Keeping Your Cool

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 07-15-2021

Summers can be hot and intense. Have you been too lately? Have you been losing your cool more than you’d like?

Call on Blue Gold with


the Power of Patience!


Blue Gold energy is full of love and devotion for the people, pets, projects and scenarios that you are most committed to.

Whether it’s your spouse, your children, your staff, your garden, or your latest project at work that you’ve dedicated your care and energy to, this Power can help you stay cool, calm and collected even when things get challenging.

Blue Gold helps you to tenderly accept and tolerate the inevitable delays, interruptions, or struggles that you may encounter along the way as you nurture whomever and whatever you care about. Rather than burn up with frustration, or blow up at others when you hit a bump in the road, the Power of Patience keeps connected to your love and devotion.


Here are some things you might notice with


the Power of Patience strong and healthy: 


  • In relationship with someone you love, it’s easy to slow down and find a rhythm together, instead of just rushing ahead with your own agenda.
  • You don’t mind repeating things many times over for your ultra-inquisitive young child.
  • You show up every morning for your garden, tending to whatever is needed to help it stay healthy, happy and productive, even if there are a million other things you feel you need to be doing. (We personally know this one.)
  • You don’t worry or complain about what you’re missing, when your desk is piled high with all the elements of the latest creative project you’ve devoted yourself to.
  • The extra work that it takes to nurture your new puppy or your aging beloved dog doesn’t phase you.
  • You know that healing yourself doesn’t happen overnight, so you don’t pressure yourself to be better, faster or stronger than you already are on your current path.

Could you use an extra dose of Blue Gold right now?

To wake up the Power of Patience


in your life this week, try this:


1) First, steep yourself in these Blue Gold affirmations:

I am patient.

I am loving and even-tempered.

I consistently nurture myself and others.

I transform by loving others.

2) Consider something or someone in your life that you’ve been unusually impatient with lately. Contemplate these questions:

  • How committed am I to this person, project or situation, on a scale of 1 – 10, say.
  • If it’s 7 or less, what do I need to do to change that? Recommit? Renegotiate? Be honest with myself, and conclude my commitment?
  • If 8 or more, what would help me reconnect with the passion I have for this person, project or situation so that that is what motivates me, rather than the difficulties?
  • In considering these questions, what one action has become the most obvious one for me to take first?
  • Take that one step, and allow yourself to be more nurturing with yourself and others.


Keep cool!

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