Being of Benefit

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 06-03-2021

Does the state of the world overwhelm the part of you that so wants to help…but doesn’t know how? We never tire of the wisdom in this little story that may reassure you:

It’s all too common for people to feel like they have nothing to contribute unless they are wired for massive action. Not so! When you are tapped in the the Blue Topaz Power of Altruism, you understand that all small efforts together become massive action when it comes to lending a supportive hand to the those in need.

Strengthen your connection to Blue Topaz energy, and shift your mindset toward who you are, what you have, and what you naturally can give that is true to your own Vibrancy Signature. Your Vibrancy Signature is an excellent tool for knowing what circumstances and situations will feed you rather than drain you. This all important when committing your valuable time and energy to things that are important to you.

And remember…

Now…how can you be of benefit? Read on…

Wake up the Power of Altruism


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) First, saturate your thoughts with these affirmations:I care about others.

I make a difference in the world.

I feel deeply about life.

I know my purpose and have a mission.

2) If you know your Vibrancy Signature Powers, consult each one of them to ask what they enjoy doing that you know will benefit someone somewhere, providing some of the support and care needed and deserved. Write down 1 for each of your 5 Primary Powers.

3) If you don’t know your Vibrancy Signature Powers, write a list of 5 things you already like doing that can be considered beneficial to some member of society (four legged or two) who often gets overlooked.

4) Whether you did #2 or #3, choose just one action from your list  that you can take this week…something you consider to be a contribution to humanity that you can uniquely offer.

6) Take it. That’s your starfish!

Make your mark!

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