What a difference you can make in the world! Let your Power of Altruism shine.

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 06-13-2013

What is Altruism? It sounds noble because it is. Here’s a definition: the practice of unselfish concern for, or the devotion to the welfare of others.

It’s when you are so moved by a need you see in the world that you just have to take action. When you see suffering on a small or large scale and you feel that commitment deep inside that says, “I must do something about this!”

And yes, you will make a difference. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  Altruism - human peace symbol

Are you tapping into your Power of Altruism, showering others with your deep care for their well being? Or….

  • Do you already feel so swamped with people and things to take care of in your own life that the thought of helping others sends you over the edge?
  • Do you feel guilty because you ignore all those email campaigns that flood your inbox every day, sending you into “save the planet” overload?
  • Are you so painfully lost in your own issues that it never crosses your mind to devote your time and energy to a cause?
  • Are just too depressed to feel like you can muster up the energy to help anybody, not even your next door neighbor?
  • Are you frustrated because there just too many causes to pick from? Do you stall out trying to decide which one to sign on for?
  • Do you feel like you there is no way you could really make a difference anyway?

If so, you’re not alone. But there are some really good reasons to clear the overwhelm and exercise your Power of Altruism. First of all….

Have you heard the starfish story?

There’s a little girl walking along a beach that’s covered with starfish for as far as she can see. Thousands of them have been washed up on shore with the tide, and they’re dying in the sun.

The little girl is walking along, picking up one at a time, and throwing it back into the ocean.

An older gentleman walks up to her and asks her what she’s doing.

She says, “I’m saving the starfish.”

He replies, “But there are thousands and thousands! You can’t possibly make a difference here!”

She reaches down, picks up a starfish, looks at it intently, then hurls it into the water.

The girl looks up at the old man and says, “I just made a difference for that one.”

The Power of Altruism is within you!
It’s the Blue Topaz frequency,
just waiting to come alive and be a part of your life.

You may think what you do is only a drop in a bucket, but those drops add up and become an ocean. Your actions will impact a whole lot of people and tons of circumstances (that you may never know of) down the line.

Strengthen your connection to this frequency and you’ll feel that Power of Altruism come alive within you. You’ll feel:

  • Powerful in taking a stand and making a difference for what you care so deeply about.
  • An infusion of new energy in your life, lifting your depression and disconnection.
  • Your own issues and problems shrink, as the positive energy of focusing on easing someone else’s pain fills your soul.
  • The deep satisfaction of playing your part in the big picture, and knowing your every action makes a difference to someone.
  • That contributing to your cause of choice is so fulfilling that you’ll wonder if you should be paying THEM to let you do it!

2 actions to take to wake up your Power of Altruism:

#1: Tired of feeling depressed, lonely, and useless? Here’s an affirmation that will give you a new lease on life.

“I make a difference in the world!”

We suggest you sing this out loud or to yourself 7 times whenever you notice yourself getting so self-absorbed that you don’t care any more. Then pick up that phone, hop online, walk across the street and reach out to someone else who could use your help!

#2: Keep a bottle of Altruism Vibrancy Essence close by this week for those moments when you feel like your little tiny drop in the bucket won’t matter. Whenever you feel overly absorbed in your own misery, take 7 drops, and remember that you can and DO make a difference.

There’s no time like the present to move some mountains,
one stone at a time.

“The best antidote for despair is action.”
  Joan Baez

Thank you for the difference you make in our lives!

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