Being True Blue

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 04-06-2021

Should I? or Shouldn’t I?

Do I want to stay? or do I want to go?

Would it be better to do this? or to do that?

Does this sound familiar? Indecision often happens when you have conflicting feelings about the options available to you.

  • You love your partner…but…you keep fantasizing about a fresh start.
  • You have a great job, but keep dreaming of something “better”.
  • You want to plant a garden this year…but wonder if you should just opt for a lot more free time by shopping at the farmer’s market.
  • You contribute to one cause you believe in, but keep wondering if you should shift to a different one with a different focus.
  • Or maybe you have your own scenario that tugs at you on a daily basis…hoping the “right decision” will just materialize…but it never really seems to.

If you’re not 100% sure you want to get out,


then jump 100% in with both feet!


Allow the Power of Commitment to carry you!


Blue is the energy that supports you in giving yourself fully to who and what you love. It fills you with with a sense of devotion, loyalty and dedication. There’s no match for the emotional depth of feeling that this energy pours into your cells, carrying the message of commitment into your chosen relationships.

With both feet in one camp, you can pour all of that love and devotion and caring into one place, rather than a half baked approximation that leaves you splintered, weary and confused. Both you and the recipient of your care, whether person, animal, or hobby, will thrive with that level of dedication.

Imagine if your daily life was completely infused with the affirmation below. How would that feel?

 Bring more Blue energy


into your world this week


with the following exercise!


Step 1) Choose one area of your life where you feel “on the fence.” Maybe you notice yourself waffling about whether to be in or out of a particular relationship. Or you constantly debate with yourself regarding your chosen career path. Or it could be something less weighty, like whether or not you want to put in a veggie garden this spring.

Step 2) Now, if deep down inside, you know you need to move on, then please show yourself some love and devotion and do that. Otherwise…

Step 3) Give yourself a window of time to explore what it might feel like to get off on one side of the fence, to make a move and make a choice…just not forever. Decide on a time frame that you will try on this choice: a week, a month, 6 months, a year…whatever will give you enough time to experience what it would really be like to live in that choice with both feet planted.

Sometimes, it’s the sense of “this decision is forever” that keeps us immobilized. Forever is a long time. And if you can’t “try on” your decision long enough to know if it feels right, then fence sitting keeps you close to what you want, but not too close.

Step 4) Once you’ve bitten off a chunk of time you can commit to, dive in and give yourself to it fully. Allow it to move you, to fill you, and for you to fill it with your love and true blue devotion…for that period of time. Do your best not to waffle or second guess during this phase!

Step 5) At the end that time frame, re-evaluate. Having devoted yourself 100% to being on this side of the fence, you’ll be better able to to choose to stay there or to move on to greener pastures.

Be true blue!

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