Expressing Your Convictions

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 06-11-2019

Do you have lots of opinions about things, but just hesitate to risk putting it out there?

Or maybe you put it ALL out there, but find that you scare people off with your empassioned views, before you really had the chance to discuss it intelligently.

Or…maybe you don’t think you have any opinion about anything really…but you sure don’t agree with some of the ones you see being expressed out there!

Do you you find yourself in any of these scenarios?

If so, you are ripe for a week spent strengthening the Power of Conviction – Lime energy, that lives within us all. And if you have Lime in your Vibrancy Signature, then you will benefit doubly from stepping into this vital part of your reason for being more fully.

3 Guidelines While Using Your Voice:


1) Speak from what you know.

2) Listen to other viewpoints.

3) Trust in the process of worthy changes rising out of the genuine sharing of perspectives.


May your voice be heard !

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