Get Your Brain Back Online with the Power of Concentration!

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 06-27-2013

Concentration_-_Colorful_BrainWhen your brain is online, you are sharp as a tack, and quick with facts. But if things are little slow up there, read on. We might have some good tips for you.

How’s your ability to concentrate and process information these days? Are any of these familiar?

  • There were three things you wanted to remember to do when you got home from work today. What the heck were they??
  • Your new neighbor just came over and introduced herself. But now you’re embarrassed, because two minutes later when you turn to introduce her to your husband….you can’t remember her name!
  • Your brain just crashes like a frozen computer when you try to tackle your checkbook or you have to work with numbers.
  • You’re concerned you’ll look dumb at Game Night. It’s Trivial Pursuit this time. You used to know a lot of those answers, but are sure you won’t be able to recall any of them now.
  • You’re drowning in emails. There are too many and they’re coming in way too fast. You just close your Inbox and hope they’ll all evaporate.
  • You’re anxious because your memory seems to be getting worse every month – you wonder if you’ll even remember your own name and address by the time you hit 70!


Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something to blame
for your sluggish concentration and fuzzy, foggy brain?

We were in Barnes and Noble last week and the young woman helping us seemed to be having a concentration-challenged day.

When she tried to look up a book title for us, her computer froze. As she tried to find the book on the shelf, she couldn’t remember exactly where the section was. Later she checked us out, and gave us incorrect change.

“I think my baby ate my brain,” she said, as she patted her pregnant belly. We all had a good laugh.


 It’s time to reclaim your brain!
Call in the Power of Concentration!

When you’re connected to this energy you’re a master at assimilating facts:

  • Your mind is like a steel trap and you easily access your memory bank.
  • You don’t panic when you want to introduce someone. You get their name the first time, and it sticks.
  • You easily use technology to process all the information you don’t want to, so you have room in your brain to process what you do.
  • Thinking clearly is your new normal. Trivial Pursuit? Jeopardy? Where you put your keys? No problem!
  • That sharp mind of yours comes up with a system for quickly and efficiently managing your emails, plus all the data and the information that flies across your desk every day.

2 ways to turn on your Power of Concentration :

#1: Are you tired of scratching your head, trying to remember everything? Here’s an affirmation that can help open up those mental floodgates.

“I concentrate easily!”

We recommend that you sing it 7 times out loud or to yourself whenever you feel like your brain is stuck in “still processing” mode. Then zero in on the facts you need and get on with your life.

#2: Keep a bottle of Concentration Vibrancy Essence close by this week. When you feel a dip in your brain power, take 7 drops. It will be like hitting the refresh button on your computer.


Life’s not only about the facts, but mastering
them opens the door to what’s behind them.

“It’s hard to be nostalgic when you can’t remember anything.”

Author Unknown


Here’s to your brainpower!

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