Achieve Your Goals By Harnessing Your Power of Completion

Posted by Chaya | Posted on 01-07-2013

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Or do you stay far away from them because of all the past years when they didn’t happen?

Lose weight, break a bad habit, start a new good habit, save up money for a vacation…..

Whatever your heart and mind settled on for 2013, here’s the secret to success in enjoying the process and achieving those goals.

Harness the Power of Completion.

This is a vibrational frequency you already have in your energy field, you just need to be able to access it, balance it, and strengthen it, and reaching your goals will be infinitely easier.

If you’re Power of Completion is healthy, you’ll feel great about making resolutions and you’ll see them to fruition.

If that Power within you is not as balanced as it could be, you might find yourself with challenges like these:

  • You have ideas for a new house project, maybe you even map out the steps, but you just never seem to get around to actually doing it.
  • You feel your energy being drained every time you think about that pile of paperwork that you’re procrastinating doing.
  • A little part of you feels like a quitter or even a failure for all the times you’ve started a diet or new exercise regimen but not kept it up.
  • Your friends or family don’t really trust you anymore because there have been so many times in the past when you didn’t keep your word or follow through on a promise.
  • You’ve lost clients or the respect of your boss because you didn’t deliver what you say you would on time.
  • Guilt drags you down over all the times you’ve fabricated excuses for why you didn’t do what you said you would.

Plum Couple Cartoon

On the flip side of the coin, if your Power of Completion is strong and healthy your experiences will look and feel more like this:

  • You’ll feel the elation of seeing your ideas and plans become reality…that bathroom makeover, the clean storage shed, the career change. Whatever’s on you list.  
  • You’ll flow through your paperwork easily, eroding that stack a little at a time, without force or anguish.
  • You’ll feel more empowered, knowing that you can trust yourself. It’s ok to make those resolutions because you know without a doubt you’re the kind of person who makes them happen.
  • You’ll only make promises and agreements you can keep, and then you will. Your family and friends will feel that deep sense of safety, surety, and trust in your word.
  • Clients will stay and they’ll refer their friends because you give them even more than they thought you would. More business, more prosperity coming your way!
  • No more guilt weighing you down. No more need for excuses. Good planning and time management will help you follow through on what you say.

So let’s get you tapped into your Power of Completion!

2 ways to strengthen and balance your Power of Completion:

#1: Are you tired of being constantly disappointed in yourself for everything you’re putting off and NOT getting done? Then let this affirmation help you shift into a new way of being:

                                                   I complete what I start.

We recommend saying and singing it, 7 times daily until you get the hang of committing to finishing something…and doing it, one step at a time.

#2: Get yourself a bottle of “Completion” Vibrancy Essence. Every time you notice yourself procrastinating, pushing things aside “until later” because dealing with them now seems just too daunting, take 7 drops.

Then stop and take a nice easy breath, and get clear if what you are pushing aside is REALLY something you want to do.

If it is, then start your own Completion List. Write down ALL the steps it would take to do it. Then, one by one, start chipping away at each of them, supporting yourself with a little more of the Completion Essence when the going seems tough.

Celebrate every little step you get to check off the list, no matter how small! Wait till you see how they add up.

Go gently with your progress. This is just a muscle that might need some focused exercise. This week is a great time to give it that special attention.

Here’s to a year of completion of all the great ideas, plans and goals in your heart.

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