Finding the Strength to Be Honest

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 07-29-2021

Let’s face it. Telling the truth has a way of keeping your life uncomplicated, and your conscience clear. But sometimes when the stakes are high, or you are afraid to admit something, you might feel like you lack the strength to be straightforward.

That’s a cue that you may need to bolster your Power of Honesty, the energy inside that is solid as an oak tree when it comes to your words and actions being sincere, direct and trustworthy.

This question of being honest is twofold:

First, what is the truth? What is your truth? That can be a hard one since what seems to be the truth today, can shift a week or a month from now, the more you learn and understand…about yourself, about a situation, about life.

And, two, how do you speak the truth without putting a wedge between you and someone else, without putting others out of your heart? That too is not easy, since truth telling can be pretty bold and uncompromising at times, and can easily tip into the arena of harsh, hurtful and devisive.

By bringing these two elements together, though…truth and love…our chances of bringing more genuine honesty into the world in an impactful way will only increase.

So, what if the Power of Honesty seems to be in short supply in your life? It may look like this:

  • You don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings so you bend the truth a little, but then feel guilty and confused about which was better, the white lie or the pure truth.
  • You paint yourself into a corner with one little lie, and then feel all the stress of continually covering your back to keep the real truth hidden.
  • You find your own morals slipping when something you really want (like a lot of money) or care about (well being for everyone) is at stake.
  • You feel betrayed in a relationship because someone lied or cheated…then you remember all the early warning signs that this person lacked integrity, and you wonder how you missed them.
  • You cut yourself off from potentially healthy, workable relationships and situations, because you’ve been lied to so many times that you just don’t know who to trust any more.
  • You feel like you’re a bad judge of character because you can never tell if someone is going to act with integrity or turn out to be dishonest, misleading or outright slimy.

Why not let the truth set you free?!

When you’re connected to the Red Power of Honesty, you’ll:

  • Tell your truth with care and confidence, no longer letting fear get in your way of being honest.
  • Sleep well at night, knowing that you haven’t said or done anything dishonest….you’ve been true to yourself.
  • Find that people want to work with you, because they know you’re a straight-shooter.
  • Realize that it isn’t worth the complication, guilt, and hassle to cheat on your taxes, mislead anyone, or bend your morals.
  • Not be so quick to blindly trust others, relying on your inner sense of whether or not people are speaking and acting from truth.
  • Notice when something isn’t adding up in your dealings with other people, and be willing to speak honestly to that

Wake up the Power of Honesty


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) To start off on a “Red foot”, if you have a bottle, take a few drops of Red Honesty Vibrancy Essence. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:

I tell the truth.

I am strong and honest.

I am a hard worker.

I stand for justice.

3) Now, pick a day…any day…and commit yourself to just noticing every time you aren’t totally honest. In each situation, take note of these three things:

  • what were your thoughts, both leading up to the exchange and right afterward?
  • how did your body feel, and where did you feel it?
  • how did your energy shift or change?

4) Continue to be mindful of this deeper, more subtle experience of those moments when something other than the truth slips into your interactions.

5) And lastly, the next time you clearly notice yourself sidestepping the truth, challenge yourself to find a way to be truthful, yet caring, in that exchange.

Live the truth!

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