Jamie & Chaya Champion

Let us introduce ourselves….

We’re Jamie and Chaya Champion, and we’ve developed The Vibrancy Path because it’s our passion to help people live the life they were born to live, with an unshakable foundation of happiness, inspiration, and peace.

We’ve both had experiences in our early lives of not living in alignment with our soul’s purpose, and not knowing how to truly step into our gifts. Our ‘stumbling’ through life that way led to painful divorces, serious illness, depression, and lots of confusion….really, lots.

It was a combination of our pain, our individual educations, a lot of personal growth and development, intuition, science, and grace that led to the development of The Vibrancy Path.

Now, we can’t imagine living without it! We use the Vibrancy Path tools in our own lives every day, and we can see how it’s contributed to the deep connection we have with each other in our marriage, our business success, health, and an overall sense of knowing we’re doing what we came to do. 

The fact that we get to share this work with people like you is an awesome bonus. We feel blessed to potentially be helping you discover your Vibrancy Signature so you can live ever more in alignment with your soul’s purpose.