Claim Your Inner Artist with the Power of Creativity!

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 08-22-2013

Even if you show no signs of being a born Picasso, do you still wonder if you really have that seed of creativity lurking deep inside? The answer is, yes! Creativity comes in many forms, and shines through you in ways you may be overlooking or taking for granted. When you widen your view, you can discover the artist that you are!

You may be out of touch with your Power of Creativity if you…

  • Took it to heart when your grade school teacher told you that you weren’t artistic.
  • Feel like some people are just born artists, and that they have something special that you don’t.
  • Are convinced there isn’t a creative bone in your body, simply because your drawings of people are always stick figures.
  • Try to write something only to find that all the words seem to flee, and you’re left staring at the blank screen.

Creativity affirmation

Creativity comes in many “shades and colors”.
Notice how it shows up in you!

A while back we were in Michigan at hospice with Jamie’s 95 year-old Mom, and as a family we were all reviewing this amazing woman’s creative life.

She had 6 kids and was the matriarch of 26 offspring total, including a Great Great Grandchild! Yes, creating and raising children is an expression of creativity!

She also owned and ran her own real estate business, and for a creative hobby she remodeled and redecorated houses. When she felt too advanced in years for that, she built miniature homes and decorated them. Up to a week before she went into hospice, she still drove, went to her book club, and did the NY Times Crossword Puzzle!

As we sat with her during her final hours, it felt like we were connected through her to some place of divine creativity, as she seemed to sometimes be having conversations with us, and sometimes with angels.

At one point, she said, “My bridesmaids dresses are really pretty. You’re really going to like them.” Even then, she was remembering her more creative moments.


The Power of Creativity is in each of us,
regardless of age, gender, background, or childhood!

As with all the Vibrancy Powers, this is a light frequency, flowing through your body, just awaiting your awareness and channeling.

When you’re connected to the Power of Creativity, you:

  • Know you’re creative no matter what anybody else says, because you can feel it inside just waiting to come out!
  • Realize that creativity takes many forms, and you celebrate the unique way it flows through you.
  • Don’t waste time judging yourself for what you can’t do. Whether through writing, dancing, music, art, speaking, parenting, or how you live your everyday life ~ you connect deeply with your own artistry and it shows.
  • Open the gates and let those juices flow, knowing that there’s no one “right” way to express the creativity that lies deep inside.

2 ways to access your Power of Creativity:

#1: Tired of the conflict between the thought that you “aren’t creative”
and the mysterious sense that you are?  Next time you’re about to buy into the belief that you’re no artist, sing this affirmation out loud or to yourself 7 times,

“I express my creative gifts and talents!”

Then grab your medium of choice (paints, camera, computer, microphone, pen…whatever) and just watch what pours out of you!

 #2: Keep a bottle of Creativity Vibrancy Essence close by this week. Every time you feel like the door to your creative self is locked tight in some kind of vault, pick up that bottle and take 21 drops. Then watch an invisible key gently unlock the door, and let out what is inside for all the world to see.


To live a creative life,
drop your fear of being wrong.

“Creativity is neither a rational deductive process,
nor the irrational wandering of the undisciplined mind,
but the emergence of beauty as mysterious as the
 blossoming of a field of daisies out of the dark Earth.”

~ Thomas Berry


To the eternal artist in you!

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