Have More Energy Naturally With The Power of Energizing

Posted by Jamie | Posted on 07-29-2014

If all is well, you have plenty of “get up and go” to get things moving in your life when you want to. Who needs stimulants when you have enough energy on tap to launch yourself and your pet projects into action at a moment’s notice?!

So how is it for you? Could any of these be you talking?

  • “There’s so much I need to do, but honestly, I’m just tired all the time.”
  • “I know I should go to the health club and work out, but my couch is so comfy and there’s some TV shows on tonight that I really like…maybe I’ll exercise tomorrow.”
  • “I keep talking about taking that dance class (or karate class or tennis lesson, etc), but never get around to it. It’s hard to get up the energy to start something new.”
  • “I used to love to travel, but now it’s just seems too intense to deal with all the planning, packing, airports, car rentals, and hotels. Just thinking about it is exhausting.”
  • “My husband and I are like two old rocks stuck in the mud. Our life is just the same old thing, day in and day out. I don’t remember the last time we ventured out of our comfort zone and did something different.”
  • “I never get any of my ideas off the ground. I quit before I even start, because it takes a boost of energy and focus that I can’t seem to find.”
  • “I live for my coffee. Without it, I’m a zombie. Nothing would ever get done.”

What does it look like when those fires get going?
Ask Coconut!


Coconut Swimming1

A few years ago, when we would walk our 2 old dogs, we realized that they went so slow there was no way we could count it as exercise. It was barely a gentle stroll.

Then, our Saffron girl, Coconut, came into our lives. Now, every night, the minute our forks have been put down, the prancing starts. The circles. Or staring that alternates with nose butts.

She’s a white blur flying up the stairs. She brings down our socks and flings them into the air. She goes and stands on our shoes…more staring. “It’s time for our walk, so get off your lazy butts!” she seems to say.

Walking, running, ball chasing, geese chasing, sometimes deer chasing, play fighting with her new daughter, Sochi. Then it’s time for “diving dog”.

We throw a stick or the ball into the lake, she runs in after it a foot or so, then launches herself from the muddy edge up into the air. Sometimes she flies 2 feet up and 5 feet out. (We’ve got to get it on video.)

One time we swore we’d wear her out and not quit until she did. After 40 throws, she starting running back faster and barking at us until we threw it again. At 70 throws she started spinning in circles until we’d throw it. At 100 we gave up.

There’s just no end to the energy when you are truly connected to Saffron.


Fire up those engines and
launch yourself into life!


When you’re connected to the Saffron Power of Energizing, you’ll be saying:

  • “I’m so fired up I can’t wait to get to the gym and move my body!”
  • “No more thinking about it. I’m ready to act! When is my first dance class?”
  • “It wasn’t all that hard to get this trip together! I remember now why I’ve always loved traveling!”
  • “My husband and I are feeling young and alive, doing something new and different almost every day! We even have energy for….well, you get the idea…”
  • “I’m so excited to launch my ideas into action with a big whoosh of energy. It’s such fun to see them take shape!”
  • “Who needs coffee? Once I get moving on something I care about, the energy just seems to multiply.”

2 ways to shift your Saffron Power of Energizing into gear and have more energy naturally:


#1: Tired of worshiping at the altar of Starbucks? Next time you notice that you’re lacking in the energy department, sing this affirmation out loud or to yourself 7 times:

“I am focused and initiate movement!”

Then let yourself take the first step…and the next…and the next…and off you go!

#2: Keep a bottle of Energize Vibrancy Essence handy this week. Every time you notice that you’re stuck on the couch and can’t get up, grab your bottle and take 7 drops. Get a good grip on those armrests and launch yourself up and out into the world. We need you out here!

Connect with your inner powerhouse!


“Life begets life.  Energy creates energy.
It is by spending oneself that we become rich.”

~ Sarah Bernhardt

 Ready, get set, GO !

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