No More Brain Fog

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 06-22-2021

In a world of endless stimulus and information, do you find your brain just shutting down and going “offline” a lot?

It’s healthy to deliberately take a mental break periodically to refresh yourself. But it can be anywhere from annoying to scary to notice your brain dipping into a fog, forgetting things, or just shutting down all together.

Call on The Power of Concentration!

Green is the energy that bypasses emotion and perception, and goes straight to the facts, the data, and clear logical thinking.

Though we humans are very nuanced and complicated creatures, this Power is very straight-forward, and it’s one we all need to be able to access consistently. It’s hard to succeed at anything if we can’t process information, tap into our knowledge base, or remember important facts.

When you are strong in the Power of Concentration:

  • Your mind is like a steel trap and you easily access your memory bank when you need to.
  • You don’t panic when you want to introduce someone. You get their name the first time, and it sticks.
  • You easily use technology to process all the information you don’t want to, so you have room in your brain to process what you do.
  • Thinking clearly is your new normal. Trivial Pursuit? Jeopardy? Engaging in intelligent conversations? Where you put your keys? No problem!
  • That sharp mind of yours comes up with a system for quickly and efficiently managing your emails, plus all the data and the information that flies across your desk every day.

Wake up the Power of Concentration

in your life this week

with the following exercise!

1) The next time you notice you have brain fog, stop. Bypass any tendency to freak out or judge yourself. Just stop and take a few deep and relaxed breaths.

2) If you have a bottle, take a few drops of Green Concentrate Vibrancy Essence. (You can order it HERE!).

3) Then imagine putting a thinking cap on:

3) Next, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:

I am smart.

I concentrate easily.

I am efficient and systematic.

I offer logical solutions.

5) Now, still with your imaginary Green Thinking Cap on, trust that you have direct access to all the Brain Waves of the Universe, and tune in. Allow the factoid you need most to settle into your brain. It may take less or more time than you expect, but stay in Green mode by not getting distracted by emotion or perception. Just wait for the download of data that you want to access.

6) When it has arrived, thank and celebrate your brain and it’s amazing capacity to provide you all the data you could ever need!

7) Keep taking your Green Vibrancy Essence and doing the affirmations above regularly to support your brain in being ever more efficient.

Enjoy your smart self!

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