Keeping Your Heart Open

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 11-15-2022

With everything going on in this country and in the world today, we thought maybe you could use a little time out, an opportunity to slow down, soften, and get back in touch with your heart. Fill your heart with more of that   Pink Power of Love   this week.   1) First, let […]


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 09-22-2022

In case you ever wondered, our top selling Vibrancy Essence is Relax…the one that infuses your cells with Mocha energy, reminding you to take it easy… …to calm down, …to simplify your life, …to chill out. …to just be. Sounds like this Power is one that a lot of us need more of these days! […]

Trauma Healing First Steps

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 05-26-2022

Have you noticed an increase in conversations about healing trauma in the past decade? So much more research has come to light about what it is, how it affects us, how many of us suffer from it, and how to heal it. If you suspect or know you have unresolved trauma, you have many options […]

Swim with the Current

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 05-03-2022

You know you have it in some fashion….that small quiet voice inside that connects you to something greater. Sometimes you can just sense it telling you where to go, what to remember, what to avoid, offering you guidance from a place beyond the intellect. But maybe you just don’t hear it often enough or clearly […]

On Being Yourself

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 04-22-2022

Just think of all the things you might do if you felt truly free to be yourself. If no one was looking, no one was keeping score, and no one cared how you lived your life! And if your own self-judgements would melt away. Maybe you would: • Take a month off from work, grab […]

What Shall You Choose?

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 04-12-2022

What might some good choices be that your future self will thank you for? Here are a few we came up with: Turn to meditation or prayer instead of letting fear run the show. Plant a garden that will connect you with nature (and maybe give you food or flowers all summer to lift your spirits). […]

Being Persistently True to Yourself

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 03-29-2022

Chaya here… I gotta tell you, this is the 3rd version of this post we’ve written this week, as we try to capture wisdom to share with you about the Power of Persistence (Topaz). The others were written just after Jamie and I attended a 4-day long Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within. […]

Living with a Light Heart

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 02-22-2022

Do you have some Yellow Gold in your Vibrancy Signature, that zesty Power of Lightheartedness? It’s the one that… adds that playful take to the normal ups and downs of life. enables you to wear your challenges lightly. helps you look on the bright side of troubling scenarios around you. and helps you find the humor […]

Clear the Clutter

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 02-01-2022

It’s uncanny how Costco trades out all their leftover holiday wares for stacks and stacks of storage containers this time of year. Maybe on some level they know this is a great time to help people strengthen their Orange Power of Organization! How about you? Do you feel overwhelmed and scattered every time you look […]

Life by Design

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 01-20-2022

It’s a fresh beginning. Let’s take a few minutes to connect with that magical power within you that knows how to start your year off with promise, that helps you to design the life you can love. You see, you’ve been given a lot of freedom in this human life, and a robust, creative imagination. […]