The Power of Abundance

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 12-14-2017

Opportunities to tap into more abundance surround you every day, no matter what “they” say. Whether its more joy, more ideas, more opportunities, or more money, when you access your Power of Abundance, you are able to see and welcome in the many riches that Life has to offer. Why give into a sense of […]

The Power of Hope

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 12-05-2017

It would be so easy right now to slip into cynicism with everything going on in the world, wouldn’t it? One of your best allies in difficult times is the Power of Hope. Even if this Power is not part of your Vibrancy Signature, you still have access to it as part of your humanity. […]

The Power of Sharing

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 12-05-2017

The Power of Sharing is all about being friendly, helpful and communicative with people in very warm and practical ways. One of the strengths inherent in the Power of Sharing is also being good at forgiveness. This is the aspect of this Power we want to talk about today. If you’ve ever noticed how the […]

The Power of Inspiration

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 10-10-2017

Inspired….juiced, ignited, filled to the brim with a sense of wonderment and magic. Is this you?  Maybe not every day or all the time, but would you say you have a general feeling of being ‘lit up’ by life? Kinda like that childlike spark just never left you? If you do, consider yourself among the […]

The Power of Stability

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 10-05-2017

Does the word “home” make you feel warm and cozy? For many people, just the sound of it offers up an yummy image of safety, comfort, and being right with the world. It has the potential to create a sense of stability and groundedness….kinda like milk and warm cookies fresh out of the oven on […]

The Power of Wisdom

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 09-12-2017

When your Power of Wisdom is strong and healthy, you “get” the spiritual connection behind everything. With this deep sense of the underlying meaning of life events, you can wisely deal with the everyday surface stuff. But without this Power, you might find yourself in some pretty uncomfortable places. Do any of these familiar to […]

The Power of Creativity

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 09-12-2017

Even if you show no signs of being a born Picasso, do you still wonder if you really have that seed of creativity lurking deep inside? The answer is, yes! Creativity comes in many forms, and shines through you in ways you may be overlooking or taking for granted. When you widen your view, you […]

The Power of Patience

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 08-15-2017

There’s no substitute for being patient and keeping your cool in the middle of a topsy-turvy world. You can remain peaceful in the middle of challenging situations, and be a calming influence on everyone around you. It sure makes dealing with the many demands in life so much easier! To find out if patience is […]

The Power of Concentration

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 07-20-2017

When your brain is online, you are sharp as a tack, and quick with facts. But if things are little slow up there, read on. We’ve some good tips for you. How’s your ability to concentrate and process information these days? Are any of these familiar? There were three things you wanted to remember to […]

The Power of Altruism

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 07-20-2017

Are you tapping into your Power of Altruism, showering others with your deep care for their well being? Or…. Do you already feel so swamped with people and things to take care of in your own life that the thought of helping others sends you over the edge? Do you feel guilty because you ignore […]