Have you been woo-hoo’d today?

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 05-02-2013

“WAY TO GO! Wow! That’s awesome!”

When was the last time someone said something like that to you?

Sallie, one of our Vibrancy Signature Coaches, was just telling us how she says this kind of thing to her 4 year old grandson, Alexander, two or more times an hour…accompanied by a thumbs-up or applause.

Thumbs UpI used to get and give “Woo-hoos” every day when I was training for the Olympics in diving. Throughout practice all the divers would whistle and cheer for each others’ great dives. We fed on all the enthusiasm and it kept us motivated to do our best and try to be the next one to earn some high-fives.

So WHERE IS THAT in our everyday adult lives??!

How many times a day do you get woo-hoo’d? Can you even remember the last time someone gave you a shot of enthusiasm, patted you on the back and told you how amazing you were and what a fantastic thing you’d just done?

Remember Miss Manners and all the rules she laid down about how to conduct ourselves in society? Wouldn’t it have been great if she’d decreed that it’s impolite NOT to fist-pump and thump someone on the back with a “Way to go!” whenever they did something well?

Can’t you just see it?…..You give a customer excellent service and afterward, when your peers or your boss don’t applaud you, you’d think, ‘Well, that was rude. You didn’t jump up and down about how awesomely I handled that customer. Hurrumph.’

But no, it’s not considered rude. It’s ‘normal’! You do what’s expected of you and people only notice when there’s a mistake. That’s not much of a motivation to do things better, much less enjoy the process.


Should high-fiving enthusiasm be reserved only
for small kids and sporting events? No Way!

If the Power of Enthusiasm has been dampened down in your world, then here’s some of the effects you’re possibly feeling:

  • You drag yourself through your day with no juice coming from anywhere or anybody to make you feel like what you’re doing is worthwhile.
  • You contribute to the Starbuck’s fortune with all the espressos you buy just to get you through your week because your energy reserves are on empty.
  • You tank up on junk food to numb your melancholy.
  • You lose friendships because you’re so absorbed in your own misery and lack of vitality that you just aren’t much fun to be around.
  • You feel old, dull, and critical of anyone else that has the audacity to get excited about ‘inconsequential’ and ‘childish’ things.


But imagine what it would be like if you were giving and
 receiving lots of woo-hoos every day?

Doesn’t reading that last statement just perk up your energy right way? Your Blue Green cells are probably getting pumped up just thinking about being showered with accolades on a daily basis rather than criticisms (or even just plain neutrality).

You might:

  • Feel more loved and appreciated….like you’re not out on some island all by yourself, but that what you do is noticed and recognized by others around you.
  • Engage with people and with your life more deeply, realizing that there’s lots to get excited about now that it isn’t ‘illegal’ to express it.
  • Begin to wake up others around you with your own ecstatic outbursts, expressive comments, and all that vitality you start letting out of your bag.
  • Make more friends by recognizing their accomplishments and motivating them to put their best foot forward!
  • Start craving healthy nutritious food, because you just feel like keeping that good vibe going throughout your whole body.

We’ve decided to walk our talk and sharpen our Power of Enthusiasm around here!

Here’s our pledge:  Every day this week we’re going to wear stickers around the office and house that keep track of how many times we’ve given a “Woo-Hooo” and how many times we’ve received one. Our goal will be 3 of each every day. We’re VERY EXCITED about trying this! Watch our Facebook page for our results!

How about you? Are you ready to get on the Blue Green train to bringing more enthusiasm into your life?


2 ways to wake up your Blue Green Power of Enthusiasm:
#1: Tired of that old serious adult routine that has taken over your life?
Here’s an affirmation that will help shake loose this old worn out response pattern that you may be stuck in:

“I’m enthusiastic!”

We recommend that you sing this 7 times out loud or to yourself in the mirror every morning…and mean it!  Give yourself a little applause and fist pump too. Then watch all the opportunities show up in your day that really do excite you, and give yourself permission to express it in a very Blue Green way! Shout, jump, high-five someone – go a little crazy (by most people’s standards).

#2: Keep the Enthusiasm Vibrancy Essence nearby this week for those times when you feel like your excitement is tied up in a tiny little box, instead of exploding out of you effervescently. Take 14 drops under your tongue daily or when you want to break out and EXPRESS yourself!


Guess what! You really don’t have to grow up!
It’s A-Okay to keep your excited
kid self alive no matter how hold you are!


Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years…
 Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.

~  Samuel Ullman

Woo-Hoo to you!!

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