Launch into Action

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 07-21-2020

Is this you these days? A bit flattened by life, with not much juice to launch back into projects and goals you’d most like to sink your teeth into?

Don’t despair!


The Power of Energizing is here!


This power is what fires up your internal engines and gets you back on track. When this energy is flowing, it says:


I have lots of energy!


I’m focused and initiate movement!


I handle intensity easily!


I energize others to launch into action!




This week, ponder what most launches you into action…the things that you find are worth getting fired up for. Are they getting overlooked? Are they things you can make more room for in your life?

If you’re passionate about it, chances are they are the key to your energy level. Make a commitment to doing one thing that you really love and that stimulates the energy you crave.



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