Blue Green

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 04-22-2021

Spring has sprung (here in Virginia anyway!), and so has that energy that is ready to wake you up out of any leftover winter slumber. Plants… animals…people – all seem to be popping into bloom. How about you? Do you feel the enthusiasm of the season? The sense of wanting to jump up? bust out? and rev into action?


…or… maybe not so  much…?

If you’re slumping more than springing,


call on the Power of Enthusiasm!


This is the Power that, simply put, wants to motivate you. It wants to see that bounce in your stride. It wants to zest up your life, and fill you with a passion for feeling great in body, mind and spirit. It’s not about getting through the day with your internal setting on “mediocre.” Nope, it wants you to feel alive and full of the energy to sink your teeth into what enthuses you the most.

Would you like a little extra taste of that flowing through your cells right about now?

Bring more Blue Green energy


into your body this week


with the following exercise!


The one key factor in connecting with the Power of Enthusiasm is that the healthier your body, the more Blue Green juice will flow through it.

So this week, choose one of the following body-loving steps toward a healthier lifestyle. And once you get one down, feel free to choose another. Or just get a boost from the one. Like building blocks, each step adds another layer of wellbeing into your system. And the healthier you feel, the more motivated you will be to take another metaphorical lap around the “block” of your choice:

1) Drink purified water. Plenty of it to lubricate your cells. About an ounce for every 20 lbs of your body weight. Start where you are and add a little more each day until you get to the suggested level. Squeeze in some lemon juice for extra cleansing, and keep hydrated!

2) Eat more healthfully today than you did yesterday. Again, start where you are and add in an extra dose of fresh vegetables, fruit, green smoothies, anything that for you is a notch up the scale. A meal at a time, a day at a time.

Learn all that you can about what healthy bodies love most and gradually add into your repertoire. Bodies crave good food and will thank you in the form of an increased level of feel-good energy that stays with you longer.

Chaya, the Blue Green Enthusiastic healthy-eating cheerleader in our family, loves to make this juice for our afternoon snack a couple times a week: Pineapple, apple, cucumber, celery, parsley, and dandelion greens (fresh this time of year!). You can practically feel your cells singing!


3) Move your body. Another must if you want to feel excited about life. Again, move a little more today than you did yesterday. Research the suggested levels for your gender, age and physical capacity or circumstance. But generally, find ways to include a combination of activities that will strengthen your muscles, get your heartrate up, and stretch you out a little more and in the right direction…and go with activities that are easier for you to like.

Start where you are and add on as you adjust to a more healthful pattern. One step always becomes two…as long as you take the first.

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Jamie recently got an activity tracker to keep him honest about how much he’s moving throughout the day. On weekends he practically short-circuits the thing he does so much movement in the garden and with the dogs! But long client days is the other end of the spectrum, so….

Another great purchase has been a desktop apparatus that, with the push of a button, raises his computer screen up to a level so he can stand! And in between clients, sometimes he jumps on the rebounder for a few minutes.

4) Do things that lift your spirit. Add in an activity or practice that helps you connect with what you are genuinely enthusiastic about. Depending on your Vibrancy Signature, it could be anything from meditation in the morning, to hang gliding off a cliff, to designing a lovely woodland garden. You get to pick. The point is that doing things that make your heart happy will translate to ever more energy and ever more reasons to enjoy being alive.

And let this become a dominant thought in your day:

May the bubbling energy fill your cells!

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