Clear the Clutter

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 02-01-2022

It’s uncanny how Costco trades out all their leftover holiday wares for stacks and stacks of storage containers this time of year. Maybe on some level they know this is a great time to help people strengthen their Orange Power of Organization!

How about you?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and scattered every time you look at the piles of stuff on your desk?
  • Are you tired of wasting time running up and down the stairs looking for your shoes?
  • Have you had it with being late because you can’t find your keys?

Bringing more order into your life can seem hard earned, especially at at first. Make the task not only do-able, but rewarding, by infusing your cells with more Orange energy right off the bat. The benefits are many and far reaching. Once you are on your Orange way, you’ll find that you:

  • Save more time and energy because you’ll know where to find things.
  • Think clearly because your surroundings are more orderly.
  • Stay more present, grounded, and alert, because the drama is gone.

What’s not to love about that! If “stuff” is getting in the way of you and the life you want to be living, take a little time for this practice:

Wake up the Power of Organize

in your life this week

with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Orange connection, take a few drops of Organize Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.


I help clean up.


I am organized.


I maintain order.


I remain conscious and alert.


3) Consider taking on this attitude:

4) To that end, ponder what area in your life most “gets in the way of your life”. Name it. Write it down.

5) Next, journal for about 15-30 minutes to uncover the benefit of this particular area of disorder in your life. Yes…benefit. As much as you may have been wishing it away, it obviously has not gone anywhere because it serves you in some very meaningful way. It protects you from something, or connects you with something, or helps you slow down, or comforts you in some way, or something else. The reasons we keep our clutter close by and our chaos afoot are many and very individual. Explore as you write the loving connection you have with your “stuff.” Continue to write until it’s truthful role in your life has become clear…let that sink in.

6) Now, go get glass of water and then come back and take some time to thank your stuff, clutter, or chaos profusely for helping you in the way it has for all this time, even if you now see how unhelpful it is.

7) A day or so after your journalling experience, shift gears toward your desire to revise your relationship with your clutter, chaos or disorder. On a different page in your journal, write for another 15-30 minutes to uncover what your preferred and healthier relationship or outcome is with regard to this area of your life.

7) Think:

8) And finally, to cultivate a new and healthier relationship with this particular “pile of stuff,” agree to spend 10 minutes a day to bring that Power of Organization to the table. Maybe it is in the form of purchasing some of those storage bins we talked about, labeling them and filling them…10 minutes at a time. Maybe it is reorganizing how you manage your online passwords….10 minutes at a pop. Maybe it is designating a particular “landing pad” for your keys…which only will take 10 minutes total. Maybe it is creating a new filing system that is user friendly for you…in 10 minutes sessions.

Keep this up, and before 2022 is out, years of chaos and clutter will be history!

Here’s to chaos free living!

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