Dive Deep With the Power of Commitment

Posted by Jamie | Posted on 04-18-2013

Everything you want to do in life is easier if you are harnessing the energy of the Power of Commitment. It’s right there  inside you, believe it or not, ready to be drawn upon to work it’s magic in your life.

If you’ve lost touch with this part of your nature, you’re probably facing some painful struggles. You might hear yourself saying things like this:

• “I love my partner, but we’re both so busy that we don’t spend any time together. We’re like two ships passing in the night.”

• “I’m not getting anywhere in my career because I keep bouncing around from one job to the other. At some point I always end up feeling smothered and afraid they want to own me….so I leave.”

• “Here I go again. I’m restless and bored in this relationship, so I guess it’s time to end it. That’s always my cue to get away while I still can.”

Even outside the realm of relationships:
•  “I’ve been thinking about updating my kitchen for years. I’ve just never taken the leap to start the process. But meanwhile, every day I’m spending way too many hours feeling irritated by the lack of counter space, ugly cabinets and old appliances in there.”

If you’re not 100% sure you want to get out,
then jump 100% in with both feet!
Allow the Power of Commitment to carry you!

Commitment - Couple on Heart

Ah, but….it’s impossible to jump in with both feet when one foot is stuck in the past, isn’t it?

Have you ever noticed how much harder it is to make a solid commitment when you’re carrying a lot of baggage?

It can be very challenging to deeply engage in a new relationship when there’s anger, resentment, or heartbreak still hanging around from a previous one.

It’s so much more difficult to be truly devoted as a parent if you’ve got a lot of issues left over from your own childhood.

If you’re waiting for your current boss to start treating you as poorly as the last one, it’s unlikely you’re able to fully give your all at work.

One of the things I love most about being a Vibrancy Healing Coach is helping people find hope and transform their struggles into triumphs. It’s such a deep honor to witness and participate in their journey as they get to the core of what’s held them back, learn from their past, and write a new future.

And, as they transform those limiting beliefs, or free themselves from the tyranny of stuck emotions, more energy becomes available for them to commit to friends and loved ones more deeply, or to dive deep into their passionate hobbies or projects.

You can do this too. You do not need to feel trapped by your past. You can rewrite your history, learn those lessons your soul is trying to capture, and chart a new path with your energy fully committed to all the things you dream of and all the people you care about.

When you walk the path of commitment, to yourself and the growth of your spirit, to your friends, family, and dreams, you can bear all, sustain all, and awaken to your true Soul’s nature.

Call on it the Power of Commitment.
It will buoy your life and sail you across the troubled waters of your past to the land of your dreams!

You won’t believe how true blue devotion can change your life. When you sign up for the long haul, and balance and strengthen your Power of Commitment you’ll:  

• Discover the lessons waiting for you in the old baggage you’ve been hanging on to, and feel it finally release its hold on you as you take that new awareness forward into your future.

• Flush your fear of commitment down the drain, and soak up the joy of deep and caring relationships.

• Bask in the love and appreciation your family and friends will show you, because you’re fully “in”.
• Experience the power of continuity in your life. Instead of “cutting and running” when things get difficult, you’ll find the secret to strong happy families, long fulfilling careers, and projects you’re proud of.

• Drink in a sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s a relationship, a career, or a backyard garden, when you stick with something or someone every step of the way, you’re sure to grow something wonderful.

2 tips to help you be “true blue”:
#1: Tired of going through jobs and relationships like they were water? Here’s an affirmation that might help you shift this pattern:

“I am deeply committed to myself and others!”

We recommend that you sing it out loud or to yourself 7 times every morning as you brush your teeth and look into the mirror. And when the urge to jump ship is unusually strong, just keep singing until you feel it in every cell of your body.

#2: Keep the Commitment Vibrancy Essence handy for those times when you are afraid to get off the fence and devote yourself to something or someone. Take 14 drops under your tongue daily or when you need some support in hanging in there for the long haul.

You can always find excuses to do things half way.
Why not hop into the pool with both feet?

“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in-between.

Pat Riley

Be True Blue!

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