Get unstuck with the Power of Growing!

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 04-02-2013

You know how fresh and clean the air feels after a good thunderstorm? Well, it’s the same for you after some old stuck patterns get shaken up a bit, making room for a whole new way of being, and helping you live into your potential.

Sometimes, though, you might resist the “shaking up” phase, thinking that it will cause more harm than good. Do you ever do things like this?

  • You suck it up, settle and get stuck in your unhappy situations, and then one day you say “I can’t take it anymore!”  
  • When someone points out something you do that bothers them, you get defensive and say or think, “This is the way I am. Deal with it.”
  • You put on a happy face, but underneath you’re miserable, and you don’t know how to change it.
  • You think that someday, when life slows down, you’ll try to get around to having that talk with your partner about what’s not working in your relationship.
  • You ignore a nagging little health problem, thinking it will just probably go away by itself.


Everywhere we look, we’re being called to evolve.

There’s really amazing paradPlant in shelligm shifting happening in the world right now. Dictators are being ousted, governments are being reborn, the rumblings of the Earth are turning our lives upside down, and people are saying “enough!”.

Destruction and re-creation on a massive scale. Like one of Mother Nature’s forest fires, the old is being destroyed to make way for new growth to occur.

But does it have to be SO big, SO painful, SO out-of-control? Only when the dis-ease has been allowed to fester for so long that the all that will clear it is total destruction.

We’ve noticed in our own life that growth CAN be painful, but it doesn’t have to. We’ve done it both ways.

We’ve ignored warning signs that what we were doing wasn’t working, getting frustrated and angry. Banging our heads against walls….

And, we’ve also evolved in a much gentler way, noticing challenges when they’re small.  Looking for the truth, being open to the discomfort of new awareness and change, we’ve been able shed the old ways and align with the next level without burning down the house.

Guess which way we like better! Letting the Power of Growing be our ally instead of our enemy is way more empowering and energizing. And more fun too!


Transform yourself and others by facing the truth and
 finding new ways to break up old stuck patterns.
Tap into the Power of Growing!

Shift those paradigms! When you access the Power of Growing, you will….

  • Welcome your challenges, seeing them as perfect opportunities for more growth.
  • Feel empowered, hopeful, and open to trying new ways of being and doing things. Possibilities expand when you are willing to create yourself anew.
  • Dissolve limiting patterns early in the game, so you don’t have to resort to extreme measures when things have gotten out of control.
  • Be more willing to try new things, because you realize that staying with the same old, same old doesn’t cut it in your pursuit of a fulfilling life.
  • Discover more of who you really are by venturing into new territory

It’s always tempting to hide out in the safety of the familiar,but it’s a lot more fun to move toward growth.

No matter who you are or what you are doing in life, this power is always at your fingertips to help you evolve and live into your true potential.


2 Ways to create more powerful Growing moments for yourself:
#1: Are you tired of being stuck in the mud (in your job, relationships, health, goals….)?  Do you think there’s no way you can change how you are, or the situations you’re in?  Then pull your head out of the sand with this affirmation:

 “I grow and develop each day!”

We recommend that you sing this 7 times out loud or to yourself. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Then step into your power to shift how you deal with your life situations so that things are more in alignment with your truth.

#2: Keep the Growing Vibrancy Essence handy for those times when you’d rather retreat into your comfort zone than face the truth head on, allow your outdated paradigms to shift, and stretch into new ways of being. Take 14 drops under your tongue daily or whenever you need a boost in creating a new you.


Growth and change aren’t always comfortable,
but can definitely be liberating!

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.
Growth must be chosen again and again;
 fear must be overcome again and again.”

Abraham Maslow 1908-1970, Psychologist


Here’s to an ever new you!

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