The Bliss of Storage Boxes


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 28-01-2020

It’s no coincidence that the box stores bring out huge pallets of organizing boxes and storage totes to put on display as soon as the holidays are over. They know you might be primed to spend your winter indoor hours finding places for all of your “stuff.” And now that it’s tax season, all the more reason to put your file boxes to work and get your affairs in order so you know where to find what.

Are you in the mood, but don’t know where to start? Then call on the Orange Power of Organizing to help you dispense of your clutter. Here’s an exercise to get you going:

1)   Choose an organizing or tidying project you’d like to tackle – one that feels do-able and will take you less than 30 minutes. Put it on your calendar.

2)   When the time comes to do your project, get yourself into vibrational alignment with the Power of Organization first.

Place your right hand (with thumb and first two fingers together) on the Orange spot, right at the hairline on the center front of your head. First say, and then sing the affirmations below 7 times:

3)   Do an exhale blowing breath a few times to clear the stuck energy you just stirred up. Then, if you have it, take 7 – 21 drops of the Organize Vibrancy Essence.

4)   And, if you want to dive a bit deeper, watch Jamie’s video below to help you make great strides forward in creating Orange order!

5)   Now, with your head in the game, and your Power of Organization accessed, tackle your project!

6)   Stand back and enjoy the results! Congratulations!

Happy Organizing!

May the Truth Be Told


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 30-07-2019

is the best policy…still.


Why? Because it is the foundation of good relationships, a functional work life, and a clear conscience. If you build a house on a weak foundation, it will fall before it’s time. The same applies to your life.

If you hedge a little on truth here and deceive people there, eventually trust breaks down, life circumstances destabilize, and true meaning slowly seeps out of your system. It’s hard to count on anything, once the facts start twisting, and fairness and sincerity are no longer deemed important.

This week we want to shine light on the Power of Honesty. Red. Strong and honest Red. It takes strength to “call a spade a spade.” It takes strength to not be swayed or detracted from the obvious by self-serving agendas. It takes a great deal of strength to hold the line on what is really so and what isn’t.

Do you need to buff up your Red muscles a little more? Here’s a short process you can easily fit into your day to help you do that:

1) Notice every time you’re dishonest, slant the truth, or flat out lie.

2) Notice how you feel inside. Let your body tell you, honestly, how it feels before, during and after each incident. Really listen and take it in.

3) Watch for any changes in your future interactions with regard to truth telling.


That’s it.


This simple exercise alone,


if done honestly,


can have profound effects.


And if you want to take it up a notch, add in these two extra steps between Step 2 and 3 above:

2a) Ask yourself why you needed to not tell the truth for each one.

  • To stay safe by hiding what really matters to you?
  • To get what you feel would otherwise be denied you?
  • Something else?

2b) Are there other ways you can stay safe, be yourself or otherwise fulfill the need that prompted you to be dishonest a little or a lot?

Keep Your Cool


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 18-07-2019

Do you recognize this face?

This is what it looks like when the Power of Patience within you is out to lunch. Gone… Zip… Nada…

Invite back the Power of Patience!


Yes, press your inner reset button and invite some soothing Blue Gold energy back into your cells. It’s the part of you that lovingly introduces ease and calm back into any situation.

Cooling off might not happen quickly, though. Once that hotheaded adrenaline gets going, it’s hard to get it out of your system, but if you let the Blue Gold part of your nature whisper a few of these phrases to the parts of you that are off the charts with frustration, you might be able to get back to an even keel before you know it:

To the hotheaded part of you: “Thanks for being so clear about what’s not acceptable to you. I’ll help you find a smooth way for this to work out for all involved.”

To the impatient part of you: “Thanks for letting me know how competent you are. l’ll help you get this handled effectively without breaking things and alienating anyone.”

To the grumpy part of you: “Thanks for letting me know what’s not working for you. I’ll help you find loving ways to nurture yourself and get your needs met.”

Come Out into the Light


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter, Relationship | Posted on 02-07-2019

Let’s get friendly with the Power of Revealing!

This is that Ultraviolet White energy within you that loves to:

~  access the courage to leave your familiar comfort zone without being discouraged by your fears

~ and take new steps to come out into the light…to reveal more of who and what you are without disclaimer or apology.

Did we say “loves to”? Yes, we did. The other parts of you might not at all “love” to come out of hiding. But since this is the week to let this Power shine, give it a go. Feed the Ultraviolet White part of your being with what it needs most: new opportunities to come out from under the rug, shed the pretenses, and reveal a truer version of you.

And remember, if you have the Power of Revealing in your Vibrancy Signature, it’s doubly critical for your health and happiness to exercise this muscle.

So pick one – pick one way you’d like to express yourself more freely and authentically than you typically do, without being stopped by some debilitating thought or worry.

As you go, keep these hints in mind:

  • you get to choose when you are ready, and how you want to go about it
  • it won’t feel comfortable…and certainly not “normal”, especially at first
  • you can always touch back into your safe zone whenever you need to to ground yourself (just don’t get stuck there)
  • enjoy yourself!

Expressing Your Convictions


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Communication, Newsletter | Posted on 11-06-2019

Do you have lots of opinions about things, but just hesitate to risk putting it out there?

Or maybe you put it ALL out there, but find that you scare people off with your empassioned views, before you really had the chance to discuss it intelligently.

Or…maybe you don’t think you have any opinion about anything really…but you sure don’t agree with some of the ones you see being expressed out there!

Do you you find yourself in any of these scenarios?

If so, you are ripe for a week spent strengthening the Power of Conviction – Lime energy, that lives within us all. And if you have Lime in your Vibrancy Signature, then you will benefit doubly from stepping into this vital part of your reason for being more fully.

3 Guidelines While Using Your Voice:


1) Speak from what you know.

2) Listen to other viewpoints.

3) Trust in the process of worthy changes rising out of the genuine sharing of perspectives.


May your voice be heard !

Keeping a Light Heart


Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 26-02-2019

Do you have some Yellow Gold in your Vibrancy Signature, that zesty Power of Lightheartedness?

It’s the one that…

  • adds that playful take to the normal ups and downs of life
  • enables you to wear your challenges lightly
  • helps you look on the bright side of troubling scenarios around you
  • and helps you find the humor that helps make life enjoyable…even when its not.

To help you bring it more alive this week, every time something “goes wrong,” isn’t “right” or is challenging or troublesome to deal with, think to yourself, or better yet, say out loud in a funny way:


Believe it or not, but this simple, healing sound can drain away some of the drama, ease the tension, and bring you back to center.

Another great antidote to too much seriousness is to affirm:

I’m lighthearted and laugh at life.


I handle life’s ups and downs easily.

Maybe you don’t have Yellow Gold, but wish you did! Maybe others who have it annoy you. That’s a sign that you too could use a little boost to this oh-so needed Power – this facet of our humanity that helps keep things in perspective and not overly sucked into seriousness.

For one week, try the “Uh-Oh”, and see what happens! And feel free to get silly with it!

When something goes wrong in your life,

just yell “Plot Twist!” and move on.

~ unknown

Keep it light!

The Power of Lightheartedness


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Fun and Relaxation, Newsletter | Posted on 11-08-2018

Life is short, so wouldn’t it be great to feel like you can ride through it with a light heart instead of being reactive to every bump and curve in the road? Getting upset only adds another layer of difficulty, and is guaranteed to drain your good energy.

Whether your world is calm or tumultuous (or anything in between), imagine what it would be like to keep your sense of humor through it all.

You can still do what needs to be done. You can respond authentically however you’re called to respond. It’s just that instead of being heavied out by it all, you’ll bring a levity of spirit that will transform your experience and everyone else’s around you.

Uh-oh! Is your Yellow Gold Power of Lightheartedness a little frayed around the edges? Here’s Jamie to help you get into vibrational alignment with this uplifting energy:


Keeping a Light Heart

Watch here!

The Power of Hope


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter, Success and Abundance | Posted on 02-08-2018

It would be so easy right now to slip into cynicism with everything going on in the world, wouldn’t it?

One of your best allies in challenging times is the Power of Hope. It’s the energy to align with when you notice you are getting sucked down the rabbit hole of dispair over what is happening around you.

Instead of being distracted by thoughts and conversations about what won’t work and why, the Power of Hope will direct your focus and attention toward…

~ what IS possible.

~ what CAN be done.

~ what WILL improve your life, and everyone’s life!

It helps you keep your eye on what’s possible for your future, and hold firmly to those ideas that will renew your hope and confidence in what’s ahead, rather than be bogged down by fears and discouragement.

Here’s Jamie with an easy-to-do process that will lift your spirits, and send you down a path that can carry you and everyone you meet toward a brighter future that we all aspire to. Check it out!

Keeping Hope Alive

Watch here!




The Power of Abundance


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 14-12-2017

Opportunities to tap into more abundance surround you every day, no matter what “they” say. Whether its more joy, more ideas, more opportunities, or more money, when you access your Power of Abundance, you are able to see and welcome in the many riches that Life has to offer.

Why give into a sense of lack and limitation, when with a little shift in perspective, you can keep your Power of Abundance online and strong.

Here are a few scenarios of what it might look like when yours is offline in the money department, and in need of support:

  • You’re worried and stressed about not having enough money to pay your bills, get food on the table, pay for your kids education, not to mention holiday shopping!
  • No matter how much money you make, or how many material items you collect, you still feel broke, behind, or like there will just never be enough.
  • The tension is so thick with your spouse around money that you’re walking on eggshells, hiding your purchase receipts, and just wishing Ed McMahon would show up at your door and solve all your problems.
  • You wonder if you have some ‘worthiness issues’, maybe even deep in your unconscious, that create your money challenges.
  • You feel overwhelmed at the thought of taking on anyone else’s financial needs but your own, which you already feel you can barely manage.
  • You feel tight, fearful, and controlling, resisting change with all your might.
  • You feel guilty about not giving any donations to your favorite charities lately, but you know you should hold on to what you have in these crazy financial times.

Prosperity is an internal state, not an external state of having a certain amount of money.


~Shakti Gawain, Creating True Prosperity


Chaya here…

Although prosperity is so much bigger than money, it’s money that’s been the big mirror for me of my consciousness and where I’m at.

On one hand, I’ve generally felt incredibly prosperous for years, but for a long time my credit card debt made it clear that some money issues were still playing out.

About 10 years ago some good friends of ours inspired us to start tithing on a regular basis. It was always something we had wanted to do, because it seemed like a good spiritual practice. But, we thought it would be best to pay off our debt first.

Then I read The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. Law #1 is, of course, Tithing. Give and the Universe will give back. Well, now this just felt like I’d be trying to manipulate the Universe. But I decided to do it anyway. And I did feel manipulative, at first. Although I wasn’t proud of the thought, I was hoping that by tithing, we would increase our income.

Every week I put money into an account I created just for our tithing savings. I researched charities and found ones that really moved my heart.

One of my early favorites was Operation Smile, an organization that corrects children’s cleft palates around the world. These are kids that might be hidden away from society and even thought of as monsters in some cases.

It turns out, for $250, Op Smile can perform cleft lip surgery, give a child a  smile, and oftentimes, give them a life they’d never had. I’d squirrel away our tithe money until I had $250 and send it to them in one chunk.

Can I just tell you how amazing that felt?! We were able to pay for a child’s surgery and transform their life! I couldn’t believe how prosperous I felt inside, knowing that we were able to do that.

Then came the moment I felt the big shift.

I was laying in bed one night, saying my gratitude prayers. Up until then, I’d usually include a prayer for more money to come our way to help us pay down our debt.

That night, my prayer shifted. “Please God, send us more clients or find a way to increase our income so we can help more kids get their smiles fixed!” I had such a deep yearning, such deep gratitude for the opportunity.

All my cells were so filled with this magical potion called generosity, that I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Of course you know what happened next. Feeling so prosperous created a vibe. The Universe answered in kind.

Our debt began to shrink faster and faster. And while I felt happy about that, it paled in comparison to the feeling of abundance and generosity that was born.


See the abundance that is already flowing in your life, and let it grow!


Gold energy is so powerful! The benevolent Kings and Queens of old, who would look out for their kingdom and make sure everyone’s needs were met, had the Power of Abundance in spades. Here’s what can happen if you strengthen yours:

* Instead of stress, paying your bills will be accompanied by gratitude for all that you have….heat, water, electricity, cable, and those wonderful kids who desire to go to college!
* You’ll be filled with a trust and a knowing that there is enough for you, you’ll be safe and cared for, and all your needs will be fulfilled.
* Your conversations with your spouse about money will end in hugs, not hurt.
* You’ll step into your powerful, radiant self, confident in your own worthiness.
* Looking out for others and even taking on responsibility to help them meet their needs will not seem daunting, but rather like a worthy challenge.
* You’ll recognize when change needs to happen, and discover how to flow with it comfortably.
* You’ll feel rich and powerful on all levels, with time, energy, and money to donate….making you feel more rich and powerful yet!


2 ways to access the Power of Abundance


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I am generous and prosperous.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Abundance Vibrancy Essence daily. It will help you loosen your grip on your own time, energy and purse strings, and to discover that all you give will come back to you tenfold.


As you give, so shall you receive.


“Withhold no good impulse. You may fear that you will run to excess and squander too much, but those feelings are born of fear. In God’s reality, the more you give of yourself–in feeling, generosity, self-expression, goodness, creativity, and love–the more you will be given.”

~ Deepak Chopra


May your life be filled with abundance!

The Power of Hope


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 05-12-2017

It would be so easy right now to slip into cynicism with everything going on in the world, wouldn’t it?

One of your best allies in difficult times is the Power of Hope. Even if this Power is not part of your Vibrancy Signature, you still have access to it as part of your humanity. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine that it is strong and balanced within you:

  • Do you feel directionless and without purpose, wandering through your life without any inspired visions or goals?
  • Have you given up on having dreams because in the past you’ve crashed and burned, and it’s just too painful to have hope?
  • Have you lost hope in the country’s economy, wondering if you’re ever going to be able to earn and save enough money to retire the way you’ve dreamed?
  • Is your faith in politics thin and frail because you think all politicians are just full of hot air, controlled by Big Business, unable to cooperate, and less than trustworthy?
  • Are you afraid of what’s coming in your future?
  • Do you feel stuck in the day to day grind, getting things done, but feeling empty inside?

Don’t let what seems impossible distract you from what is really possible.


Jamie here….

The Violet Power of Hope is my Intention Power. I have filing cabinets and computer files full of visionary ideas. I regularly am refining and clarifying my visions to keep them timely, and to more clearly direct my energy and focus.

For example, I am constantly envisioning how this work can help more people to get into alignment with who they were born to be, and heal the root causes of what’s keeping them from their grandest ideas of what is possible. I have such hope for us, as human beings, to live beyond our perceived potential, not held back by limiting beliefs, our upbringing or our imbalances.

I believe that hope is our biggest gift we can give to one another. The first casualty in dealing with the stressors in the world is often our belief in what can be. We give up on ourselves, each other and our future way too soon. When we access our Power of Hope, we let go of the impossible and turn our attention to what is possible if we stay committed to our vision. This shift makes room for brand new seeds of possibility to sprout for ourselves, our children, our friends and our community.

Today, plant your seeds of hope and make sure to water your dreams, weed out any distractions and nourish every belief you hold for your future and those all around you. Remember…

“Hope is not a dream,
but a way of making dreams reality.”


~ L J Suenens


Don’t let anything keep you from dreaming up what’s possible for you! If you strengthen and balance your Power of Hope…

  • You’ll tap into new visions that inspire you each day to do what you love and feed your sense of purpose.
  • The dreams of the past that didn’t come true will lose their strangle-hold on your present, and you’ll see all the new possibilities ahead of you.
  • You’ll be able to clear the stress of what’s going on with the economy, and keep your attention on a happy and fulfilling retirement for yourself with all your needs met.
  • You’ll keep your faith that we will elect a visionary candidate who looks beyond the next re-election cycle and will help us create a future we’ll all want to live in.
  • You’ll feel renewed hope and confidence in what’s ahead for you, and not be bogged down by your fears.

2 steps to wake up the Power of Hope:


#1: Say or sing this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I envision a bright future.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Hope Vibrancy Essence daily. It will help strengthen your ability to keep your attention on all that is hopeful and possible, letting go of old, outdated reasons for giving up.


If you can dream it,it can be.


“Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”
~ Christopher Reeves


May your future be bright!