The Power of Patience


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 15-08-2017

There’s no substitute for being patient and keeping your cool in the middle of a topsy-turvy world. You can remain peaceful in the middle of challenging situations, and be a calming influence on everyone around you. It sure makes dealing with the many demands in life so much easier!

To find out if patience is a lost art in your world, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your blood pressure shoot off the charts every time you find yourself stuck in traffic moving as slowly as you could walk?
  • Do you have big emotional swings? Whipping back and forth between hot and bothered, and cold and withdrawn?
  • Do your relationships follow this pattern?: irritation builds, tempers fly, hurtful things are said that just can’t be taken back, followed by a lot of time spent trying to patch things up and rebuild trust?
  • Are you a door-slammer, a yeller, one of those people who always seems to be storming out of the room when things don’t go your way?’
  • Do you tap your fingers (and your feet!) in frustration when the people ahead of you in line are taking their sweet time, and ignoring the fact that you have more important things you’ve got to get to?
  • Do you feel guilty about how judgmental you REALLY feel about other people much of the time?
  • Are you spread so thin, that you don’t have an ounce of patience with your kids anymore?

If a puppy can learn patience,
surely you can too!


When we got Coconut at 8 weeks old, she had what we saw as an ‘eating disorder’, meaning, whatever she saw, she ate: paper, socks, mulch, rocks…if it was on the ground it was in her mouth and down her throat.

And when we gave her actual food, she snorted and inhaled it in the blink of an eye, and then had hiccups and indigestion. She had no patience!

It turns out there are a lot of cool dog toys that make them work hard for their food. They have to toss the toy, or roll it, or pry it open to get their food, and even then it’s only a little at a time.
One of our favorites was a bottle you put the food in, with a rope at the opening. She would have to stand on the rope and push the bottle back and forth to make a piece of kibble fall out. Sometimes a meal would take 15 minutes.

But she learned it – now she eats normally, and leaves the mulch for the plants and the socks for our feet. So yes, you too, like Coconut, can develop the Power of Patience. Maybe you just need a food toy.

Coconut, then                         …. and now!


Equanimity here you come!
The Power of Patience is a frequency
all around you – yes, even in your body.


When you’re connected to the Power of Patience, you will:

  • Feel calm and centered while you’re waiting in slow traffic. You’ve learned…stressing over it doesn’t speed things up.
  • Stay so even-tempered that people just love being around you. You calm THEM down without even trying.
  • Have time to enjoy the good stuff in your relationships, because you are no longer pouring your energy down the rat hole of petty fights.
  • Revel in your ability to keep your cool no matter what’s happening around you. How strong and centered you’ll feel!
  • Peacefully wait your turn in the check-out line. The folks ahead of you need a little nurturing too.
  • Feel free of judgment as it melts into appreciation and acceptance.
  • Keep your cool with your kids, regardless of how much they try to test you.

2 Ways to Steep Yourself with the
Power of Patience: 


#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am patient, loving, and even-tempered.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Patience Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Patience, and help you stay calm and unruffled regardless of what is going on around you.


Nurture yourself and others ~
Strengthen your Power of Patience!


“Inner peace is impossible without patience. Wisdom requires patience. Spiritual growth implies the mastery of patience. Patience allows the unfolding of destiny to proceed at its own unhurried pace.”

~  Brian Weiss

Stay cool!

The Power of Concentration


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 20-07-2017

When your brain is online, you are sharp as a tack, and quick with facts. But if things are little slow up there, read on. We’ve some good tips for you.

How’s your ability to concentrate and process information these days? Are any of these familiar?

There were three things you wanted to remember to do when you got home from work today. What the heck were they?

Your new neighbor just came over and introduced herself. But now you’re embarrassed, because two minutes later when you turn to introduce her to your husband….you can’t remember her name!

Your brain just crashes like a frozen computer when you try to tackle your checkbook or you have to work with numbers.

You’re concerned you’ll look dumb at Game Night. It’s Trivial Pursuit this time. You used to know a lot of those answers, but are sure you won’t be able to recall any of them now.

You’re drowning in emails. There are too many and they’re coming in way too fast. You just close your Inbox and hope they’ll all evaporate.

You’re anxious because your memory seems to be getting worse every month – you wonder if you’ll even remember your own name and address by the time you hit 70!


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to blame for your sluggish concentration and fuzzy, foggy brain?


We were in Barnes and Noble last week and the young woman helping us seemed to be having a concentration-challenged day.

When she tried to look up a book title for us, her computer froze. As she tried to find the book on the shelf, she couldn’t remember exactly where the section was. Later she checked us out, and gave us incorrect change.

“I think my baby ate my brain,” she said, as she patted her pregnant belly. We all had a good laugh.


It’s time to reclaim your brain! Call in the Power of Concentration!


When you’re connected to this energy you’re a master at assimilating facts:

Your mind is like a steel trap and you easily access your memory bank.

You don’t panic when you want to introduce someone. You get their name the first time, and it sticks.

You easily use technology to process all the information you don’t want to, so you have room in your brain to process what you do.

Thinking clearly is your new normal. Trivial Pursuit? Jeopardy? Where you put your keys? No problem!

That sharp mind of yours comes up with a system for quickly and efficiently managing your emails, plus all the data and the information that flies across your desk every day.


2 Ways to Turn on the Power of Concentration:

#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I concentrate easily.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Concentrate Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Concentration , and help you access your natural brain power so you can zero in on the facts you need and get on with your life.


Life’s not only about the facts, but mastering them opens the door to what’s behind them. 


“We must rise above the obsession with quantity of information and speed of transmission, and recognize that the key issue for us is our ability to organize this information once it has been amassed – to assimilate it, find meaning in it, and assure its survival for use by generations to come.”

~ Vartan Gregorian


Here’s to your brainpower!

The Power of Altruism


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 20-07-2017

Are you tapping into your Power of Altruism, showering others with your deep care for their well being? Or….

  • Do you already feel so swamped with people and things to take care of in your own life that the thought of helping others sends you over the edge?
  • Do you feel guilty because you ignore all those email campaigns that flood your inbox every day, sending you into ‘save the planet’ overload?
  • Are you so painfully lost in your own issues that it never crosses your mind to devote your time and energy to a cause?
  • Are just too depressed to feel like you can muster up the energy to help anybody, not even your next door neighbor?
  • Are you frustrated because there just too many causes to pick from? Do you stall out trying to decide which one to sign on for?
  • Do you feel like you there is no way you could really make a difference anyway?

If so, you’re not alone. But there are some really good reasons to clear the overwhelm and exercise your Power of Altruism. First of all….


Have you heard the starfish story?


There’s a little girl walking along a beach that’s covered with starfish for as far as she can see. Thousands of them have been washed up on shore with the tide, and they’re dying in the sun.

The little girl is walking along, picking up one at a time, and throwing it back into the ocean.

An older gentleman walks up to her and asks her what she’s doing.

She says, “I’m saving the starfish.”

He replies, “But there are thousands and thousands! You can’t possibly make a difference here!”

She reaches down, picks up a starfish, looks at it intently, then hurls it into the water.

The girl looks up at the old man and says, “I just made a difference for that one.”

The Power of Altruism is within you!
It’s the Blue Topaz frequency, just waiting
to come alive and be a part of your life.


You may think what you do is only a drop in a bucket, but those drops add up and become an ocean. Your actions will impact a whole lot of people and tons of circumstances (that you may never know of) down the line.

Strengthen your connection to this frequency and you’ll feel that Power of Altruism come alive within you. You’ll feel:

  • Powerful in taking a stand and making a difference for what you care so deeply about.
  • An infusion of new energy in your life, lifting your depression and disconnection.
  • Your own issues and problems shrink, as the positive energy of focusing on easing someone else’s pain fills your soul.
  • The deep satisfaction of playing your part in the big picture, and knowing your every action makes a difference to someone.
  • That contributing to your cause of choice is so fulfilling that you’ll wonder if you should be paying THEM to let you do it!

2 Actions to Wake Up the Power of Altruism:


#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I make a difference in the world.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Altruism Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Altruism, and help you realize that all your tiny drops in the bucket of life make a huge difference. It’s just a matter of choosing the cause(s) you want to give your energy to.


There’s no time like the present to move
some mountains, one stone at a time.


“The best antidote for despair is action.”
~ Joan Baez

Thank you for the difference you make in our lives!

The Power of Optimism


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 08-06-2017

3 to 1…Apparently, that’s the magic ratio that will lead you to flourishing in life instead of languishing.
Many studies have recently been showing that if you want to be truly, deeply joyful, creative, and open that you have to have at least 3 positive thoughts or feelings for every one negative thought or feeling.
It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Sure, with the Power of Optimism flowing freely through your being, it would be.

But, if you’ve succumbed to all the fear in the news, or if life has just knocked you around one too many times recently, perhaps this has gotten out of balance making it hard for you to easily access your Power of Optimism.

Here’s what it might look like if the negative thoughts are winning in your life:

  • At end of day, you feel drained and exhausted. You go home, flop in the chair and fret about all the challenges of the day, and worry about the new ones you’ll likely face tomorrow.
  • Everything just feels so heavy, soooo difficult. There seems to be roadblocks at every turn.
  • You find yourself telling everyone you talk to about how rotten everything is – how stressed you are, how your mother calls up to complain all the time, how your dog pooped on the floor yesterday, what a mess the political scene is….
  • You’re just not having any fun. Everywhere you look, you see more reasons to give up. “Life sucks,” is your mantra.
  • You’re whining about never getting ahead in your career. Clients don’t stick with you, your boss doesn’t give you a raise, people just don’t seem to want to work with you.

We’ve all been there, but have you gotten so used to the negativity and pessimism in your mind that you don’t realize how deeply it’s affecting you?


Do you want to remember the good stuff
or the bad?


A good friend of ours was just showing us her family photo album a while back. There were wonderful pictures of her kids and herself and her husband, in all their ages and stages.

There were photos of them laughing, playing at the beach, huddling for warmth in their tent on a camping trip, roasting marshmallows over a fire, opening presents on Christmas morning. To us there seemed to be a lot of joy and many great memories.

This simple experience of looking at these photos turned into a little healing moment for our friend though….she told us how she barely remembered all of those experiences! That when she thinks of all the years of the kids growing up, she remembers the fights, the stress, the car shuttling in traffic, the messy house, the times they got in trouble at school or had their painful heartbreaks.

She remembered the negative stuff very clearly. But all the joy, the positive experiences, the laughter, the play – that was all fuzzy. (Good thing she’s got the pictures to remind her!)

Of course, our friend knows about the Vibrancy Path, so the next thing she said was, “Boy, I think I really need to strengthen my Power of Optimism! For all these years, my attention has been captured by the negative experiences, instead of focusing on all the positive ones. Wow, how did that happen?”


Positivity can help you live up to 10 years
longer!  Use the Power of Optimism
that’s right at your fingertips.


As with all the Vibrancy Powers, this is a frequency in your energy field, just waiting to be called upon. It’s an energy that you can tap into to help you focus on the good in your life. Heal thyself of pessimism and see what life has in store for you! You will:

  • Have plenty of energy to sink your teeth into life, because you’re not pouring it down the drain of misery.
  • Discover that, no matter what people say, life can actually be fun! The good stuff has always been there, but now you’ll be able to really see it and feel it.
  • Realize that when you look on the bright side, you see more options and opportunities for ways to make things even better.
  • Find that you’re getting that raise or magnetizing more clients who just can’t wait to spend time with you and your sunny disposition.
  • Accentuate the positive – and it’ll rub off on others. Everyone around you will start noticing what’s good about life, and the positivity will multiply.

2 Ways to Tap into your Power of Optimism: 


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I direct my thoughts toward the positive.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Optimism Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Optimism, and help you open up to all that is good in your life.


Take those lemons and make
lots of fabulous lemonade!


“You can complain that roses have thorns
or rejoice that thorns have roses.”

 ~ Ziggy

Choose Optimism!

The Power of Enthusiasm


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 18-05-2017

“WAY TO GO! Wow! That’s awesome!”

When was the last time someone said something like that to you?

Sallie, one of our Vibrancy Signature Coaches, was just telling us how she says this kind of thing to her grandson, Alexander, all the time…accompanied by a thumbs-up or rowdy applause.

I used to get and give “Woo-hoos” every day, when I was training for the Olympics in diving. Throughout practice all the divers would whistle and cheer for each others’ great dives. We fed on all the enthusiasm and it kept us motivated to do our best and try to be the next one to earn some high-fives.

So WHERE IS THAT in our everyday adult lives??!

How many times a day do you get woo-hoo’d? Can you even remember the last time someone gave you a shot of enthusiasm, patted you on the back and told you how amazing you were and what a fantastic thing you’d just done?

Remember Miss Manners and all the rules she laid down about how to conduct ourselves in society? Wouldn’t it have been great if she’d decreed that it’s impolite NOT to fist-pump and thump someone on the back with a “Way to go!” whenever they did something well?

Can’t you just see it?…..You give a customer excellent service and afterward, when your peers or your boss don’t applaud you, you’d think, “Well, that was rude. You didn’t jump up and down about how awesomely I handled that customer. Hurrumph.”

But no, it’s not considered rude. It’s ‘normal’! You do what’s expected of you and people only notice when there’s a mistake. That’s not much of a motivation to do things better, much less enjoy the process.

Should high-fiving enthusiasm be reserved only for small kids and sporting events? No Way!


If the Power of Enthusiasm has been dampened down in your world, then here’s some of the effects you’re possibly feeling:

  • You drag yourself through your day with no juice coming from anywhere or anybody to make you feel like what you’re doing is worthwhile.
  • You contribute to the Starbuck’s fortune with all the espressos you buy just to get you through your week because your energy reserves are on empty.
  • You tank up on junk food to numb your melancholy.
  • You lose friendships because you’re so absorbed in your own misery and lack of vitality that you just aren’t much fun to be around.
  • You feel old, dull, and critical of anyone else that has the audacity to get excited about ‘inconsequential’ and ‘childish’ things.

But imagine…what it would be like if you were giving and receiving lots of woo-hoos every day?


Doesn’t reading that last statement just perk up your energy right away? Your Blue Green cells are probably getting pumped up just thinking about being showered with accolades on a daily basis rather than criticisms (or even just plain neutrality).

You might:

  • Feel more loved and appreciated….like you’re not out on some island all by yourself, but that what you do is noticed and recognized by others around you.
  • Engage with people and with your life more deeply, realizing that there’s lots to get excited about now that it isn’t ‘illegal’ to express.
  • Begin to wake up others around you with your own ecstatic outbursts, expressive comments, and all that vitality you start letting out of your bag.
  • Make more friends by recognizing their accomplishments and motivating them to put their best foot forward!
  • Start craving healthy nutritious food, because you just feel like keeping that good vibe going throughout your whole body.

How about you? Are you ready to get on the Blue Green train to bringing more enthusiasm into your life?

2 Ways to Wake Up your Power of Enthusiasm:


#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I’m enthusiastic!”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Enthusiasm Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Enthusiasm, and help you break out and EXPRESS yourself!

Guess what! You really don’t have to grow up!
It’s A-Okay to keep your excited kid self alive no matter how old you are!

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years…
Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.”
~ Samuel Ullman

Woo-hoo to you!

The Power of Commitment


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 09-05-2017

The Power of Commitment is right there inside you, ready to be drawn upon to work it’s magic in your life. Everything you want to do in life is easier if you are accessing this energy.
If you’ve lost touch with this part of your nature, you’re probably facing some painful struggles. You might hear yourself saying things like this:

  • “I love my partner, but we’re both so busy that we don’t spend any time together. We’re like two ships passing in the night.”
  • “I’m not getting anywhere in my career because I keep bouncing around from one job to the other. At some point I always end up feeling smothered and afraid they want to own me….so I leave.”
  • “Here I go again. I’m restless and bored in this relationship, so I guess it’s time to end it. That’s always my cue to get away while I still can.”

Even outside the realm of relationships:

  • “I’ve been thinking about updating my kitchen for years. I’ve just never taken the leap to start the process. But meanwhile, every day I’m spending way too many hours feeling irritated by the lack of counter space, ugly cabinets and old appliances in there.”

If you’re not 100% sure you want to get out,

then jump 100% in with both feet!

Allow the Power of Commitment to carry you.


Ah, but….it’s impossible to jump in with both feet when one foot is stuck in the past, isn’t it?

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to make a solid commitment when you’re carrying a lot of baggage?

It can be very challenging to deeply engage in a new relationship when there’s anger, resentment, or heartbreak still hanging around from a previous one.

It’s so much more difficult to be truly devoted as a parent if you’ve got a lot of issues left over from your own childhood.

If you’re waiting for your current boss to start treating you as poorly as the last one, it’s unlikely you’re able to fully give your all at work.

One of the things I love most about being a Vibrancy Healing Coach is helping people find hope and transform their struggles into triumphs. It’s such a deep honor to witness and participate in their journey as they get to the core of what’s held them back, learn from their past, and write a new future.

And, as they transform those limiting beliefs, or free themselves from the tyranny of stuck emotions, more energy becomes available for them to commit to friends and loved ones more deeply, or to dive deep into their passionate hobbies or projects.

You can do this too. You do not need to feel trapped by your past. You can rewrite your history, learn those lessons your soul is trying to capture, and chart a new path with your energy fully committed to all the things you dream of and all the people you care about.
When you walk the path of commitment, to yourself and the growth of your spirit, to your friends, family, and dreams, you can bear all, sustain all, and awaken to your true Soul’s nature.

Call on the Power of Commitment.

It will buoy your life and sail you across the troubled waters

of your past to the land of your dreams!


You won’t believe how true blue devotion can change your life. When you sign up for the long haul, and balance and strengthen your Power of Commitment you’ll:

  • Discover the lessons waiting for you in the old baggage you’ve been hanging on to, and feel it finally release its hold on you as you take that new awareness forward into your future.
  • Flush your fear of commitment down the drain, and soak up the joy of deep and caring relationships.
  • Bask in the love and appreciation your family and friends will show you, because you’re fully ‘in’.
  • Experience the power of continuity in your life. Instead of ‘cutting and running’ when things get difficult, you’ll find the secret to strong happy families, long fulfilling careers, and projects you’re proud of.
  • Drink in a sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, or a backyard garden, when you stick with something or someone every step of the way, you’re sure to grow something wonderful.

2 Tips to Help You Be “True Blue”: 


#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

 “I am deeply committed to myself and others.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Commitment Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Commitment, and help you get off the fence and devote yourself for the long haul to something or someone you care deeply about.


You can always find excuses to do things half way.

Why not hop into the pool with both feet?


“There are only two options regarding commitment.
You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.”

~ Pat Riley


Your True Blue Vibrancy Signature Champion!

The Power of Manifesting


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 23-03-2017

What’s your biggest, grandest dream? You know, the great one, that maybe you don’t even share with others because it is so outrageous, and yet so dear to your heart….

Is it to leave your dead end job and start your own business that might just change the world, make you blissfully happy, and earn your fortune?

Is it to run the Boston Marathon?

Is it to build your dream home on a cliff, or by the ocean, or in the mountains?

Is it to start a school that will pave the way for a massive transformation of our education system?

Is it to raise super conscious, aware, loving children in the midst of a busy life and a wild time in the world?

What’s on your Vision board that your heart longs for?


Maybe it’s to sail the world like our friends Sean and Jennifer Myers…

One day, when Sean was in the middle of a vision planning session for the year to come, he stopped for a snack. While he was eating his Cliff Bar, he read on the label “This bar is dedicated to my father Clifford, my childhood hero and companion…”

Sean thought, ‘What can I do to be a hero to my kids? What can we do as a family to deepen our connection and create lasting memories?’

And the grand vision came. It took 3 years of detailed planning and preparation to manifest this big dream. Then one day, Sean and Jennifer took their 2 pre-teen kids out of school, rented out their house, left suburban life and moved onto their new 50 foot catamaran.
For the next 15 months they sailed all around the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, across the South Seas to Australia. They home-schooled their kids while traveling 18,000 miles and visiting 20 countries.

They created a magical family experience, full of swimming with whales and sea turtles, playing with kids of vastly different cultures, helping to refurbish a school in Samoa, racing in a regatta in Fiji, and so much more.

Eventually they returned to their home in Colorado, but the manifestation of Sean’s grand vision continues to inspire everyone who hears their story.

Jennifer says, “If we can help people think bigger and dream bigger, we’re all for that…15 months goes by no matter what you’re doing. It’s gone, and then what do you have to show for it? You have to create your own dream in this life and then go for it.”

Take your visions seriously.


What happens when you deny yourself access to the Violet Crystal Power of Manifesting?

  • You think small and stay small, never challenging yourself to achieve greater heights.
  • You stay stuck in jobs, relationships, homes, and cities that you don’t love.
  • You feel hopeless and helpless, because you’re convinced that you don’t have what it takes to make your dreams a living reality.
  • You live and die unfulfilled and incomplete, never committing to any plans for the future, goals to work toward, or moving aspirations.

Get connected to The Power of Manifestation
and make the impossible possible!


Even if you don’t have this Power in your Vibrancy Signature, it can still access it to help you tap into the realm of infinite possibility!

  • As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve.” (This saying was on Chaya’s wall all the years she dreamed of and trained for the Olympics.)
  • Live with direction, purpose, and a deep heart connection to something bigger.
  • Feel supported, capable, inspired and empowered to live your dreams by tapping into what Deepak Chopra calls “The field of infinite possibility” that surrounds us.

2 Tips to Strengthen your Power of Manifestation:

#1: Say or say this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I manifest my visions and dreams!”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Manifest Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will help you reconnect with your dreams, and begin to take steps to bring them alive.


Hold on to your visions, and let the current of infinite possibility take you there.


“The moment we ask the question, ‘How would I like my life to be?’,
we join forces with the creative source of the universe;
we go into partnership with life itself.”

~ Gay Hendricks

May you have all that you seek!

The Power of Courage


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter, Personal Empowerment | Posted on 15-03-2017

Maybe you want to find the courage to go sky-diving (like our friend Tim did a while back). Or you perhaps just need enough hutzpa to get off the couch on Friday night to go to that party where you might not know anyone.

No matter what risk you want to take in your life,

you can do it when you tap into your Mango Power of Courage!!


If you hear yourself in any of these statements, then it’s time to strengthen this ‘muscle’:

  • “I’m not really happy with my job, but I’m scared I’d lose it if I spoke up and tried to get my needs met.”
  • “I know this relationship isn’t very healthy, but I don’t dare rock the boat. I’m afraid to be single.”
  • “I used to love to travel, but now I just stay home because so much could go wrong…the world is a dangerous place these days.”
  • “I’m nervous about going to that party, because I might not know anyone and I’ll just feel alone and stupid.”
  • “Maybe one day I’ll try that (fill in the blank), if I ever get my courage up.”



Little fears, big fears –

don’t let them hold you back from taking risks just

because you keep thinking about what MIGHT happen!


What adventure are you taking that will require some Courage?

Jamie here, with a story where Chaya and I needed an extra boost of Mango Courage….for something kind of strange.

Have you ever had a balloon blown up….inside your head?


Yes, you read that right.

A while back Chaya and I met a very cool chiropractor who adjusts your cranial bones – from the inside. He does this with Endo-Nasal Balloons, which is FANCY TALK meant to distract you from the fact that the dude blows up little balloons inside your nostrils and up into your sinus cavity!

Yes, it was scary. Yes, we needed courage. It was a healing adventure, for sure, but one worth taking.

I had to call up an extra dose of Mango Courage when I heard crackling sounds in my head as my sinus cavities expanded into places they’ve probably never been in my life.

I’m still feeling the cranial, nasal, and teeth changes, but my head feels lighter than ever and I get more prana and energy with every breath I take. Chaya reports that my snoring has improved also, much to her relief!Not for the faint of heart, but with a little courage, a worthwhile adventure.

Get connected to The Power of Mango

so you can take your next leap with courage!


With Mango on your side you’ll:

  • Have fun! There’s nothing like a good adventure to give you a new lease on life, a new perspective on what used to be a boring hum-drum existence.
  • Find yourself in new situations that really feed you, because you’re willing to step out into the unknown and chart a new path for yourself.
  • Feel good about your decisions, because you’ve calculated your risks wisely and have decided that adventurous move is worth it.
  • Discover your own strength and confidence once you realize that you’ve got the moxie to try new things and actually LIVE through them!
  • Limit the negative dramas in your life because you’re getting your excitement from adventures you’ve consciously chosen.

Sure, you’ll stay safe and protected if you don’t leave

your front porch, so to speak, but will you enjoy your life?


Will you thrive?

Will you discover what you are really capable of?

Will you be able to help others by holding back?

Will you contribute to the betterment of the world?

Probably not. With a little courage to take risks and give life a whirl, you’ll be surprised by the outcome. And, besides that, you will have plenty of great stories to tell!

2 Steps to Strengthen your Power of Courage:


#1: Sing or say this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am brave and courageous!”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Courage Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Mango whenever you need encouragement in taking a bold step forward.


Belly up to your adventuresome side

and tap into the Power of Courage.


“We’re the bridge across forever, arching above the sea,
adventuring for our pleasure, living mysteries for the fun of it,
choosing disasters, triumphs, challenges, impossible odds,
testing ourselves over and again,
learning love and love and LOVE!”

~ Richard Bach, from “The Bridge Across Forever”

 AAYYY! Go Mango!

The Power of Healing


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 23-02-2017

Healing can happen on so many levels and in so many different ways. The important thing is to listen to your body and respond to its call for rejuvenation and health in whatever way you feel called.

One area you’ll want to pay close attention to is the effects of electromagnetic energy. Thanks to all our technological advances, we are more connected than ever, but this amazing capability we have also has some negative consequences. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You hang up your cell phone and notice your ear is on fire. Do you wonder what’s happening to your brain?
  • You’re up late on your computer, then are too wired to fall asleep. What’s with that?
  • The vibes in some places just give you the willies. What makes you want to run away screaming?

Our first house was a little like that…

Have you ever been in your kitchen with no one around, no TV on, just you and the silence?  Then, your refrigerator cycles off, and you realize that it wasn’t actually all that quiet before but now it really is? And you feel yourself relax into the peace?

That’s what it was like for us when we moved to our rural home in a little valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Prior to that, we’d been living in a house in the city that had a giant, alien-looking high-power electrical tower about 30 yards away. We knew that beast was giving off a lot of Electromagnetic waves (EMF’s) that weren’t healthy for us, but it was easy in everyday life to forget about it.

We did feel a lot of stress and tension living there though, with occasional bouts of anxiety and sleeplessness, but we didn’t necessarily make the connection.

When the lease was up, we escaped to our new home in the countryside where there not only are no electrical towers, but we have difficulty even getting cell phone service within a mile of our house.

And that’s when we realized that the city house, and even us, had been humming like that fridge, and we hadn’t noticed it affecting us….until we moved and it stopped. It was like there was silence in our nervous systems where before there were bees.

We both began to relax and unwind in ways we hadn’t been able to for a year. The anxiety melted, the tension dissipated, and we could finally get a good night’s sleep.

Hopefully you’re not in such an extreme situation. But you’re probably aware of times when you pick up energy – from people, from a place, or from an electronic gadget.

You don’t have to be stuck with that uncomfortable energy!

Get connected to The Power of Healing!

You will:

  • Be more sensitive to the energy that’s in and around you, recognizing whether it’s the kind that can gives you pleasure or causes you discomfort.
  • Be pain-free, because you’ll be able to clear away any kind of unwanted energy, whether it’s from a physical injury, those pesky EMF’s, or something you picked up from a stressed-out person.
  • Reduce anxiety, tension, and irritation.
  • Feel balanced and as though your body is a clear channel for your life energy to flow through.
  • Feel more grounded, focused, and decisive when you’re “crystal clear” and free of static on all levels.
  • Keep yourself healthy by being aware of stuck energy and knowing how to ground or release it.

Any health issue can be improved by learning to resonate with the energy that moves through everything and knowing how to let it flow…and let it go.


3 Steps to Crystal Clear Clarity:


#1: Do you feel overwhelmed by too much technology buzzing in your space? Do you feel drained by the company you’re keeping? Do you feel zapped by the vibes in a place? Here’s an affirmation you can begin using to turn that around:

“I clear away foreign energy!”

Saying and signing this affirmation 10 times a day will begin to reinforce this Power of Healing in your life. To amp up the power of your clearing, hold the top-back of your head (where your hair spiral is) while you sing.

Other good tips:

1) Shake out your arms and legs and wiggle all over, imagining the unwanted energy falling off.

2) Water grounds energy, so wash your hands or shower, letting the energy flow down the drain.

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Healing Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Crystal whenever you need an energetic lift.

#3: There are many articles on the web with info about the dangers of EMFs on your health. Here are a few we like:

The Little-Known Dangers of EMFs
Are There Any Standards for EMF Exposure?


Connect to Crystal and tap into your
Power of Healing.


“I can tell you that anything that happens in the physical body will happen in the pattern of the energy fields first.”

~ Barbara Brennan

Keep that energy moving!

The Power of Organizing


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Accomplishment, Newsletter | Posted on 23-02-2017

There’s just no substitute for being able to put your hands on something when you need it, or seeing a nicely organized room, home or office, right? That kind of thing makes life feel more manageable. But what’s your reality?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and scattered every time you look at the piles of stuff on your desk?
  • Are you tired of wasting time running up and down the stairs looking for your shoes?
  • Have you had it with being late because you can’t find your keys?

Trade in that chaos in for a new system!


Chaya here…

Yes, It’s such a silly thing, really. A simple, silly little thing.

Don’t we all have at least one drawer that’s a total, cluttered, chaotic mess?

And you think it doesn’t bother you, but every time you open it, it’s like a tiny pin just poked your energy field and drained a little bit of your happiness. Registering in every one of your cells is a small jolt of frustration, worry that you won’t find what you need, and irritation that no one has ever gotten control of this drawer.

But, after you either do or don’t find what you need, you close the drawer and walk away, leaving it for another day….perhaps 1000 pin pricks from now.

And then, that day arrives. Your head is clear, you decide you can’t take it anymore. You empty the drawer onto the counter or into a box. You create a system. Carefully, you put back what you need, fitting it into your new system. Singlehandedly, you have brought about an end to chaos.

From then forward, every time you open the drawer, instead of a little loss of energy, you get a lift. You smile. You can easily get your hands on what you need, because you are the Organizational Wizard.
It’s just a little thing. But a thousand pinpricks draining away your happiness each time ain’t nothin’.

So here’s my new spice drawer. Sometimes I just open it for the smile!


Are you ready for more sanity?
Tap into your Power of Organization!


You will:

  • Save more time and energy because you’ll know where to find things.
  • Think clearly because your surroundings are more orderly.
  • Stay more present, grounded, and alert, because the drama is gone.

2 Ways to Access Your Orange Power of Organizing:


#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am organized.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of the Organize Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Organizing, and sharpen your skill of organization. It will help to melt the angst and drama around messes, making it no big deal to clean up after yourself.

 Connect to your Power of Organization today
and start cleaning up your act
…or at least your space!


“A place for everything and everything in its place!”
~ unknown

Here’s to stepping free of the chaos!