Swim with the Current

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 05-03-2022

You know you have it in some fashion….that small quiet voice inside that connects you to something greater. Sometimes you can just sense it telling you where to go, what to remember, what to avoid, offering you guidance from a place beyond the intellect. But maybe you just don’t hear it often enough or clearly enough, or don’t heed it when you do.

It’s not so easy to pay attention to that voice in this noisy and complicated world…much less feel like you can count on it! But when you do listen, and trust that inner knowing, it can sure save you a lot of hassle, keeping you in rhythm with the natural order of things, and making life easier in the process. You feel more like you’re flowing with the river of life rather than constantly swimming upstream.

Do you feel like you’ve been swimming upstream lately?

Trying to make things happen that won’t?

Struggling to navigate tough situtations without much success?

You may need an Indigo Gold boost! The Power of Trust is there for you to tap into so you can more easily find your flow.


Wake up the Power of Trust


in your life this week


with the following exercise!

1) First, to help strengthen your Indigo Gold connection, take a few drops of Trust Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I listen to Mother Nature.

I trust that everything happens for a reason.

I tap into the natural flow of the Universe.

I evolve by trusting my intuition.

3) Next:


Just stop. Press “pause” on the latest thought, fear, or activity that is leaving you feeling out of synch, befuddled or irritated. The Power of Trust says you don’t have to push against any more rivers.

4) Then:


Ask what is missing. What is interrupting your flow? What is needed of you (small or large) to more easily negotiate your circumstances? Listen for those inner nudges…sometimes hard to hear, but full of bright unexpected ideas about ways to get more in the flow.

5) And lastly:


Align with your inner guidance and trust it, letting go of any resistance, pushing against, or the trying to figure it out. Go with those wordless hunches and see where they carry you!



…and Trust.

You can trust in the flow of Life.

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