Celebrate Your Gifts and Talents

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 08-12-2021

If you travel frequently in the world of social media, you may find yourself wide open to the opinions and critiques of others about who you are and what you’re about. At a minimum, this experience can easily distract you from the natural maturing process of uncovering and living into your innate gifts and talents. At the most, it can be painful and traumatizing to process being unseen, misunderstood or unappreciated.

Do you find yourself making any of these comments to yourself or others as you scroll through your feed?

  • I wish I had thought of a wittier thing to say.
  • I don’t have any accomplishments nearly as impressive as that person.
  • They are so successful. I’ll never be able to make that much money.
  • Of course my friends take the most amazing trips. They deserve it. I’ll never be able to do that.

If that’s your self talk, then let’s get you a dose of the Purple Gold Power of Creativity.

“Creativity!?” you say? “I’m not creative. I don’t hold a candle to all these people posting about their accomplishments!”

First of all, it’s impossible to get through a day as a human being without being creative. And if you know anything at all about the Vibrancy Path, you know that WE know that everyone is uniquely gifted and talented! That’s what the Vibrancy Signature is all about. It spells out in black and white…well, in living color, actually…what’s extra special about you.

Even if you show no signs of being a born Picasso, that seed of creativity lurks deep inside in a very special way unique to you. Creativity comes in many forms, and shines through you in ways you may be overlooking or taking for granted. When you widen your view, you can discover the artist that you really are!

You may be out of touch with your Power of Creativity if you…

  • Took it to heart when your grade school teacher told you that you weren’t artistic.
  • Feel like some people are just born gifted, and that they have something special that you don’t.
  • Are convinced there isn’t a creative bone in your body, simply because your drawings of people are always stick figures.
  • Try to write something only to find that all the words seem to flee, and you’re left staring at the blank screen.
  • Your inner critic has a lot to say, and leaves you feeling empty, unworthy, or just plain down on yourself.

Creativity comes in many “shades and colors.”


Notice how it shows up in you!


The Power of Creativity is in each of us, regardless of age, gender, background or childhood! As with all the Vibrancy Powers, this is a light frequency, flowing through your body, just awaiting your awareness and channeling.

When you’re connected to the Power of Creativity, you:

  • Know you’re creative no matter what anybody else says, because you can feel it inside just waiting to come out!
  • Realize that creativity takes many forms, and you celebrate the unique way it flows through you.
  • Don’t waste time judging yourself for what you can’t do. Whether through writing, dancing, music, art, speaking, parenting, or how you live your everyday life ~ you connect deeply with your own artistry and it shows.
  • No longer think you’re “less than” those you see posting online. Instead, you enjoy and appreciate the many different ways people express their own gifts and capacities. And you celebrate your own!
  • Open the gates and let those juices flow, knowing that there’s no one “right” way to express the creativity that lies deep inside.

Wake up the Power of Creativity


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) To help strengthen your Purple Gold connection, take a few drops of Purple Gold Creativity Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:

I am special.

I am gifted and talented.

I express my artistic nature.

I nurture the creative gifts in others.

3) If you know your Vibrancy Signature and still have your Color pages, get them out and read back over them. Don’t have your pages any more? Check out this link: Vibrancy Signature Ebook and Your Power Primers. If you don’t have your Vibrancy Signature, no worries. Read on for a brief Purple Gold exercise.

4) Next time you read or see someone that is expressing in a way that you “wish you could,” take these next three steps:

  • Move your body into a totally different position.
  • Then think or say how much you appreciate the gift that person obviously has.
  • Finally, follow up with something you do naturally that others really look to you for, or appreciate in you. Or something you, if you stop and think about it, really appreciate about yourself. Enjoy that thought privately in the space of your own mind and heart. Or write it down in and read it back to yourself to anchor the experience of self appreciation for your own specialness.

We affirm the creativity in you!

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