Get in the Flow of the Power of Trust!

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 05-10-2013

We all have it…that little quiet voice inside that will guide our next step if only we let it. You can just sense it telling you

where to go, what to remember, what to avoid, and more. It’s not always easy to pay attention to it (much less trust it!) in

this noisy world of ours. But it can sure save you a lot of hassle when you do!

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Could any of these be a scene out of YOUR life? 

  • “I’m just so out of the flow today. Everything I try to do just turns out wrong. I feel like I’m just swimming upstream, and it’s totally stressing me out.”
  • “Just getting to work every day is such an uphill battle for me. What’s that about?”
  • “My knee hurts like crazy. I’ve been trying to just ignore it, thinking the pain will go away, but it’s getting worse. Is this a sign?”
  • “I keep overeating, getting indigestion, and putting on the pounds. Why am I not listening to my body when it first sends me the message it’s full?”

These are all words spoken by people who are struggling with something in their lives, and are beginning to wonder if Life is trying to tell them something.

Do you listen to those kinds of inklings and hunches when you get them? Or do you plow on through and try to force things to go your way?


The Universe has your best interests at heart!
It’s constantly sending you signs, signals and messages.

When you tune in and TRUST your inner guidance, you find the way to flow with what’s going on around you.

Unless you prefer swimming against the current?

Do you remember the European vacation that I told you about a few weeks ago that taught me so much about the Power of Authenticity? Well, I also learned a very big lesson about the Power of Trust on that trip! I learned about how to listen and trust my inner knowing to find, get into, and stay in the “flow”.

Venice was where it all began. Soon after I got there it became almost painfully obvious that I was out of the flow and needed to listen to the inner signals I was getting.

For three days, all I did was swim upstream. I’d take the water taxis to museums and restaurants my guidebook suggested, only to find them closed for renovations or that the owners were on vacation.

And I was constantly getting lost! I’d be turning and turning through the cobblestone streets, going over bridges and down alleys, only to come around a corner and find myself at yet another dead end.

Finally, I realized that I just wasn’t supposed to be in Venice. It didn’t make any sense, and I couldn’t think of any reasons, but the Universe seemed to be telling me to move on.

So I listened to my guidance and hopped on a train bound for St. Anton, Austria.
I only planned to stay one night but their summer festival was going on. There I met the most amazing people, went on an unforgettable bike ride, and enjoyed the most luxurious down comforter (in the world) on my bed.

It couldn’t have been more perfect, like I was in some magical flow, guiding me to the right people and the right place at the right time. So, I listened to these signals and kept staying over another night for as long as my guidance decreed.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you….it’s MUCH easier to “trust the flow” when you’re on vacation, alone, with no one else to answer to and no planned agenda!

Listening to your inner guidance, trusting that the Universe has your best interest at heart, and staying in the flow, is infinitely harder when curve balls are coming at you in the midst of real life.

Spouses, clients, kids, pets, bosses, appointments, and endless necessary errands make embodying this lesson a big assignment.

But Europe gave me my first taste of what it feels like to be strong in the Power of Trust. Now, as best I can, I listen to and trust those inner messages whether I’m on vacation or in the hotseat of my full life. It never leads me astray!


The Power of Trust is an energy frequency
available to you at all times.
Access it and fall into the natural rhythm of Life!

 When you do, you will:

  • Save yourself time, energy and drama by realizing quickly when you’ve lost the flow and knowing how to effortlessly find it again. Hint: it involves listening to and trusting that inner voice.
  •  Realize that those uphill battles in your job are messages to you that you need to either change how you’re climbing or move to a different hill.
  • Stop overeating or injuring yourself from pushing too hard out of respect for the messages your body is giving you.
  • Look back and see how “right” things actually were when you thought at the time that they were all going so wrong.
  • Know how to tune in, understand the messages your body, mind and spirit are giving you, listen to your guidance, and trust what’s going on.


Everything is happening just as it should be. 
Your only job is to roll with it.

2tips to help you develop your Indigo Gold Power of Trust:
#1: Tired of always pushing against the river? Here’s an affirmation we recommend to help get you in flow of your life.

“I trust that everything happens for a reason!”

We recommend that you start each day by singing it 7 times out loud or to yourself in the mirror. Then relax and begin to find ways you can flow more easily with how things are really happening, rather than how you think is should be happening.

#2: Keep the Trust Vibrancy Essence in your back pocket this week. When you feel yourself getting tense and frustrated because things aren’t going the way you want, pop a few drops, and allow yourself to align with the rhythm of life that is happening in and around you.


Tap into the Power of Trust
and the Force will be with you.

To trust in the force
that moves the universe is faith.
Faith isn’t blind, it’s visionary.
Faith is believing that the universe
is on our side, and that the universe
knows what it’s doing.

~ Unknown


Trust the Force!

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