Express Yourself Boldly with the Lapis Blue Power of Aliveness

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 01-10-2014

Think of all the people you know who seem to be ALIVE and EXPRESSIVE!  Included in your list might be your favorite performers and singers, powerful public speakers you’ve seen, any out-there friends you have who relish being “on stage” – and maybe yourself in your more dynamic moments. This is the Power of Aliveness – moving mountains of energy where ever it flows. How fully is it flowing through you?

  • Would you like to be able to speak in front of an audience without feeling like you’re going to throw up?
  • Do you long to sing, but are too embarrassed to let anyone hear you?
  • Have you wondered what it would be like to be in a play, but think you’d never be able to perform on stage?
  • Do you suffer from depression, apathy, and a general feeling of emptiness?
  • Have you been looking for a way to break through your shyness?

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It’s time to access your natural charisma!

You were born to be expressive, magnetic, and dynamic in your own unique way. People are just waiting for your energy to burst forth. They want to feel enlivened by watching you and listening to you. Let’s choose to believe they’re rooting for you!

Buzzing through your cells is a frequency of energy called The Power of Aliveness. It will give you access to all the irresistibly dazzling X Factor you desire. You just have to be willing to claim it.


So, go ahead, step into the spotlight!

When you’re connected to your Power of Aliveness the embarrassment, butterflies and shyness will melt away and….

  • You’ll light up any stage or presentation with your dynamic expression and natural charisma. No more nervousness!
  • Your singing voice will come forth, and with it the courage to share it with other people.
  • You’ll have more physical and emotional strength, as well as energy, because you’ll be more connected to your core life energy (your chi).
  • Talking with others, interacting, and expressing your true self will be effortless and fun.


2 ways to wake up your Power of Aliveness:

#1: Are you tired keeping your light hidden under a bushel all the time?  Weary of all the effort you spend on NOT expressing who you really are? Here’s an affirmation that just might open up the floodgates and give you the boost you need to crawl out from under your favorite rock:

“I express my life energy powerfully!”

We recommend saying and singing it, 7 times daily until you find yourself gravitating onto the stage of life and belting out your own song (literal or metaphorical) for everyone to hear.


#2: Take a bottle of Aliveness Vibrancy Essence everywhere you go this week. Whenever you notice that you are holding back, afraid to show up and be your vibrant self, take 7 drops.

Then confidently step forward and let the natural life energy that lurks inside begin to flow out of you in some small or grand way. It doesn’t really matter what it is, or how you express it…it just matters that you let it out.

You’re one of a kind ~ there’s no one else that can express what you have to express quite like you!  The more you do, the more alive and free you will feel!


No more holding back!!

Be ALIVE: Aware Loving Infinite Vibrant Energy

~ Nell Tomassen Reboh


See you in the limelight!

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