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Vibrancy Signature Discovery Package

$295, includes:

1) Vibrancy Signature Evaluation with Jamie Champion
2) Customized Ebook download
3) 2 hr Vibrancy Signature Discovery Coaching Session with Chaya Champion


“I’m passionate about helping you discover your Soul’s  Purpose! Two hours will give us time to explore in depth the details and wonders of your Vibrancy Signature. We’ll  talk about how your Powers fit into your life and come up with practical strategies for stepping into your magnificent gifts and talents and honoring your unique needs.”

Vibrancy Signature Transformative Nine Sessions

Are you ready to discover the rest of your Team? Once you know your Primary Powers, take a deeper dive into your Transformative Nine. These parts of you give further details on what you need in career, relationships, and personal time for deep joy and fulfillment.

1-1/2 hr session covering 3 Powers: $185.

Series of 3 sessions covering all 9 Powers: $525

Vibrancy Signature Coaching

If you are looking for a deeper connection to one of your Powers, let’s spend an hour brainstorming together what that part of you needs and come up with a plan to bring those gifts more alive. $125

Vibrancy Signature Personal Coaching Series

Level 1

In this 7-week Series, we’ll explore in detail each of your Powers that make up your Vibrancy Signature, and how they come together as a team to create your Soul’s Purpose.

We’ll explore where in your life you’re already living in alignment with your Vibrancy Signature, and what you need to focus on so that you can take your relationships, career, health, and overall happiness to the next level. $875

Vibrancy Wellness Coaching with Jamie Champion


You can create the health and vitality that’s your birthright.

Every physical pain or illness, every mental and emotional stress that you can’t seem to let go of, and every pattern that you feel stuck in, has an energy imbalance at the core. And in some way, they all relate back to your Vibrancy Signature and not living in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.

Regardless of your physical, mental, and emotional history and present circumstances, Vibrancy Wellness Coaching can help you re-write the energetic “scripts” that are running any problematic symptoms and patterns that plague you.

So if you’re ready to get to the bottom of your health challenges, are willing to be responsible for your own healing journey, and are open to allowing the healing power within to regenerate and revitalize you, then Vibrancy Wellness Coaching is for you.

1-hr Sessions, in person, by phone or Zoom $140

Call 434.361.2042 for information and to schedule.

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