What Inner Adventure is Calling You?


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 26-02-2021

Do you love a little excitement in your life? A step to the edge? An adventure to get your pulse racing? Although everyone’s definition of adventure is different, we all need a little Mango Power of Courage in our lives to feel engaged, whole and healthy.

When you think of adventures, you likely think of the physical, “outer world” kind – traveling to new places, meeting new people, exploring new places, trying something different and daring. Those types of adventures have been harder to come by these days with limits to our movement, proximity, and well, you know.

But there’s another path of adventure

that can be taken at any time!

And that one is on the inner level.

If you want to explore your edges, you don’t have to jump off a cliff.

You just have to look inside.

Surely there is an area of your life where you are afraid to go, isn’t there? One with a personal reward that just might be worth the risk? The Mango Power of Courage is right there for you to tap into and take that risk! 

Would you like to:

  • drum up the courage to embark on a more rewarding line of work?
  • be bold and share something vulnerable with your partner that you’ve never been able to before?
  • challenge yourself to engage with that project you’ve let slide because you doubted you could really complete it successfully?
  • risk your comfort and make a much needed change in your life that your heart knows is needed, but that you’ve always kept in the future?
  • step up and learn something new that you are passionate about, but the thought of actually doing it makes you shake in your boots?

You may have something else in mind, but small steps or large, when you have the courage to take them, to keep on going and venture into seemingly scary territory, you’ll keep on growing, and discover passions and capacities you have that you never knew before.

This week…


Choose one scary step in your life that you really, really would rather not take, but that you really, really wish you could. C’mon, just one. You can do it.

If you need a little help, here are some good Power of Courage affirmations:

I am brave and courageous.

I choose my own exciting adventures.

I respond to emergencies quickly.

I’m a calulated risk-taker.

If your first thought is really adventuresome, but it freaks you out, then break it down into smaller do-able steps.

Ok, maybe another few rounds of affirmations if you need it, and then, let’s take that first step. Who knows. It may lead to two! And each one after may lead to you doing the very thing you thought was impossible.

You are brave and courageous!

Keeping Your Connections Strong


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 08-12-2020

Though you’re probably celebrating the holidays a bit differently this year, you still may have need for a little back up support from the Indigo Topaz Power of Connecting.

When this energy is alive and well in you, it’s joyful and easy to connect with family and friends and feel that community spirit.

Even in the midst of this pandemic, Indigo Topaz energy will tug at your sleeve to jump on a Zoom call, share holiday inspirations on social media, or simply pick up the phone to “feel the love”.

But if this energy is low or imbalanced, you might find yourself….

  • Having a hard time coming up with fun and safe ways to be together with special people in your life.
  • Find yourself dreading another zoom call, or at the very least just needing more oomph to want to get on one.
  • Still feeling a little alienated from, or judgmental of, friends or family members in your life due to political differences.

If ‘connection is why we’re here’ as Brene Brown tells us, then isn’t it worth strengthening and balancing your Power of Connecting? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the resistance melt away, and be replaced by desire to connect in a loving way?

Do you need an extra boost of the Power of Connecting? Here are some practices you might want to try in the coming weeks (and year!) to help you bring more warmth into your life, and build more bridges with others in your world.

  • For a week, lay aside your struggle with the little differences, annoyance and impatience you my typically have with others. In their place, keep your attention on what you appreciate them, on what they bring to your life. The other “stuff” will always be there if you want to go back to it.
  • Have fun. Enjoy yourself! These times are great for dreaming up novel ways to be together without making anyone uncomfortable or unsafe. Online game night, writing real letters to loved ones, sending gifts that help you bridge any gaps that may have crept between you. Come up with your own unique way to stay in touch.
  • Know your needs and your limits in connecting…and honor them. Notice how long to stay on the phone without getting glassy-eyed. Decide how many people you want to be on a zoom call with before it gets too chaotic. And be aware of how often you need to connect to feel human, to feel alive, to feel all cozy inside. Find your sweet spot of not too much and not too little…you want just the right level of connection time to keep your Indigo Topaz tank full while still honoring your temperament.

A Call for Compassion


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 03-12-2020

Something dramatically healing and transformative happens when compassion is brought into your circle of responses. And given the incredible uptick in challenging circumstances around the world, it’s a good one to have in your repertoire, both for yourself and others!

The amazing thing about compassion is that when you get good at self-compassion, it seems to fill up a bucket that easily overflows and it becomes so much easier to offer it to others.

So, let’s focus on that for the moment. How do you treat yourself when you are suffering or struggling? What is your inner dialogue like when you are in pain, or facing the challenging emotions like anger, fear, panic, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm?

Do you berate yourself for being petty or weak?

Do you shame yourself for not being stronger, more resilent, less affected?

Do you push yourself, or even bully yourself, to stop whining and just get on with things?

Do you stay stoically calm, cool and collected? Unnerved, untouched, (but possibly with a lump of feelings stuck in your throat)?

If you’re like most people, you’ve grown up in a culture that has elevated strength, power and accomplishment above all else, while overriding and often dismissing the less manageable, less controllable world of feelings, human rawness, tenderness, sensitivity, and softness.

Such things as your fear, your heartache, your sadness, your concern are driven underground until the next time something triggers you and they rumble back to the surface.

This is where the Power of Compassion can change your life.

Embodying this energy, (which is the color White), will be like gifting yourself with the inner voice of the most loving, kind, compassionate parent the world has ever known.

This voice won’t let your emotions be ignored or dismissed, which, let’s face it, doesn’t work in the long run, does it?

Your pain and your uncomfortable feelings are part of your life’s journey, and you deserve to be able to breathe through them, not be overrun by them, or have to push them down.

As unnerving as they may seem, and although you might not yet even have words for them, these experiences are authentic to you, and they just want to be seen, acknowledged, and yes, loved. This is the healing opportunity.

The Power of Compassion, as self-compassion, acknowledges your suffering and gives it some space to just be, without judgment.

Being healthy and balanced with the Power of Compassion, gives you the ability to self-soothe with a loving inner voice that says things like:

I see you.

I hear you.

I know you’re struggling right now.

I accept you exactly as you are in this moment.

I’m here. I’ve got you.

I love you.

I’m not going anywhere.

What would it feel like to hear that when you are hurting?

True compassion doesn’t concern itself with answers and strategies and solutions. It doesn’t need you to be fixed or happy or better.

It knows only to offer itself as a healing balm, helping you to reconnect with your own essence and your own heart.

Let the healing begin!

Bring a little more Compassion

into the world this week.

Our message today was inspired by a powerful talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic, and Eat, Pray, Love. She also shares a beautiful exercise of writing yourself love letters with this compassionate inner voice. We can’t think of a better Power of Compassion exercise to offer you than that! Click HERE to listen.

Power of Love


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 11-11-2020

With everything going on in this country and in the world, we thought maybe you could use a little time out, an opportunity to slow down, soften, and get back in touch with your heart.

With all the political tension, did you find yourself putting a shell around your heart to protect it from the intensity? Maybe you’re even feeling numb.

Do you feel like you might have momentarily forgotten how to just love other people, for no other reason than that they are fellow humans?

What would it feel like to invite your heart to open up to anyone in your world that is on “the other side” politically? Yummy? Scary?

Or maybe you have felt alone and isolated due to all the focus on protecting yourself during the pandemic.

If you are bumping up against any of these painful edges, the Power of Love is the antidote you want. It’s Pink vibration will soothe, heal, and strengthen your heart.

Here is a 15-minute guided meditation with Chaya, helping you reconnect with your heart, and allow the Power of Love to saturate your body and guide your day.

Please treat yourself by carving out a quiet space and time so you can settle in to:

The Power of Love Meditation

Bring more Pink energy into the world

this week with the following exercise!

Let this affirmation be with you as you go through your day. Think it, sing it, hum it, whisper it. Allow the feeling of it to sink into your cells, much like the feeling of soft kitty fur on your cheek.

However you do it, let it permeate your consciousness just for a little while. Notice how it affects your experience, and and the quality of your connection with others, during these challenging times.

From our hearts to yours, with love.

Taming the Chaos


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 27-10-2020

Is there a bit too much chaos, confusion and discord in your life? In your home?  Your community?  The country?  Around the world?

Maybe a LOT too much?


If yes, then this is a moment for the

Green Gold Power of Discernment


One sure way to tame these wild beasts is to get the facts straight so you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Sometimes that means being very discerning…even when you’d rather not.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Green_Gold_quote8.jpg

But getting the facts is only the first step. The next and more tricky one is to decide how you want to respond to them.

  • Do you wobble when you realize that what you thought was going on really isn’t?
  • Do you try to argue with those facts?
  • Do you hesitate to change your stance or course of action, because it’s just what you’ve always done, or you can’t bear to have not been right in the first place?

Or, are you willing to make a new choice or take a different action based on the new information… a choice or action that will resolve conflict, clarify confusions, or bring more understanding and happiness to all involved?

If you are, then that’s the Green Gold energy moving through you, giving you the strength to discern and transform!

Raise your hand if you think the world could use a little more of this right now!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Green_Gold_quote3.jpg

This week take time to:

  • get the details
  • examine the details in light of your highest values and goals and
  • make the wisest decisions with the greatest benefit

…decisions that will bring resolution, peace and clarity back into your life, your home, your community, the country, and, yes, eventually the world.

Here’s to peaceful resolutions!

The Power of Your Intuition


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 13-10-2020

Are you over-saturated with mental noise? Confused by the 24/7 chatter in your head? Overwhelmed with decisions and choices and all the information coming at you?

If so, you are not alone! We’ve all become quite accustomed living from our heads.

But there is another way to know, understand and relate to life besides just solely relying on your sharp intellect.

And it’s the language that Nature speaks.

  • You can hear it every time you walk silently on the Earth in your bare feet. (Has it been a while?)
  • You hear it every time you immerse yourself in a quiet forest. We’ve all been there, either in our past or in our imagination, breathing in the soft air, feeling the wind on our cheek, smelling the moss and the damp leaves…
  • You hear it every time you get an unexpected voiceless message from your intuitive self about where to go, what to do, what is true and more. No special location is needed for this! Intuitive hits abound, once you rediscover how to listen for them.

The Indigo Power of Intuition is the energy that connects you instantly with this thoughtless, timeless sensing and knowing that is no less real than what we access with our brains. It almost seems other-worldly, and speaks volumes of wisdom in no time at all, enlivening and healing us as we go.

If you are tired of the mental gymnastics,

how about some fresh air and a

fresh view of life?

Sharpen your attunement to the

Power of Intuition this week with one of these:

1. Take a “forest bath” under a canopy of trees or a barefooted stroll through the fall leaves. No running this time. Just quiet attentive time to drink in the healing energy that Nature always seems to guarantee.

2. Listen deeply for any “intuitive hit” or “gut instinct” that comes your way out of seeming nowhere, or in a dream. In the busyness of life, they are often missed, and more often ignored. Let whatever shows up guide your next step.

3.Watch My Octopus Teacher, a Netflix documentary about a scuba diver’s year-long relationship with a little tiny creature, and the Indigo lessons learned from the depths of the sea.


Reclaiming Relaxation and Ease


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 15-09-2020

Thich Nhat Hanh thinks, “We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much We don’t allow our bodies to heal, and we don’t allow our minds and hearts to heal.”

But how, in the middle of a world focused on so many unsettling events and situations, do you heed this call to relax? Isn’t that selfish given all that is afoot? Won’t havoc reign for sure if you stop now?

Our culture compels us to keep moving, keep pushing, keep “progressing.” But our bodies and our hearts hear a different song…


 It’s okay to stop…


And if you need some assistance, call on the Mocha Power of Relaxation, the part of your nature that:

  • knows what is most essential
  • gently lets the distractions of complexity recede into the distance, if only for a while
  • allows more room for spaciousness and ease to calm your jangled nerves and sooth your thirsty soul
  • knows there is no true “progress” or “growth” or wise steps made without it

It’s okay to rest.


This week, keep these affirmations in mind as you move through your day. Let them seep into your consciousness. Let them help you reclaim a sense of ease and peace inside. Let them permeate into the world:

I unwind easily.

I relax and take it easy.

I keep life simple.

I create elegant simplicity.


Stop, breathe and relax…


Finding Balance in Challenging Times


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 01-09-2020

Think about this for a minute:

How does contemplating this image and these words change how you see the world…and how you see yourself?

You might have noticed that there are a lot of very physical, earthly, human issues happening right now. Important. Urgent. Heartbreaking. Scary.

With all this chaos, confusion, and stress, it can be so easy to think that you must DO something. There are many physical, everyday, worldly things you are probably doing to mitigate circumstances, help others, and create safety.

You might also be experiencing a lot of emotional reactivity to what’s going on in the world. And mentally, perhaps you are very busy, too, wondering what’s coming next.

So, with all of that…

How’s your spiritual life going?

It’s so easy to get busy with the worldly stuff! Physically, emotionally, mentally – there is just so much to focus on!

Ok, this might be a good time for a deep breath.

How about a little help from the Power of Balance? 

This White Gold energy helps you take the time to nourish your inner life as the true underpinning of all that you are and do. It builds your faith, and refreshes your spirit.

With the Power of Balance strong and healthy:

  • You will more easily navigate all the changes going on in the world.
  • You will feel guided to put your focus on what is (truly) most important.
  • It will be easier to keep your priorities straight.
  • You’ll find that your actions are more infused with compassion and appreciation for the sacred.

Let this week be one of bringing

more balance into this dance between

your spiritual life and your daily life.

  • Ask yourself: how does Spirit move in you? speak to you? How do you connect with and hear Spirit most clearly?
  • Commit to taking time each day this week to connect with Spirit in this way. Whether through prayer, meditation, art, dance or any of the myriad of ways that people connect with their spiritual core, choose the path that speaks to you the most, and devote time each day to do that. Make it your #1 priority just for this week.
  • Watch how these regular daily “retreats” impact the other areas of your life. Notice any changes in your emotional state, your overall sense of well being, your ability to meet and handle your responsibilities, and your capacity for sensitivity, joy and appreciation for life. Earmark these moments in your mind. They are indeed sacred.

“We can want peace, but unless we are spiritually at peace ourselves, we don’t mean it. It is our thoughts which keep that part of the universe where each of us stand, out of or in balance.”

~ Little Crow

Finding Your Rhythm in Challenging Times


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 04-08-2020

We’ve all had to learn a lot of new “dance moves” these past few months ~ new steps in how we work, how we socialize and how we take care of ourselves. 

Do you feel a bit dizzy, a little awkward, or a lot overwhelmed by it all? These are very normal outcomes of trying to suddenly follow a different rhythm than what you’ve been used to for so long.

It’s time to follow the lead of the


Turquoise Power of Coordination



You see, it takes a lot of creativity and finesse to navigate so many new ways of doing things that used to be second nature. Heck, simple grocery shopping is now like an advanced tango…

“Only one direction down this aisle,” “No -don’t go there!” “Turn that way,” “Ok, lean in to get the celery…NOW!” “And remember to stay 6 feet apart!”

Not to mention you’re being asked to do it all while in costume (at least for your face).

It’s no wonder so many of us are feeling clumsy and awkward.

So call in some Turquoise energy. It’s not an answer to the big crises we’re facing, but it will help you flow with what’s happening more gracefully, keep track of the steps, and move with rhythm. With the Power of Coordination strong and healthy, you’ll find your own unique groove no matter what music is playing.

This week, ask yourself:

  • How might seeing my life as more of a dance than a struggle help me?
  • What would I need to do or not do to flow more easily with how things are? Which steps are best to take and which not?
  • Where am I spinning, and what balls do I want to put down, so that I can better juggle the others?
  • What can I do to coordinate my brain, hands and feet in working together on my own behalf?

Launch into Action


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 21-07-2020

Is this you these days? A bit flattened by life, with not much juice to launch back into projects and goals you’d most like to sink your teeth into?

Don’t despair!


The Power of Energizing is here!


This power is what fires up your internal engines and gets you back on track. When this energy is flowing, it says:


I have lots of energy!


I’m focused and initiate movement!


I handle intensity easily!


I energize others to launch into action!




This week, ponder what most launches you into action…the things that you find are worth getting fired up for. Are they getting overlooked? Are they things you can make more room for in your life?

If you’re passionate about it, chances are they are the key to your energy level. Make a commitment to doing one thing that you really love and that stimulates the energy you crave.