How wonderful you are!

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 12-02-2021

How wonderful you are!

Whenever you doubt yourself, think of the confidence that this little girl exudes. She’s feeling wonderful about herself…just brimming with the Magenta Power of Confidence for seemingly no particular reason. Let it sink into your own cells every chance you get, giving off that “I can do anything” vibe.

But what about your not so confident moments, days, or even lifestyle? Those are the times when you…

  • Don’t try new things or ask for what you desire.
  • Don’t bother setting goals because they just never seem to work out.
  • Hear yourself say “I can’t” a lot.
  • Think that many things in life just seem way too hard.
  • Have a deadline you have to meet at work, but your stress level goes through the roof leaving your feeling panicky.
  • See all the places you could’ve done better, no matter what kind of success you’ve already reached.
  • Feel like you’re not living up to your potential.

It’s hard to feel strong and capable when you are stuck in any of these mindsets. One way to boost your Power of Confidence during these challenging phases of your life is to have someone in your corner who believes in you and is there to pat you on the back when you need it! So we are here to bolster your confidence with this reminder…

Now, envision our little friend at the top to inspire some Magenta energy and embark on the Power of Confidence practice below.

Wake up the Power of Confidence

in your life this week

with the following exercise!

1) First, to help strengthen your Magenta connection, take a few drops of Confidence Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:

I can do it.

I am confident and believe in myself.

I handle pressure easily.

I coach others to reach their potential.

3) For the next 7 days, take note of your own successes. At the end of each day, write down 3 things that feel like accomplishments for you…knowing who you are and where you are in your life.

4) Meanwhile, apply a little Magenta pressure to yourself and resist any temptation you may have to compare yourself to “all the others.” They don’t really matter this week. Just feel into your own sense of “Look at what I did!” and enjoy it as much as you can allow yourself to.

5) Observe any shifts in how you feel about yourself and in what you do.

6) Let those Magenta insights inform your choices going forward.

7) And when you are feeling particularly strong in Magenta energy, pass it on! Pat someone else on the back, and let them know you believe in them too.

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