Vibrancy Essences

essences-croppedTo help you balance and strengthen all the Vibrancy Powers within you, we have created a special line of vibrational remedies that are highly effective and easy to use.


Use any of the Vibrancy Essences to:

  • Magnetize more of what you want in life by attuning yourself to the vibrational frequency of each Power
  • Shift old limiting patterns that keep you from living your best life
  • Heal old, painful wounds and experiences on an energetic level

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Use the Essences that match with your Vibrancy Signature to:Gold - Abundance DSC_0244

  • Help you live more authentically in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose
  • Improve your ability to connect with your natural gifts and talents
  • Support your process in the Vibrancy Signature Coaching Program


These powerful elixirs synergistically combine flower and gem essences with light-infused water.  They are formulated to activate your consciousness through awakening the specific gifts inherent to each Power.


Cool Fact….

The Vibrancy Powers are frequencies in your energy field and in your physical body. The Vibrancy Essences are remedies which use the same vibrational frequencies as the corresponding Powers, which is why they align you with these gifts and traits.



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Each Vibrancy Essence has:

  1. Vibrancy Essences Light-smLight-Frequency-Infused Water – This is the foundational ingredient, not found in other types of essences. Using a highly specialized instrument and a proprietary process, distilled water is infused with the light frequency that is an energetic match of the corresponding Power. This electromagnetically charged water then carries the consciousness of that specific Power.
  2. Flower Essence – Each Vibrancy Essence includes a flower essence that also shares the same frequency. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants and have been used for decades to enhance emotional and mental wellness.
  3. Essence – Each Vibrancy Essence includes a gem essence that is also on that same frequency. We’ve used carefully chosen specimen gems and followed traditional gem essence methods to capture the healing properties and blend it with the other ingredients.      

Because these are energetic imprints of the gem, and not the actual physical gem itself, it is totally safe to take the Vibrancy Essences internally.

Pink - Love DSC_0211How to Use the Vibrancy Essences   

  • Internally – add 7-21 drops to your drinking water or directly under your tongue.
  • Externally – directly on the body, in a bath, or added to your body care products.
  • Order the Vibrancy Path Body Map Chart of powerful points on the body to use the Vibrancy Essences.

Vibrancy Power Body Map Chart-watermarkOrder your Vibrancy Body Map chart here

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