Pointless Effervescent Joy

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 12-14-2021

We just spent a good hour here reminiscing about the things we did as kids that we classify as pure unadulterated FUN! The hours and hours at the pool…swimming ’til we looked like prunes, playing imaginary games, making up crazy tricks, careening down slides, flying off of diving boards, twirling around and upside down in the water, competing with our friends in the latest challenge that we cooked up. In-the-moment exuberance that we never seemed to want to stop.

In the winter, there was sledding on the nearest hill until our toes were too blue to stand being outside any longer. Building wonky snow people and make-shift igloos. Leaving snow angels all over the yard (for the low intensity personalities), and instigating snowball fights (for the high intensity ones). Just playfully mixing up with the elements as long as we could stand it.

There were stories of rapid fire card games, rowdy board games, devilish moves and surprise attacks to throw off your opponent, and a parallel stream of inside jokes and general poking fun.Those old bubbly effervescent feelings started to return in full force the more we shared our childhood experiences.

What was the most fun you ever had as a kid?

What were you doing? And who were you doing it with?

What were your favorite memories?

And most importantly, did your thirst for doing fun and pointless things eventually wind down and come to a stop?

Adults having “fun” is a rare sight these days. Unless you add alcohol, and then, of course, you see the inhibitions melting and people playing more easily.

But for our conversation, ponder…can you have fun, truly joyful, playful fun, without the alcohol? That’s how you’ll know your Yellow Power of Fun is really healthy and alive.

The days of playing hard for hours on end for absolutely no reason at all often slows down when we hit our early teens, as we start finding ourselves grappling with things like growing up and being an adult.

And as an adult, it’s easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we are filling up our fun factor by doing things that we do actually enjoy, but that are far from pointless. If it’s a task on your to-do list, even if you like doing it, it’s still different than pure, creative fun. When you’re caught up in a really fun game or event, you are not thinking about the errands that need to be done, or the bills that have to get paid.

Yellow helps us overcome the cycle of endless productivity.

If this is you, and you’re realizing you’ve lost touch with this part of your childhood, or if you’re thinking, “Yes, I could use more FUN!”, then we are here to remind you how you can lighten the burdens of your present day with little interludes of joyful moments and playful activities. Just in time for the holidays. Let’s get your Yellow energy flowing again! Are you game?? (You caught the pun there, right?)

Wake up the Power of Fun


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Yellow connection, take a few drops of Fun Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:

I have fun.

I am joyful and playful.

I make life fun and enjoyable.

I creatively weave things together.

3) Okay. Your only job this week is play a little…to put your responsibilities on a shelf for a while and fall into one of those totally pointless activities that has a way of waking up a bubbly feeling of effervessence in you.

4) Your only “responsibility” is to first sift through your past for memories of when that has happened before, what you were doing and what it felt like. Ponder on your own, or find a close friend or family member to reminisce with you for a while. Think back to some of your best kid memories and notice any themes. What gave you the most joy, what you were doing when you were lost in play, and what were the magical ingredients for you? Remember how you felt!

5) What activities or experiences accessible to you now might still ignite those magical ingredients? Pick one! And make a “playdate” with yourself.

6) Park your ordinary life for an hour, an afternoon, a day…whatever you can arrange, and have some playtime doing something that has nothing to do with anything other than you just find it a lot of fun.

7) And if you want, take more Yellow Fun breaks every chance you get! It will transform your body, mind and spirit in no time.


Time to play!

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