Do you have a BIG dream? Call on the Power of Manifesting to bring it to life!

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 03-21-2013

What’s your biggest, grandest dream? You know, the great one, that maybe you don’t even share with others because it is so outrageous, and yet so dear to your heart….

Is it to leave your dead end job and start your own business that might just change the world, make you blissfully happy, and earn your fortune?

Is it to run the Boston Marathon?

Is it to build your dream home on a cliff, or by the ocean, or in the mountains?

Is it to start a school that will pave the way for a massive transformation of our education system?

Is it to raise super conscious, aware, loving children in the midst of a busy life and a wild time in the world?

Kids Chasing Big Bubble

What’s on your Vision board that your heart longs for?

Maybe it’s to sail the world like our friends Sean and Jennifer Myers…

One day, when Sean was in the middle of a vision planning session for the year to come, he stopped for a snack. While he was eating his Cliff Bar, he read on the label “This bar is dedicated to my father Clifford, my childhood hero and companion…”

Sean thought, ‘What can I do to be a hero to my kids? What can we do as a family to deepen our connection and create lasting memories?’

And the grand vision came. It took 5 years of detailed planning and preparation to manifest this big dream. Then one day, Sean and Jennifer took their 2 pre-teen kids out of school, rented out their house, left suburban life and moved onto their new 50 foot catamaran.

For the next 15 months they sailed all around the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, across the South Seas to Australia. They home-schooled their kids while traveling 18,000 miles and visiting 20 countries.

They created a magical family experience, full of swimming with whales and sea turtles, playing with kids of vastly different cultures, helping to refurbish a school in Samoa, racing in a regatta in Fiji, and so much more.

Eventually they returned to their home in Colorado, but the manifestation of Sean’s grand vision continues to inspire everyone who hears their story.

Jennifer says, “If we can help people think bigger and dream bigger, we’re all for that…15 months goes by no matter what you’re doing. It’s gone, and then what do you have to show for it? You have to create your own dream in this life and then go for it.”

Take your visions seriously.

What happens when you deny yourself access to the Violet Crystal Power of Manifesting?  

  • You think small and stay small, never challenging yourself to achieve greater heights.
  • You stay stuck in jobs, relationships, homes, and cities that you don’t love.
  • You feel hopeless and helpless, because you’re convinced that you don’t have what it takes to make your dreams a living reality.
  • You live and die unfulfilled and incomplete, never committing to any plans for the future, goals to work toward, or moving aspirations.

Get connected to The Power of Manifestation
 and make the impossible possible!

Even if you don’t have this Power in your Vibrancy Signature, it can still access it to help you tap into the realm of infinite possibility!

  • As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve.” (This saying was on Chaya’s wall all the years she dreamed of and trained for the Olympics.)
  • Live with direction, purpose, and a deep heart connection to something bigger.
  • Feel supported, capable, inspired and empowered to live your dreams by tapping into what Deepak Chopra calls “The field of infinite possibility” that surrounds us.

2 Tips to strengthen your Power of Manifestation:

#1: Are you tired of staring down on a pile of withering dreams, thinking “maybe one day” you’ll turn them into something…or not?  Here’s an affirmation that you can use to lift up your chin and step into what’s possible.

“I manifest my visions and dreams!”

Sing this 7 times out loud or to yourself every time you find yourself saying “can’t be done” when a big idea crosses your awareness. Then choose and commit to the biggest one you’ve got. What’s the first step? The time has arrived to take it. And every step after that will reveal itself.

#2: Keep the Manifest Vibrancy Essence on your shelf for those times when you are losing sight of your treasured visions. Take 14 drops under your tongue daily or whenever you need a hand in bringing them alive.


Hold on to your visions,
and let the current of infinite possibility take you there.

The moment we ask the question, ‘How would I like my life to be?’,
we join forces with the creative source of the universe;
we go into partnership with life itself.

Gay Hendricks, Conscious Living


May you have all that you seek!


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