Keeping a Light Heart

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 02-26-2019

Do you have some Yellow Gold in your Vibrancy Signature, that zesty Power of Lightheartedness?

It’s the one that…

  • adds that playful take to the normal ups and downs of life
  • enables you to wear your challenges lightly
  • helps you look on the bright side of troubling scenarios around you
  • and helps you find the humor that helps make life enjoyable…even when its not.

To help you bring it more alive this week, every time something “goes wrong,” isn’t “right” or is challenging or troublesome to deal with, think to yourself, or better yet, say out loud in a funny way:


Believe it or not, but this simple, healing sound can drain away some of the drama, ease the tension, and bring you back to center.

Another great antidote to too much seriousness is to affirm:

I’m lighthearted and laugh at life.


I handle life’s ups and downs easily.

Maybe you don’t have Yellow Gold, but wish you did! Maybe others who have it annoy you. That’s a sign that you too could use a little boost to this oh-so needed Power – this facet of our humanity that helps keep things in perspective and not overly sucked into seriousness.

For one week, try the “Uh-Oh”, and see what happens! And feel free to get silly with it!

When something goes wrong in your life,

just yell “Plot Twist!” and move on.

~ unknown

Keep it light!

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