The Power of Imagining!

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 01-29-2015

You’ve been given a lot of freedom in this human life, and a robust, creative imagination. Are you using it? Here’s a few questions to help discover how healthy your Power of Imagination is:

  • Do you ever feel like you are a victim to the winds of fate, the economy, the political climate of the day, or even your kid’s schedules?
  • Do you find yourself whining and complaining about your circumstances?
  • Are you stuck in the same old routine and have no imaginative ideas for how to redesign your life?
  • Is the part of you that could imagine how to do things differently checked out?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then this is a perfect opportunity to balance and strengthen this Power, and start creating the life you really want. It’s your birthright!
Chaya here….

I tend to think of my Yellow Crystal Power of Imagination as a good friend. As soon as I notice that I am whining and complaining, I call this part of me to the surface for help.

There’s a lot of my life that a Higher Being seems to be running, but I’m also aware of a lot of freedom I’ve been given.

With this force on my side, much of what I moan and groan about I can actually change. This Power reminds me that I am the creative designer, the master architect, of my life. I’m not a two-year old who pitches a fit every time Mommy and Daddy won’t let me do what I want.

Instead, I let my whining cue me in to my Power of Imagination and ask, ”What needs to change? What can I create differently? How do I want to live my life today?”


Imagine this!
YOU take back control of YOUR life, and create or
re-create one that works for you.


  • When you strengthen your connection to Yellow Crystal energy:* Your imagination will engage with creative ideas for how to re-design a situation, your day, your life, and even your dreams
  • * You won’t feel like a victim, because you have taken responsibility for creating your own experiences
  • * The whining and complaining will cease, because you know you’ve got the power


  • * Why create unnecessary conflict in your life by blaming others for what you don’t like?
  • * Why push others away and drag them down with your whining and complaining?
  • * Why live a boring life just because you’ve allowed your imagination to sleep on the job?

Get back into the driver’s seat of your life!


2 ways to fire up your Power of Imagination:

#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I creatively design my life.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of the Imagine Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Imagination, and help you trade in your whining and complaining for refreshing ideas about how you can design or re-design your situations, your day, your life, and even your dreams.


Don’t suffer unnecessarily!
Tap into your Yellow Crystal humanity today and
Live your life by choice, not by chance!


“An architect is one who draws dreams.”

~ Grace McGarvie


Here’s to your imagination soaring!

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