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Jamie here…

When I think of Green Topaz, I think of my mom.

She was an amazing woman, generous mother, and talented artist who deeply loved her family and friends. In her final days a year ago there was much singing, laughing, crying and showers of love.

She was such a great example of the Power of Understanding….Right to the end, her mind was clear and sharp. At 95 years old, she did crossword puzzles daily, read voraciously, belonged to multiple book groups, and played bridge.

She talked on the phone daily to family members, always getting the updates on everyone’s lives. She had her own laptop, did email, and printed the photos we sent her. She still drove her own car up until a few weeks before her passing! Her mind was always fully engaged in life.


Will you still be sharp and engaged at 95?

Will your kids and friends call you

daily to talk about their lives?


If that’s what you want, make sure you’re strong in the Power of Understanding!


Here are some of the signs you could use a little strengthening of Green Topaz:

  • You’re afraid to ask questions because you might look stupid.
  • You don’t easily share the details of your life. Even when your spouse asks how you’re day was, you usually just say, “Fine.” (Possibly causing her a good deal of frustration over time!)
  • You’re uncomfortable talking to other people and exchanging ideas, but then you end up feeling isolated and starved for relationship.
  • Rather than read up on how to do something, you plow ahead without enough information and end up bogging down in your own mistakes.
  • You’re worried that your confusion and frequent misunderstandings might lead to something very serious as you age.
  • You can’t even remember the last time you took a class or learned something new.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You were born with intelligence and the ability to comprehend…The Power of Understanding is within you.


You’re enrolled in the school of life.

Learning is everywhere. Soak it up!


When your Power of Understanding is at full force:

  • You’ll never be shy about asking questions, because you know that’s how you’ll learn and understand more…you smart cookie, you!
  • Your spouse will be happy that you share the detailed update on your day when you come home, instead of just grunting, “fine.”
  • You’ll feel loved and appreciated by the regular calls from friends and family who enjoy the questions you ask about their lives, and who also want to hear about yours.
  • You’ll have the patience to learn all you need to know before tackling your projects intelligently. Why waste time on screw-ups?!
  • Your mind will be active and you’ll feel alive and engaged as you find opportunities to learn new things at every turn.

2 steps toward greater Green Topaz Power of Understanding:


#1: Tired of feeling like your mind isn’t as sharp as it could be? Try this affirmation daily:

“I gather interesting information!” 

Saying and singing this affirmation 10 times a day will begin to reinforce this Power of Understanding in your life.
#2:  Take 7 – 21 drops of Understand Green Topaz Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with energetic frequency of Understanding and help you sharpen your intellect and interest in life.


Live long, love deeply, and learn all the time.


In the end, the secret to learning is so simple: Think only about whatever you love. Follow it, do it, dream about it…and it will hit you: learning was there all the time, happening by itself.

~ Grace Llewellyn

Here’s to a lifetime of learning!

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