Take Years Off Your Life with the Lemon Power of Laughter

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 07-15-2014

Let’s face it ~ laughter heals the soul. And it’s great when you can laugh and joke around easily no matter what’s going on around you.

But if you’re living without the Lemon Power of Laughter in your life, you might:

  • Feel stupid and left out when everyone around you is laughing, because you’re not even sure what the joke was about.
  • Get so sucked into the seriousness of financial woes, political issues, and family dramas, that you see absolutely NOTHING to laugh about.
  • Kick yourself because you think of a great comeback you wish you would’ve said in a conversation…YESTERDAY.
  • Find yourself at the end of another busy day and realize you didn’t laugh even once.
  • Feel embarrassed when you say something you think is really witty, but then people don’t really get it….or worse, they seem to be offended.
  • Worry that someone is laughing AT you instead of with you, even when it’s someone who you know cares about you deeply.


Laughter reduces stress, boosts your immune system, keeps you young and extends your life!


We just watched Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks on an Oprah re-run, and got a great shot of the Power of Lemon.

First of all, Tom Hanks is just killer funny. One witty comeback after another. Our favorite, though, was when Oprah asked, “So, what are you doing at home when you’re just hanging out and being, well, Tom Hanks?”

“Scratching my crotch,” Tom replied.

But it was Julia who stole the show. Yes, she’s also funny, and great at making fun of herself. The best thing about Julia though, is that woman can LAUGH.

She laughs frequently, deeply, and with gusto. It’s like laughter is always bubbling under the surface just waiting for the slightest provocation to jump forth into the world.

They showed old clips of previous times Julia was on Oprah, and in every one she’s laughing. Once she almost fell off the couch laughing so hard. Now that’s a woman who will never grow old!

Laugh like Julia!


When you’re connected to the Lemon Power of Laughter…


  • Jokes make sense – you get it…and laughing with others comes easily.
  • You find things to laugh about throughout the day, despite the seriousness of the challenges you (and the world) are facing.
  • You make room in your busy life to take a night off to go to a comedy club, rent a funny movie, or even play a good board game with your friends that gets you laughing so hard you fall out of your chair.
  • Those witty comebacks are right there on the tip of your tongue in the moment when you most need them.
  • You discover the fine art of providing comic relief without offending or hurting any feelings.
  • You laugh along when your family teases you about your combat boots and frilly dress, because you get that it’s all in good fun.

2 funny ways to saturate yourself with the Lemon Power of Laughter:


#1: Tired of not getting what’s so funny? Next time you notice yourself clamming up when you don’t get the joke, sing to yourself 7 times,

“I laugh and joke around easily!”

Then open up to the idea that even the fact that you DON’T get the joke can be funny!

#2: Keep a bottle of Laugh Vibrancy Essence in your pocket all week. Every time you notice that you feel grouchy and soured on life, whip out your bottle and take 7 drops. Then keep your eyes peeled for all things funny. If you are a human being, then the opportunities are endless!


It’s all in how you look at it.


“For every minute of laughter, you produce about $10,000 worth of healthy body chemistry….if you had to go out and purchase the chemical compounds laughter creates from pharmaceutical companies, you’d have to pay at least $10,000 for the very same chemistry that your brain is producing free of charge when you engage in laughter.”

~ Mike Adams



Yuck it up!




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