentically however you’re called to respond. It’s just that instead of being heavied out by it all, you’ll bring a levity of spirit that will transform your experience and everyone else’s around you.

Uh-oh! Is your Yellow Gold Power of Lightheartedness a little frayed around the edges? Here’s Jamie to help you get into vibrational alignment with this uplifting energy:


Keeping a Light Heart

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The Power of Hope


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It would be so easy right now to slip into cynicism with everything going on in the world, wouldn’t it?

One of your best allies in challenging times is the Power of Hope. It’s the energy to align with when you notice you are getting sucked down the rabbit hole of dispair over what is happening around you.

Instead of being distracted by thoughts and conversations about what won’t work and why, the Power of Hope will direct your focus and attention toward…

~ what IS possible.

~ what CAN be done.

~ what WILL improve your life, and everyone’s life!

It helps you keep your eye on what’s possible for your future, and hold firmly to those ideas that will renew your hope and confidence in what’s ahead, rather than be bogged down by fears and discouragement.

Here’s Jamie with an easy-to-do process that will lift your spirits, and send you down a path that can carry you and everyone you meet toward a brighter future that we all aspire to. Check it out!

Keeping Hope Alive

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The Power of Abundance


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 14-12-2017

Opportunities to tap into more abundance surround you every day, no matter what “they” say. Whether its more joy, more ideas, more opportunities, or more money, when you access your Power of Abundance, you are able to see and welcome in the many riches that Life has to offer.

Why give into a sense of lack and limitation, when with a little shift in perspective, you can keep your Power of Abundance online and strong.

Here are a few scenarios of what it might look like when yours is offline in the money department, and in need of support:

  • You’re worried and stressed about not having enough money to pay your bills, get food on the table, pay for your kids education, not to mention holiday shopping!
  • No matter how much money you make, or how many material items you collect, you still feel broke, behind, or like there will just never be enough.
  • The tension is so thick with your spouse around money that you’re walking on eggshells, hiding your purchase receipts, and just wishing Ed McMahon would show up at your door and solve all your problems.
  • You wonder if you have some ‘worthiness issues’, maybe even deep in your unconscious, that create your money challenges.
  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking on anyone else’s financial needs but your own, which you already feel you can barely manage.
  • You feel tight, fearful, and controlling, resisting change with all your might.
  • You feel guilty about not giving any donations to your favorite charities lately, but you know you should hold on to what you have in these crazy financial times.

Prosperity is an internal state, not an external state of having a certain amount of money.


~Shakti Gawain, Creating True Prosperity


Chaya here…

Although prosperity is so much bigger than money, it’s money that’s been the big mirror for me of my consciousness and where I’m at.

On one hand, I’ve generally felt incredibly prosperous for years, but for a long time my credit card debt made it clear that some money issues were still playing out.

About 10 years ago some good friends of ours inspired us to start tithing on a regular basis. It was always something we had wanted to do, because it seemed like a good spiritual practice. But, we thought it would be best to pay off our debt first.

Then I read The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Law #1 is, of course, Tithing. Give and the Universe will give back. Well, now this just felt like I’d be trying to manipulate the Universe. But I decided to do it anyway. And I did feel manipulative, at first. Although I wasn’t proud of the thought, I was hoping that by tithing, we would increase our income.

Every week I put money into an account I created just for our tithing savings. I researched charities and found ones that really moved my heart.

One of my early favorites was Operation Smile, an organization that corrects children’s cleft palates around the world. These are kids that might be hidden away from society and even thought of as monsters in some cases.

It turns out, for $250, Op Smile can perform cleft lip surgery, give a child a  smile, and oftentimes, give them a life they’d never had. I’d squirrel away our tithe money until I had $250 and send it to them in one chunk.

Can I just tell you how amazing that felt?! We were able to pay for a child’s surgery and transform their life! I couldn’t believe how prosperous I felt inside, knowing that we were able to do that.

Then came the moment I felt the big shift.

I was laying in bed one night, saying my gratitude prayers. Up until then, I’d usually include a prayer for more money to come our way to help us pay down our debt.

That night, my prayer shifted. “Please God, send us more clients or find a way to increase our income so we can help more kids get their smiles fixed!” I had such a deep yearning, such deep gratitude for the opportunity.

All my cells were so filled with this magical potion called generosity, that I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Of course you know what happened next. Feeling so prosperous created a vibe. The Universe answered in kind.

Our debt began to shrink faster and faster. And while I felt happy about that, it paled in comparison to the feeling of abundance and generosity that was born.


See the abundance that is already flowing in your life, and let it grow!


Gold energy is so powerful! The benevolent Kings and Queens of old, who would look out for their kingdom and make sure everyone’s needs were met, had the Power of Abundance in spades. Here’s what can happen if you strengthen yours:

* Instead of stress, paying your bills will be accompanied by gratitude for all that you have….heat, water, electricity, cable, and those wonderful kids who desire to go to college!
* You’ll be filled with a trust and a knowing that there is enough for you, you’ll be safe and cared for, and all your needs will be fulfilled.
* Your conversations with your spouse about money will end in hugs, not hurt.
* You’ll step into your powerful, radiant self, confident in your own worthiness.
* Looking out for others and even taking on responsibility to help them meet their needs will not seem daunting, but rather like a worthy challenge.
* You’ll recognize when change needs to happen, and discover how to flow with it comfortably.
* You’ll feel rich and powerful on all levels, with time, energy, and money to donate….making you feel more rich and powerful yet!


2 ways to access the Power of Abundance


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am generous and prosperous.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Abundance Vibrancy Essence daily. It will help you loosen your grip on your own time, energy and purse strings, and to discover that all you give will come back to you tenfold.


As you give, so shall you receive.


“Withhold no good impulse. You may fear that you will run to excess and squander too much, but those feelings are born of fear. In God’s reality, the more you give of yourself–in feeling, generosity, self-expression, goodness, creativity, and love–the more you will be given.”

~ Deepak Chopra


May your life be filled with abundance!

The Power of Hope


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 05-12-2017

It would be so easy right now to slip into cynicism with everything going on in the world, wouldn’t it?

One of your best allies in difficult times is the Power of Hope. Even if this Power is not part of your Vibrancy Signature, you still have access to it as part of your humanity. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine that it is strong and balanced within you:

  • Do you feel directionless and without purpose, wandering through your life without any inspired visions or goals?
  • Have you given up on having dreams because in the past you’ve crashed and burned, and it’s just too painful to have hope?
  • Have you lost hope in the country’s economy, wondering if you’re ever going to be able to earn and save enough money to retire the way you’ve dreamed?
  • Is your faith in politics thin and frail because you think all politicians are just full of hot air, controlled by Big Business, unable to cooperate, and less than trustworthy?
  • Are you afraid of what’s coming in your future?
  • Do you feel stuck in the day to day grind, getting things done, but feeling empty inside?

Don’t let what seems impossible distract you from what is really possible.


Jamie here….

The Violet Power of Hope is my Intention Power. I have filing cabinets and computer files full of visionary ideas. I regularly am refining and clarifying my visions to keep them timely, and to more clearly direct my energy and focus.

For example, I am constantly envisioning how this work can help more people to get into alignment with who they were born to be, and heal the root causes of what’s keeping them from their grandest ideas of what is possible. I have such hope for us, as human beings, to live beyond our perceived potential, not held back by limiting beliefs, our upbringing or our imbalances.

I believe that hope is our biggest gift we can give to one another. The first casualty in dealing with the stressors in the world is often our belief in what can be. We give up on ourselves, each other and our future way too soon. When we access our Power of Hope, we let go of the impossible and turn our attention to what is possible if we stay committed to our vision. This shift makes room for brand new seeds of possibility to sprout for ourselves, our children, our friends and our community.

Today, plant your seeds of hope and make sure to water your dreams, weed out any distractions and nourish every belief you hold for your future and those all around you. Remember…

“Hope is not a dream,
but a way of making dreams reality.”


~ L J Suenens


Don’t let anything keep you from dreaming up what’s possible for you! If you strengthen and balance your Power of Hope…

  • You’ll tap into new visions that inspire you each day to do what you love and feed your sense of purpose.
  • The dreams of the past that didn’t come true will lose their strangle-hold on your present, and you’ll see all the new possibilities ahead of you.
  • You’ll be able to clear the stress of what’s going on with the economy, and keep your attention on a happy and fulfilling retirement for yourself with all your needs met.
  • You’ll keep your faith that we will elect a visionary candidate who looks beyond the next re-election cycle and will help us create a future we’ll all want to live in.
  • You’ll feel renewed hope and confidence in what’s ahead for you, and not be bogged down by your fears.

2 steps to wake up the Power of Hope:


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I envision a bright future.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Hope Vibrancy Essence daily. It will help strengthen your ability to keep your attention on all that is hopeful and possible, letting go of old, outdated reasons for giving up.


If you can dream it,it can be.


“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”
~ Christopher Reeves


May your future be bright!

The Power of Sharing


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 05-12-2017

The Power of Sharing is all about being friendly, helpful and communicative with people in very warm and practical ways. One of the strengths inherent in the Power of Sharing is also being good at forgiveness. This is the aspect of this Power we want to talk about today. If you’ve ever noticed how the little grudges you’re holding on to make you feel less than neighborly with others, then you’ve seen how these concepts connect.

Those little grudges can siphon off a lot of your life energy leaving you drained and feeling anything but ‘peachy’. Here are some cues that your Power of Sharing could use some strengthening:

  • You’ve lost good friendships because you couldn’t figure out how to forgive and move forward after something ‘went down’.
  • You find yourself acting fake when you see your boss or that neighbor you had a run-in with, smiling on the outside, but seething on the inside.
  • Sometimes you punish your spouse by not talking to them or withholding love when you’re angry with them…occasionally turning a small disagreement into a full-blown argument.
  • You ‘forgive’ someone because you know you should (it’s the spiritual thing to do) or because you need to in order to get by (like a boss), but in fact you’re stomach is tight or you feel tense or angry whenever you see that person.
  • You’re still processing with your therapists all the anger and resentment you feel about how your family treated you when you were young.
  • You beat yourself up for all the things you think you could’ve done better or differently….how you’ve handled your money, how you’ve treated your health, how you treat your kids, etc.

“Unforgiveness is the poison you drink every day
hoping that the other person will die.”

~Debbie Ford

What’s a quick and easy way to free up your energy? Lay down those hard feelings once and for all!


Chaya here….

I found this on the internet, and thought it was so beautifully written and critical to this topic:

“Forgiveness is not about condoning another’s hurtful actions, it’s about releasing your negative emotions and perceptions about the painful events.

Otherwise you keep yourself chained to those events or people – you keep it alive within you – and you carry it with you wherever you go.

It’s a very heavy burden to carry around and you end up crippling yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.”

A few years ago in a blog about the Power of Sharing, I shared that I needed to up my game regarding forgiveness. I had become aware that there were a few sticky people from my past who did not move through my mind with ease, but created some tension when I thought about them.

In that blog I committed to a plan, and I’m so happy to tell you that I stuck with it, and it worked!

First, I took the Peach Vibrancy Essence daily to get myself vibrationally aligned with forgiveness.

Of course, first, I had to forgive myself for not getting around to letting those grudges go sooner, and for not being a more evolved human being.

Then, I returned to the book Radical Forgiveness, and did the exercises the author recommended.

It’s so freeing now to scan my life and realize that those people I’d previously been unable to forgive, now have, as Rev. Karyl Huntley says, “harmless passage through my mind.”

If old resentments are draining your energy, I highly recommend this process. Get yourself into vibrational alignment with Peach energy, the Power of Sharing, and then do the work needed to free yourself.


Forgive yourself and others and reconnect with your warm and friendly nature.


Tap into your Power of Sharing – it will make your life so much easier!

  • You’ll heal old friendships and keep the current ones healthy and happy.
  • You won’t develop ulcers from the unresolved grudges burning inside, and when you see those people you used to have anger toward you’ll feel peace and freedom, and be able to be real with them.
  • You’ll find loving ways to get through those difficult moments with your spouse quickly and without creating unnecessary damage.
  • You won’t forgive someone ‘because you should’. You’ll forgive because it feels better than hanging on to the hurt.
  • Those victim stories of your childhood will transform and the resentment blocking you from having a totally loving relationship with your family will melt away.
  • You’re confidence will go up, the misery will go down, and your health and sleep will improve because you’ll be less judgmental and more accepting of your actions and choices.


2 Ways to Strengthen Your Peach Power of Sharing:


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am friendly, helpful and communicate easily.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Sharing Vibrancy Essence daily. It will help you to always be willing to share with others in ways that will make their lives a little sweeter and easier.


Forgive, move on and share!


“Sharing with others is not the way to get rich – it’s the way to get happy!”

~ unknown

Here’s to friendship!

The Power of Inspiration


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 10-10-2017

Inspired….juiced, ignited, filled to the brim with a sense of wonderment and magic. Is this you?  Maybe not every day or all the time, but would you say you have a general feeling of being ‘lit up’ by life? Kinda like that childlike spark just never left you? If you do, consider yourself among the fortunate. Life events and circumstances can take a toll on many people’s ability to feel inspired.
What’s it like to live without inspiration?

You might:

  • Be bored with the same old routine you follow every day…but lacking any ideas or energy to change it.
  • Feel burned out, or low on the mojo to turn your ideas into a reality.
  • Think that your food is bland, conversations are dull, and the sky is always grey.
  • Notice that you’ve settled for a mediocre relationship or go-nowhere job.
  • Have the urge to roll your eyes at the next person who tells you to stop being so busy and take time to ‘smell the roses’.

Who wants boring when you can feel that
spring in your step and sparkle in your eye?


Chaya here…
Not too long ago, I discovered www.stumbleupon. First, you choose the categories that inspire you. I chose gardening, self-improvement, quotes, animals, vegetarian, fitness, and humor to get started.
Now, I get a little treat by clicking a button that says “Stumble”. It randomly gives me something from the world wide web that it thinks I would like….photographs, videos, articles and quotations that line up with my interests.

Many of my stumbles uplift and inspire me and give me new ideas for my own garden, my own cooking, my own life. Or I stumble upon a quote that changes my attitude for the better.
I’ll admit…..I’m feeling a little addicted. I’m often saying to myself, “Just one more stumble and then I’ll stop.”

So, is that bad? Is that a waste of time? John Lennon said, “The time you enjoy wasting is not truly wasted time.”

I would amend that to, “The time you spend finding and doing the things that inspire you is time used wisely.” Ok, it doesn’t sound as cool as John’s quote, but you get the gist.

There were many years of my life when I wasn’t consciously doing something that would inspire me.  And, the opposite of inspired is depressed….yeah, been there, and in all that grey area in between where blah and so-so live.

Personally, I find inspired to be the most alive place along that continuum. So, anything I can do, anywhere I can find it, I’m going there….because inspiration beats anti-depressants any day.
Where do you find your sparks of inspiration?


Whatever wakes you up to the wonder of life
is the key to your inspirational liberation!


When you’re lit up with the Power of Inspiration, you will…

  • Be full of ideas and the passion to take action!
  • Feel enlivened by nature, art, food, movies, and new ideas.
  • Smell the fresh air, savor the yummy food, and feel that spark of aliveness in everything you do.
  • Never settle for the ordinary, and never be bored. You’re alive with sizzle!
  • Let that creativity inside you burst forth, and have fun tweaking all  the things that aren’t great in your life – like your relationships – until they’re so fantastic you want to shout from the mountaintops.

2 steps to wake up the Apricot Power of Inspiration in your life:


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I live an inspired life.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Inspiration Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will help you tap into your creative side and come up with ever new ways to re-engage your childlike fascination with life.


Stop and smell the roses, or stumble,
or whatever it is that fills your senses
and enlivens your cells!


“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to,
something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”
~ Tony Dorsett


Just have to share this cute video/movie. It’s about 7 minutes long, but it’s a wonderful example of the magic that’s created out of inspiration.

Live inspired!

The Power of Stability


Posted by Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 05-10-2017

Does the word “home” make you feel warm and cozy? For many people, just the sound of it offers up an yummy image of safety, comfort, and being right with the world. It has the potential to create a sense of stability and groundedness….kinda like milk and warm cookies fresh out of the oven on a cold day.

If the idea of stability seems boring to you, or impossible to achieve, consider some of the challenges you might be facing without it:

  • Change feels scary and unsettling to you.
  • You freak out when little things go wrong, and totally fall apart when something big happens.
  • Those extra pounds you’re carrying give you a sense of grounding and solidity.
  • You crave comfort food a lot – maybe even the kinds of food Mom made.
  • You don’t venture out into the world and try new things because you feel insecure.
  • You feel uncomfortable in your home – or any home. You move a lot, trying to find that place where your restless spirit can finally settle.
  • You feel lonely.

For a tree to grow up and expand out into
the sky, it’s gotta have strong roots.


Chaya here….

A few years ago, our beloved kitty, Koala, passed on. She was almost 22 years old!

Koala was like a heart-mate to me. It was when she arrived in my life that I finally began to discover the Power of Stability, and it was oh-so-healing.

Prior to her arrival, I had moved 16 times in 14 years, and traveled so much for diving competitions that I basically lived out of a suitcase. There was a lot of excitement, but since I didn’t have any internal stability, I had no sense of groundedness or home anywhere.

I felt very off balance and emotional much of the time….upset by the smallest things. Ok, let’s just be honest, I was a bit of a drama queen. I could go from enthusiastic and energized to the pit of despair very quickly.

Kind of like diving from the top of the 10 Meter platform to the bottom of the pool in 2.5 seconds!
And then….Koala came into my life and sat on my lap. And she purred. And she sat and purred some more, holding me in one place solidly, giving me a role as Mom.

With her on my lap, I felt grounded for the first time. She loved me unconditionally. She chased away the loneliness. Wherever she was, I knew was my home.

Over time I strengthened my Power of Stability, learning from personal growth opportunities and people who had strong, healthy Sky Blue energy. The drama began to melt away.

Recently, Jamie and I just celebrated 17 years living here in our house. Now the feeling of HOME in me is one of the deepest, most joyful, peaceful, loving, comforting experiences in my being.

Losing Koala was so hard for both Jamie and I, but I will forever be grateful for the initiation into Sky Blue energy, and that feeling of home and family, that she introduced into my life.

One of my wishes for you is to have that sense of home….first and foremost, within yourself, and then also with family, friends, animals, and a place where you feel loved, warm, stable and secure.


You have the Power of Stability within you!


Here are some of the benefits of balancing and strengthening Sky Blue energy:

  • You’ll feel centered and whole even if things all around you are falling to pieces. You’ll remain the calm center of the storm. (You may even find your friends and family feel comfort in just being around you!)
  • Even if big change is in the air, you’ll feel secure, confident, and rooted in who you are and what’s really important in your life.
  • You can let go of those extra pounds because you’ll feel grounded, solid, and secure in your life from within your own being.
  • You’ll find comfort and take care of yourself in healthy ways, consciously eating your favorite foods because you enjoy them, not because you need them to sooth you.
  • Your spirit can finally settle into a peaceful, restful home life, with other 2-legged or 4-legged friends to share your love and life with.

2 Ways to Root Yourself in the Sky Blue
Power of Stability:


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am stable and secure.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Stability Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will help you establish and maintain a sense of security that can sustain you even through times of change.

Take the cozy comfort of your own
home wherever you go.


“You can live in a house, but your real home is inside you.”
~ Leonard Jacobson

Welcome home!

The Power of Wisdom


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 12-09-2017

When your Power of Wisdom is strong and healthy, you “get” the spiritual connection behind everything. With this deep sense of the underlying meaning of life events, you can wisely deal with the everyday surface stuff.

But without this Power, you might find yourself in some pretty uncomfortable places. Do any of these familiar to you?

  • You’re so bogged down with job, family responsibilities, bills, and financial stress, you feel like life has lost its true meaning.
  • Your soul feels like its withering and dying of thirst in the desert.
  • You’re sick and tired of suffering in the dark with no answers.
  • Anxiety and fear are the current dictators of your life.
  • You feel lost and alone in the world, like a child separated from Mom at a carnival.
  • Sometimes you just shake your head and think to yourself, “What is it all about? What’s the point?”

What if you didn’t have any visual depth perception, and everything appeared in 2D like on a flat screen? You would bump into things, you wouldn’t be able to catch a ball hurtling toward you, and you definitely couldn’t drive a car. Being low in the Black Gold consciousness is similar – only what you’re lacking is spiritual depth perception.

Dive deep, look beyond, search for meaning,
and ask the big questions.


Chaya here…

I remember when I was 20, and grieving deeply for the loss of my Dad. I’d been feeling very lost, confused, sad, and victimized. I was looking at a bookshelf when one of the titles pulled me in like a magnet: Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

It was the first spiritual/metaphysical book I’d ever looked at, and as I let it fall open I found so many words of comfort to heal my anger and fear.

To this day, I don’t remember what the pages said, but the title has never left me. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” was the beginning question of a deep spiritual quest for me.
Later it became, “Why does anything happen?” and also “Why do good things happen?”  All these led me to wonder about my soul’s development. They gave me permission to contemplate the mysteries of the Universe and my life.

Do I have the definitive answers? No, but I find that the answers that have come offer new depth and give me a sense of meaning.

And I keep asking, I keep delving into the mysteries. It’s all about the journey with the Power of Wisdom.

Find the treasures hidden underneath the surface of life.


When your Power of Wisdom is alive and well, you will….

  • Find meaning in all the moments and experiences of your life – whether you’re paying the bills, driving your child around, or sitting in meditation or prayer.
  • Feel your soul singing with the awareness of the spiritual essence that saturates your being.
  • See the underlying meaning behind what happens in your life and feel comforted by the realization that there are no ‘accidents’.
  • Relax into life, and let yourself be guided by a deeper truth, rather than be distracted by some crazy event appearing on the surface.
  • Develop an internal sense of the interconnection of all beings and the vast Universe you live in….which includes you!
  • See your life as a spiritual journey to be lived, and not just a collection of random events that torment you.

2 ways to dive into the Black Gold Power of Wisdom:


 #1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I trust and rely on my deep wisdom.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Wisdom Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will help your mind open up and access the deeper truths for you, freeing you up from feeling stuck on the surface of life, and whipped around by situations that just don’t make any sense.

It’s not so much the answers that draw us.
It’s the search that enlivens us.

“…if we thoughtfully proceed, if we recognize with equal sensitivity
the vision of objective science and the revelations of deep introspection,
we move from information to insight, knowledge to wisdom….
The best of journeys rarely lead to definitive answers.
They simply lead to more questions.”

~ Gotham Chopra

Dive deep, but don’t forget your headlamp!

The Power of Creativity


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 12-09-2017

Even if you show no signs of being a born Picasso, do you still wonder if you really have that seed of creativity lurking deep inside? The answer is, yes! Creativity comes in many forms, and shines through you in ways you may be overlooking or taking for granted. When you widen your view, you can discover the artist that you are!

You may be out of touch with your Power of Creativity if you…

  • Took it to heart when your grade school teacher told you that you weren’t artistic.
  • Feel like some people are just born artists, and that they have something special that you don’t.
  • Are convinced there isn’t a creative bone in your body, simply because your drawings of people are always stick figures.
  • Try to write something only to find that all the words seem to flee, and you’re left staring at the blank screen.

Creativity comes in many “shades and colors”.
Notice how it shows up in you!

A few years back we were in Michigan at hospice with Jamie’s 95 year-old Mom, and as a family we were all reviewing this amazing woman’s creative life.

She had 6 kids and was the matriarch of 26 offspring total, including a great great grandchild! Yes, creating and raising children is an expression of creativity!

She also owned and ran her own real estate business, and for a creative hobby she remodeled and redecorated houses. When she felt too advanced in years for that, she built miniature homes and decorated them. Up to a week before she went into hospice, she still drove, went to her book club, and did the NY Times crossword puzzle!

As we sat with her during her final hours, it felt like we were connected through her to some place of divine creativity, as she seemed to sometimes be having conversations with us, and sometimes with angels.

At one point, she said, “My bridesmaids dresses are really pretty. You’re really going to like them.” Even then, she was remembering her more creative moments.


The Power of Creativity is in each of us,
regardless of age, gender, background,
or childhood!

As with all the Vibrancy Powers, this is a light frequency, flowing through your body, just awaiting your awareness and channeling.

When you’re connected to the Power of Creativity, you:

  • Know you’re creative no matter what anybody else says, because you can feel it inside just waiting to come out!
  • Realize that creativity takes many forms, and you celebrate the unique way it flows through you.
  • Don’t waste time judging yourself for what you can’t do. Whether through writing, dancing, music, art, speaking, parenting, or how you live your everyday life ~ you connect deeply with your own artistry and it shows.
  • Open the gates and let those juices flow, knowing that there’s no one ‘right’ way to express the creativity that lies deep inside.


Claim Your Inner Artist with the Purple Gold  Power of Creativity: 

#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I express my creative gifts and talents!”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Creativity Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will help unlock your creative self, and express what’s inside for all the world to see and enjoy.

 To live a creative life,
drop your fear of being wrong.

“Creativity is neither a rational deductive process,
nor the irrational wandering of the undisciplined mind,
but the emergence of beauty as mysterious as the
blossoming of a field of daisies out of the dark Earth.”

~ Thomas Berry


Affirming the eternal artist in you!

The Power of Patience


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 15-08-2017

There’s no substitute for being patient and keeping your cool in the middle of a topsy-turvy world. You can remain peaceful in the middle of challenging situations, and be a calming influence on everyone around you. It sure makes dealing with the many demands in life so much easier!

To find out if patience is a lost art in your world, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your blood pressure shoot off the charts every time you find yourself stuck in traffic moving as slowly as you could walk?
  • Do you have big emotional swings? Whipping back and forth between hot and bothered, and cold and withdrawn?
  • Do your relationships follow this pattern?: irritation builds, tempers fly, hurtful things are said that just can’t be taken back, followed by a lot of time spent trying to patch things up and rebuild trust?
  • Are you a door-slammer, a yeller, one of those people who always seems to be storming out of the room when things don’t go your way?’
  • Do you tap your fingers (and your feet!) in frustration when the people ahead of you in line are taking their sweet time, and ignoring the fact that you have more important things you’ve got to get to?
  • Do you feel guilty about how judgmental you REALLY feel about other people much of the time?
  • Are you spread so thin, that you don’t have an ounce of patience with your kids anymore?

If a puppy can learn patience,
surely you can too!


When we got Coconut at 8 weeks old, she had what we saw as an ‘eating disorder’, meaning, whatever she saw, she ate: paper, socks, mulch, rocks…if it was on the ground it was in her mouth and down her throat.

And when we gave her actual food, she snorted and inhaled it in the blink of an eye, and then had hiccups and indigestion. She had no patience!

It turns out there are a lot of cool dog toys that make them work hard for their food. They have to toss the toy, or roll it, or pry it open to get their food, and even then it’s only a little at a time.
One of our favorites was a bottle you put the food in, with a rope at the opening. She would have to stand on the rope and push the bottle back and forth to make a piece of kibble fall out. Sometimes a meal would take 15 minutes.

But she learned it – now she eats normally, and leaves the mulch for the plants and the socks for our feet. So yes, you too, like Coconut, can develop the Power of Patience. Maybe you just need a food toy.

Coconut, then                         …. and now!


Equanimity here you come!
The Power of Patience is a frequency
all around you – yes, even in your body.


When you’re connected to the Power of Patience, you will:

  • Feel calm and centered while you’re waiting in slow traffic. You’ve learned…stressing over it doesn’t speed things up.
  • Stay so even-tempered that people just love being around you. You calm THEM down without even trying.
  • Have time to enjoy the good stuff in your relationships, because you are no longer pouring your energy down the rat hole of petty fights.
  • Revel in your ability to keep your cool no matter what’s happening around you. How strong and centered you’ll feel!
  • Peacefully wait your turn in the check-out line. The folks ahead of you need a little nurturing too.
  • Feel free of judgment as it melts into appreciation and acceptance.
  • Keep your cool with your kids, regardless of how much they try to test you.

2 Ways to Steep Yourself with the
Power of Patience: 


#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am patient, loving, and even-tempered.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Patience Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Patience, and help you stay calm and unruffled regardless of what is going on around you.


Nurture yourself and others ~
Strengthen your Power of Patience!


“Inner peace is impossible without patience. Wisdom requires patience. Spiritual growth implies the mastery of patience. Patience allows the unfolding of destiny to proceed at its own unhurried pace.”

~  Brian Weiss

Stay cool!