Tame the Clutter with your Power of Organization

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 01-31-2013

Do you feel overwhelmed and scattered every time you look at the piles of stuff on your desk?

Are you tired of wasting time running up and down the stairs looking for your shoes?

Have you had it with being late because you can’t find your keys?
                             Closet Clutter

 We can relate….
We used to suffer from Post-it-note Disease!

Yes, we used to jot all the ideas that came to us throughout the day onto post-its.  They’d be lined up across our desk, tacked to our computer monitor, or, most agitating, lost in a bigger pile of papers.

It was so irritating when we couldn’t find what we needed, when we knew we’d written it down!

Then, our Power of Organization must’ve come on line, because we found a web-based program to organize all our ideas and to-do lists.  What a relief!  We save so much time, energy and frustration, because now we have order.

Every idea, to-do task, and list in one place, where we can all view it from any computer, and know who’s doing what and when.  Major stress-reliever!

Are you ready for more sanity?
Tap into your Power of Organization!

 You will:

  • Save more time and energy because you’ll know where to find things.
  • Think clearly because your surroundings are more orderly.
  • Stay more present, grounded, and alert, because the drama is gone.

Like all the Powers, this is a frequency in your energy field. If you align yourself with it, if you match that vibration on the cellular level, then putting order to your life will be so much simpler!

There’s no need to tolerate clutter and confusion in your space.

Cleaning and organizing doesn’t have to be hard….really.

And you don’t have to go unconscious to your messes just to get through your day.

Two roads to align yourself with the Power of Organization:
#1: Are you drowning in chaos? Find a tune you like and replace all the words with:

“I am organized!”

Sing your new song regularly, or make it your mantra.  You may even want to tap on your forehead while you sing it (right about where your hairline is – or should be, anyway.)

Don’t give up.  You can rewrite your old habits.  You will eventually find yourself more easily getting things in good order.

#2: The Organize Vibrancy Essence will sharpen your skill of organization.  It melts the angst and drama around messes, making it no big deal to clean up after yourself.  Take 14 drops under your tongue daily….or when you realize you can’t find anything.

It’s 10% off this week to get you started busting the clutter.

Connect to your Power of Organization today and
start cleaning up your act…or at least your space!

“A place for everything and everything in its place!”

Here’s to beating the chaos!

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