What Inner Adventure is Calling You?

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 02-26-2021

Do you love a little excitement in your life? A step to the edge? An adventure to get your pulse racing? Although everyone’s definition of adventure is different, we all need a little Mango Power of Courage in our lives to feel engaged, whole and healthy.

When you think of adventures, you likely think of the physical, “outer world” kind – traveling to new places, meeting new people, exploring new places, trying something different and daring. Those types of adventures have been harder to come by these days with limits to our movement, proximity, and well, you know.

But there’s another path of adventure

that can be taken at any time!

And that one is on the inner level.

If you want to explore your edges, you don’t have to jump off a cliff.

You just have to look inside.

Surely there is an area of your life where you are afraid to go, isn’t there? One with a personal reward that just might be worth the risk? The Mango Power of Courage is right there for you to tap into and take that risk! 

Would you like to:

  • drum up the courage to embark on a more rewarding line of work?
  • be bold and share something vulnerable with your partner that you’ve never been able to before?
  • challenge yourself to engage with that project you’ve let slide because you doubted you could really complete it successfully?
  • risk your comfort and make a much needed change in your life that your heart knows is needed, but that you’ve always kept in the future?
  • step up and learn something new that you are passionate about, but the thought of actually doing it makes you shake in your boots?

You may have something else in mind, but small steps or large, when you have the courage to take them, to keep on going and venture into seemingly scary territory, you’ll keep on growing, and discover passions and capacities you have that you never knew before.

This week…


Choose one scary step in your life that you really, really would rather not take, but that you really, really wish you could. C’mon, just one. You can do it.

If you need a little help, here are some good Power of Courage affirmations:

I am brave and courageous.

I choose my own exciting adventures.

I respond to emergencies quickly.

I’m a calulated risk-taker.

If your first thought is really adventuresome, but it freaks you out, then break it down into smaller do-able steps.

Ok, maybe another few rounds of affirmations if you need it, and then, let’s take that first step. Who knows. It may lead to two! And each one after may lead to you doing the very thing you thought was impossible.

You are brave and courageous!

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