The Power of Your Intuition

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 10-13-2020

Are you over-saturated with mental noise? Confused by the 24/7 chatter in your head? Overwhelmed with decisions and choices and all the information coming at you?

If so, you are not alone! We’ve all become quite accustomed living from our heads.

But there is another way to know, understand and relate to life besides just solely relying on your sharp intellect.

And it’s the language that Nature speaks.

  • You can hear it every time you walk silently on the Earth in your bare feet. (Has it been a while?)
  • You hear it every time you immerse yourself in a quiet forest. We’ve all been there, either in our past or in our imagination, breathing in the soft air, feeling the wind on our cheek, smelling the moss and the damp leaves…
  • You hear it every time you get an unexpected voiceless message from your intuitive self about where to go, what to do, what is true and more. No special location is needed for this! Intuitive hits abound, once you rediscover how to listen for them.

The Indigo Power of Intuition is the energy that connects you instantly with this thoughtless, timeless sensing and knowing that is no less real than what we access with our brains. It almost seems other-worldly, and speaks volumes of wisdom in no time at all, enlivening and healing us as we go.

If you are tired of the mental gymnastics,

how about some fresh air and a

fresh view of life?

Sharpen your attunement to the

Power of Intuition this week with one of these:

1. Take a “forest bath” under a canopy of trees or a barefooted stroll through the fall leaves. No running this time. Just quiet attentive time to drink in the healing energy that Nature always seems to guarantee.

2. Listen deeply for any “intuitive hit” or “gut instinct” that comes your way out of seeming nowhere, or in a dream. In the busyness of life, they are often missed, and more often ignored. Let whatever shows up guide your next step.

3.Watch My Octopus Teacher, a Netflix documentary about a scuba diver’s year-long relationship with a little tiny creature, and the Indigo lessons learned from the depths of the sea.


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