What Inspires You?

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 09-07-2021

Inspired! …juiced, ignited, filled to the brim with a sense of wonderment and magic! Is this you? Maybe not every day or all the time, but would you say you have a general feeling of being ‘lit up’ by life? Kinda like that childlike spark just never left you?

If you do, consider yourself among the fortunate. Life events and circumstances can take a toll on many people’s ability to feel inspired, especially in recent years.

What is it like to live without inspiration?


Burned out…


Food is bland…

Conversations are dull…

Relationships are mediocre…

…The sky is always grey…

AKA, you’ve lost connection with the Apricot Power of Inspiration.


Who wants that when


it’s possible to feel a spring in your step


and sparkle in your eye?



Whatever wakes you up to the wonder of life

 is the key to your inspirational liberation.

When you’re lit up with the Power of Inspiration, you will…

  • Be full of ideas and the passion to take action!
  • Feel enlivened by nature, art, food, movies, and new ideas.
  • Smell the fresh air, savor the yummy food, and feel that spark of aliveness in everything you do.
  • Never settle for the ordinary, and never be bored. You’re alive with sizzle!
  • Let that creativity inside you burst forth, and have fun tweaking all the things that aren’t great in your life – like your relationships – until they’re so fantastic you want to shout from the mountaintops.

Where do you find your sparks of inspiration?

It may be more nuanced or simple than you might think. Here’s a little story we like by Andre Kostelanetz to illustrate this point:

“We found Matisse living in a small house, with a magnificent, sweeping view beyond his vegetable garden. In one room there was a cage with a lot of fluttering birds. The place was covered with paintings, most of them obviously new ones.

I marveled at his production and I asked him, ‘What is your inspiration?’

‘I grow artichokes’, he said.

His eyes smiled at my surprise and he went on to explain: ‘Every morning I go into the garden and watch these plants. I see the play of light and shade on the leaves and I discover new combinations of colors and fantastic patterns. I study them. They inspire me. Then I go back to the studio and paint.”

Of course we like this story because we are gardeners! Right now one of our favorite things is watching the yellow finches eat the seeds from our sunflowers.

What does it for you? What lights you up?

Wake up the Power of Inspiration


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) To help strengthen your Apricot connection, take a few drops of Apricot Inspiration Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:

I am full of wonder.

I am inspired.

I perceive the nuances of life.

I live an inspired life.


3) Now, for the possibly not so easy, but fun part. Exploring what lights you up can be difficult at first, especially if you’ve strayed far away from such things. To help orient you in a rather playful way, go to this link and take this QUIZ. You may not relate to all the possible answers, and you may be annoyed by the pop up ads, but give it a go just for fun. It just might help you reconnect with what does genuinely wake up your natural Power of Inspiration.

4) Then find little ways to bring more of that into your life this week…and then maybe every week. Enjoy!

Live inspired!

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