Conquer stuckness with the Power of Ultraviolet Empowerment!

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 07-01-2014

Sure, it would be nice to move forward in your life with ease, never being held back, never letting anything get to you. But with all the twists, turns, and challenges you face every day, frustrations are bound to arise. What do you do when you feel stopped before you can even get going? When you’re saying things like:

  • “I’m stuck in the muck and can’t move forward in my career no matter what I do.”
  • “Turning this relationship around is just too big of a hurdle. I don’t think I can get through it this time.”
  • “It will take too much time and energy for me to move through this challenge I face. I guess I need to just give up.”
  • “I feel so bogged down by this situation that I’m losing sight of the dreams that brought me this far.”
  • “Life has just thrown me too many curve balls and I feel powerless.”
  •  “I’m losing my fire and my drive that used to help me move through the hard stuff.”

When you’ve lost sight of your dreams, breathe!


Chaya here…

Last July I woke up one morning with frozen shoulder. If you’ve never heard of it, consider yourself lucky. Basically, it’s mind-numbing pain and an immovable arm.

I couldn’t do the most basic things – dress myself, chop vegetables, work on the computer, or anything that required 2 hands.

While getting a session from a Feldenkrais practitioner I remember telling her about the usual 2 year period it takes for frozen shoulder to heal and that I didn’t think I could do it. I was so broken down by the pain and frustration of not being able to move, that I just didn’t feel capable of going through it day after day.

She just looked me in the eye and said, “Yes you can. You are resilient. You will get through this. You’ll get back to all those dreams and things you love to do.”

I wasn’t sure if I believed her, but I hung onto her words like a life raft.

In the end, thanks to grace and some great healing modalities (including Vibrancy Healing Therapeutics first and foremost), less than one year later I have full range of motion and no pain!

So after all, I was resilient enough. I survived frozen shoulder. Next time I have something challenging to face, hopefully I won’t doubt myself and go to that place of powerlessness.

Yesterday, I came across a great quote on Facebook, and it brought a sigh of comfort and a tear of gratitude. Here it is, in case this is a time when you need to hear these words:


Stand your ground, reclaim your dreams,
and move forward with confidence!


When you’re reconnected to the Ultraviolet Power of Empowerment, you will:

  • Take a deep breath, stand firm, and start moving forward step by step, making the changes you need to build a fulfilling career.
  • Tap into your resilience and reclaim your determination to make your relationship the pinnacle of success, rather than a dive into mediocrity.
  • Be surprised how energizing it is for you to meet your challenges head on, giving the time and energy necessary to surmounting them.
  • Re-engage with your visions and dreams for your life, and let them (rather the circumstances) dictate your next step forward.
  • Be motivated by obstacles rather than deterred by them – they are just another chance for you to live from a place of personal power.
  • Fire up the momentum needed to burst through any inertia you’ve been facing in your attempt to move live into your potential.

2 ways to step into your Ultraviolet Power of Empowerment:


#1:  Are you tired of caving in to everything in your life? Here’s a proclamation that will help you step up to the plate.

“I am calm, assertive, and empowered!”

We suggest you sing it 7 times out loud or to yourself whenever you are stuck in frustration rather than holding your ground in the face of the winds of life. Then stand strong, and move forward in a calm, assertive, and empowered way.

#2: Keep a bottle of Empower Vibrancy Essence by your side this week. Whenever you feel disempowered and angry, do some deep breathing, claim your power to move mountains, and take the first bold step.


Move forward with strength.


“We all have a divine mission on earth. Let that mission be to inspire love and embrace the light within. Let that mission be to have peace in our hearts as we create heaven on earth. Let that mission be to seek empowerment through transformation and to breathe joy into everything we do. If we allow these things to be our mission the golden light of the sun will shine on our souls and change our world forever.”

~ Micheal Teal


Here’s to a fully empowered you!

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