The Power of Leadership

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 06-07-2016

It’s so satisfying to be able to direct your life and your affairs with relative ease, isn’t it? You take charge when you need to, create the structures you need to accomplish what you want, have a plan of action to take you where you want to go, and are not afraid to stand strong at critical moments. But if those “good days” have gotten fewer and farther between, your life might look something like this:

  • You don’t have a clear sense of where you’re going in life, so you end up being a follower of other people’s plans – even if you don’t love those plans.
  • You’re chronically late, making excuses about traffic, the slow car you were stuck behind, or the person you just could not get off the phone with.
  • Your doctor prescribes a treatment, medicine, or surgery you feel you don’t need, but you’re afraid to challenge the “expert”.
  • You feel like you’re groping around in the dark when it comes to running your business, without a clue as to what you should do next.
  • You complain about the effectiveness of your kid’s school, but don’t dare question the authorities or contribute to making changes.
  • You give your hairdresser (or your builder, or painter, or…) the OK to do what they think is best, but end up miserable with the results.
  • You let others direct your life, but then feel angry with them for the mess you end up with.

Nectarine Leadership penguins

Bring on the Power of Leadership!


We were recently in Whole Foods, getting our cashews in the bulk section, when we saw a great example of a woman who clearly had the Power of Nectarine on her side.

In the front section of her cart, where we had our little scribbled grocery list, she had a flow chart.

It was the weekly family plan: where the kids needed to be every hour of every day, which parent was picking them up from each activity and at what time, which errands would be run on each day and by whom, when and where anyone needed to be at an appointment.

There was a side column that was her grocery list.

This woman had it together! A clear structure for the week for her whole family.

She ran a tight ship – and it didn’t seem like anyone would ever fall overboard. No kid would ever be waiting and wondering where their parent was. There would be no excuses for being late for the doctor, or forgetting to pick up the bread. She seemed to be running her family like a Fortune 500 company!

Take back the reigns of your life!
Know where you’re going, and know how to get there!

When you’re healthy with the Power of Nectarine you’ll know what you want and how to make the plans to get it. It will be effortless to:

  • …map out the steps to get where you want to go, instead of following others. You set your goals and create a strategy for accomplishing them. You’re the professional leader of your own life!
  • accept responsibility for your children. You’ll get involved in their school, join the PTA, and work with the teachers, because YOU want to direct how they are educated.
  • stand strong in the face of your scissor-happy hairdresser (or hammer-happy builder, etc). You make sure you bring a picture to show him what you want your next hairstyle to look like and be directive. No more ugly surprises!
  •  …master your own time. You structure your activities so well that you can enjoy the luxury of arriving for your appointments with time to relax a little. (What a concept!)
  • take charge of your own health. When your doctor suggests something that you are not in agreement with, you check it out before going along. Her job is to tell you how she might help, not to make all your decisions for you.
  • create a clear business plan (or life plan, for that matter!) that spells out your short term and your long range goals. Then you can step into your leadership shoes and make it happen.

2 ways to access your Nectarine Power of Leadership:


#1:  Sing or say this affirmation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I easily take charge of any situation!”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of Leadership Vibrancy Essence daily. It will help you begin to take charge of your life, energy and time in ways that will take you in the direction you want to go.


Respect your time and your life!


“You don’t get what you want, you get what you schedule.”

~ Sean Myers, National Marketing Director, Juice Plus

We affirm the leader in you!

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