Keeping Your Heart Open


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 15-11-2022

With everything going on in this country and in the world today, we thought maybe you could use a little time out, an opportunity to slow down, soften, and get back in touch with your heart.

Fill your heart with more of that


Pink Power of Love


this week.


1) First, let these affirmations in mind percolate in  your psyche:

I am huggable.

I am gentle and kind.

I give my love easily.

I am open-hearted.

2) Here is a 15-minute guided meditation with Chaya that was designed to help you reconnect with your heart, and allow the Power of Love to saturate your body and guide your day. Please treat yourself by carving out a quiet space and time so you can settle in to:

The Power of Love Meditation

Click to play:

3) Let this energy fill your cells and radiate into your life.

4) Revisit this meditation any time you need to feel the love.

Letting your love shine,

makes life so divine.

“I think everybody longs to be loved and longs to know that he or
she is lovable and, consequently, the greatest thing that we can do is to
help somebody know that they are loved and capable of loving.”

~ Mr. Rogers

From our hearts to yours…with love.




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In case you ever wondered, our top selling Vibrancy Essence is Relax…the one that infuses your cells with Mocha energy, reminding you to take it easy…

…to calm down,

…to simplify your life,

…to chill out.

…to just be.

Sounds like this Power is one that a lot of us need more of these days!

How about you??


Let more of the Mocha


Power of Relaxation


seep into your busy life.


If you feel taken over by your own life and/or our revved up culture, take this moment to begin reconnecting with the wisdom of this soothing energy.

This is the power that believes that less is more…unless it’s more space between all the other demanding elements of your life. Then more is a good thing.

More space, less activity and effort.

More time to let go, to exhale, to…relax. Less busyness and endless activities.

More opportunity to stop…to breathe…to let your mind settle and your body rest. Less rushing and drive toward the next thing.

It’s simple…once you press pause.

Need help strengthening your


Power of Relaxation


this week?


1) Keep these affirmations in mind as you move through your days. Let them seep into your consciousness. Let them help you reclaim a sense of ease and peace inside. Let them permeate into the world:

I unwind easily.

I relax and take it easy.

I keep life simple.

I create elegant simplicity.

2) Choose one way you can “press pause” for yourself at least once per day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a breath in the middle of a tense moment.
  • Sit outside for a while and let nature calm your being.
  • Build in a 15-min. break each day to just stop and rest.
  • Meditate.

3) Notice how it feels for you to build in these Mocha moments into your day.


Stop, breathe and relax…and enjoy.

Trauma Healing First Steps


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 26-05-2022

Have you noticed an increase in conversations about healing trauma in the past decade? So much more research has come to light about what it is, how it affects us, how many of us suffer from it, and how to heal it.

If you suspect or know you have unresolved trauma, you have many options now to get support to move through it. One of the ways we can assist you is to help you to strengthen and balance your connection to Ultraviolet White energy, the Power of Revealing. It will give you the courage to embark on the healing journey, and offer you comfort through the process.

In the simplest of terms, trauma is the emotional response to some tragedy or even just a highly charged, challenging event… something that most all of us have endured to some degree in our lives. Mildly for some, but dramatic, life altering, and debilitating for many others.

Maybe you are on one end or the other of this spectrum, or somewhere in between. As we are learning, any level of trauma deserves appropriate sensitivity, care and attention to enable a person to reclaim their life in the present.

And even if you don’t feel you personally are suffering from trauma, you are likely feeling the effects of the 24/7 news cycle. Almost like second-hand smoke, the world’s traumas are coming into our awareness like never before.

We recently heard Jay Shetty, author of Think Like A Monk, say that human beings are now exposed to more tragedy in a 24-hour period than they had been in their entire lives just 20 years ago.

What does that do to your nervous system?

Fortunately, more and more people are acknowledging and paying closer attention to the impact these events are having on our hearts, minds and psyches, individually and collectively. And the healing community has developed compassionate and caring ways through this maze that can help free people from their suffering.

The Power of Revealing helps you to not be afraid of any skeletons in the closet, issues you might have hidden, or hidden from, in your past. It gives you the hutzpah, the courage, to face what previously seemed dark and terrorizing, and process through the feelings tied to them.

Do any of the scenarios below describe your relationship to trauma and healing?

  • Are you on a healing path, uncovering the traumas you lived through in your own life, and getting assistance as you move through your own maze of internal stories and reactions?
  • Are you just beginning to warm up to the idea that what you thought was “normal,” might have actually been traumatizing for you in ways you never realized?
  • Maybe you have fully acknowledged that your past impacted you in negative ways, but haven’t felt ready to take it any further…thinking it’ll pass eventually…somehow…
  • Do you feel like you’re stuck on the sidelines, still reeling from painful, humiliating or frightening experiences that you’ve never been able to unhook from? Wishing you could find someone that you felt safe enough with to at least talk to? And maybe get some guidance in how to process it?

Wherever you find yourself in relation to your own past traumas, just know that this terrain is where the Ultraviolet White Power of Revealing is vital.

The Power of Revealing encourages you to bring it all into the light, where it can be seen, and felt, and experienced safely…and in natural time, released. This part of your humanity, (whether you have this as a color in your Vibrancy Signature or not), wants you to “reveal and heal.” It’s your friend when doing the hard inner work that comes with freeing yourself from what binds you, and enabling all your true colors to shine brightly in the present.

Let the Power of Revealing assist you in shining a light in any of the dark places that frighten you, tighten you, or otherwise drain your precious energy.

Wake up the Power of Revealing

in your life this week

with the following exercise!

1) First, to help strengthen your Ultraviolet White connection, take a few drops of Reveal Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I love my body.

I am comfortable and relaxed in my body.

I fearlessly reveal deep-seated issues.

3) Now, read back through the scenarios above regarding where you might be in the journey of healing past traumas. Do you see yourself in any of them? Clarify where you find yourself. Write it out.

4) You may not yet feel strong in the Power of Revealing, but…if you were…what would you consider to be your next best step to take in your own healing journey?

Take your time and ponder. Don’t choose something that would be traumatic in itself, but just something that you sense will open you a little bit more to your own vulnerabilty and truth, and help you make peace with the difficulties in your past that have infused your present.

Choose a step that will help you breathe a little easier and move a little more freely and live a little more fully…and enjoy yourself.

5) Take that step. If you find yourself in need, there are many sensitive, supportive, and powerful therapists and modalities that can aid you in your journey. Please reach out so you can reclaim your full authentic self!

Heal yourself and reveal yourself!

Swim with the Current


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 03-05-2022

You know you have it in some fashion….that small quiet voice inside that connects you to something greater. Sometimes you can just sense it telling you where to go, what to remember, what to avoid, offering you guidance from a place beyond the intellect. But maybe you just don’t hear it often enough or clearly enough, or don’t heed it when you do.

It’s not so easy to pay attention to that voice in this noisy and complicated world…much less feel like you can count on it! But when you do listen, and trust that inner knowing, it can sure save you a lot of hassle, keeping you in rhythm with the natural order of things, and making life easier in the process. You feel more like you’re flowing with the river of life rather than constantly swimming upstream.

Do you feel like you’ve been swimming upstream lately?

Trying to make things happen that won’t?

Struggling to navigate tough situtations without much success?

You may need an Indigo Gold boost! The Power of Trust is there for you to tap into so you can more easily find your flow.


Wake up the Power of Trust


in your life this week


with the following exercise!

1) First, to help strengthen your Indigo Gold connection, take a few drops of Trust Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I listen to Mother Nature.

I trust that everything happens for a reason.

I tap into the natural flow of the Universe.

I evolve by trusting my intuition.

3) Next:


Just stop. Press “pause” on the latest thought, fear, or activity that is leaving you feeling out of synch, befuddled or irritated. The Power of Trust says you don’t have to push against any more rivers.

4) Then:


Ask what is missing. What is interrupting your flow? What is needed of you (small or large) to more easily negotiate your circumstances? Listen for those inner nudges…sometimes hard to hear, but full of bright unexpected ideas about ways to get more in the flow.

5) And lastly:


Align with your inner guidance and trust it, letting go of any resistance, pushing against, or the trying to figure it out. Go with those wordless hunches and see where they carry you!



…and Trust.

You can trust in the flow of Life.

On Being Yourself


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 22-04-2022

Just think of all the things you might do if you felt truly free to be yourself. If no one was looking, no one was keeping score, and no one cared how you lived your life! And if your own self-judgements would melt away.

Maybe you would:

Take a month off from work, grab your best buddy, and zip off to get a taste of one of those glorious wonders of the natural world that you’ve dreamed about visiting.

• Crank up some good music and dance wildly around in your skivvies while you clean your house.

• Cut your hair, dye your hair, dress it up, wear it down, put flowers in it, put hats on it, change it around every day to suit your mood.

Change careers. Turn over a new leaf and step into doing the kind of work that makes your heart soar. No more Monday blahs!

• What about spontaneously grabbing your partner right in the middle of Main Street, swooping them back and planting a whopping kiss on that sweet little face right in front of everybody. Have you ever thought of doing that?

• Or head for the local grocery store for your weekly staples and instead take a left turn and see what calls you. Find your own pace, stop wherever you want, or don’t, and just enjoy the adventure and freedom.

Are any of the scenarios “you”? Things you’ve wanted to do one day…the day you have the time, courage, finances, space, confidence, or audacity to run with?

If none of those little vignettes are exactly right, we hope that they’ve gotten your Lavendar Power of Authenticity wheels turning!

We all have a deep desire to step out and be real. That’s the voice of Lavender…nudging you to be yourself, be fully in this moment, be authentic. The Power of Authenticity fills you with that freedom.

Wake up the Power of Authenticity

in your life this week

with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Lavender connection, take a few drops of Authenticity Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I do what I love to do.

I follow my heart’s desire.

I am authentic.

I am a free spirit.

3) When you read all the examples of all the random free-spirited scenarios above, what came to mind? Did one of your own coveted scenarios pop into your head? Something you’ve been sitting on, but have held back…for whatever reason. Until now…Until now. You’ve only held back until now.

4) This week, let it roll. Find some crafty way to free yourself up in some fashion and let yourself do this one thing that you’ve always wanted to do. If you need the courage, the energy, the mojo to get moving, keep taking your Authenticity Essence and doing the affirmations.

5) See how it feels! And tuck this experience inside in case you need a little incentive down the road to step out again and follow the way of your natural heart when no one is watching…or even if they are.

6) Enjoy yourself!

Make room for your deepest, most authentic voice to come forward. The world desperately needs you to be you. You are the only one that can bring your story to life and contribute your unique and special gifts!

Your heart’s desires are beautiful, important, and deserve to be expressed!

Here’s to you! The real you!

What Shall You Choose?


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 12-04-2022

What might some good choices be that your future self will thank you for? Here are a few we came up with:

  • Turn to meditation or prayer instead of letting fear run the show.
  • Plant a garden that will connect you with nature (and maybe give you food or flowers all summer to lift your spirits).
  • Go with empathy over criticism.
  • Choose healthy food and nutrition that will keep your body happy and your immune system strong.
  • Connect with friends and family and let them know you love them.
  • Do your inner work, so you can be more centered and give your love more easily.
  • Forgive. Forgive yourself and anyone else with whom you have tension.

The Violet Gold Power of Guidance helps you turn your spiritual knowingness into daily actions and behaviors that create a healthy and happy future. This is where the rubber meets the road.

The choices available to you every day are many, and the outcomes that that follow them may or may not be ones you anticipated. How do you choose to use your precious time and energy so that your thoughts, words and actions help to bring forth a life you love?

When you tune into your higher self, how are you guided? Are there changes you want to make now that align your life more with your values? Choices that will ultimately lead you into a brighter future?

Wake up the Power of Guidance


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Violet Gold connection, take a few drops of Guidance Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I am responsible for my actions.

I foresee the consequences of actions.

I make choices that align with my values.

I honor the law of cause and effect.

3) What is one “outcome” of some prior choice you made in the past that is showing up today in ways you’d just rather it not?

Choose kindness and self-compassion today and bring a fresh thought, word or action to that story that will lighten up your karmic load.

Yes, do something to meet that situation now that your future self will thank you for. Just one simple thing can change the trajectory of your life.

May your actions create a bright future!

Being Persistently True to Yourself


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 29-03-2022

Chaya here…

I gotta tell you, this is the 3rd version of this post we’ve written this week, as we try to capture wisdom to share with you about the Power of Persistence (Topaz).

The others were written just after Jamie and I attended a 4-day long Tony Robbins event called Unleash the Power Within. Pumped up with an almost hyper-masculine drive to achieve, the first versions focused on tapping into the Power of Persistence to help you reach that goal that makes your heart beat a little faster, or become your industry’s leading expert, or to manifest anything, really.

And it is absolutely true, this determined energy is the key to keeping on when the inspiration for your goal is flagging, when the road seems uphill, you’ve had a setback, or maybe even a ‘failure’.

I certainly called on this energy a lot in my days as a competitive diver. When it was cold, and the winds were gusting, and I’d be standing backwards on the equivalent of a 3-story building wondering why on earth I was doing this crazy thing, bulldogged Persistence kept me going. Doing the next dive, getting coached, climbing the ladder again and again. 250,000 times over 21 years. Lots of consistent Topaz energy to push on toward the Olympic dream.

But I woke up today reminded of some valuable things I sometimes lose sight of when my Inner Olympian gets overactive and motivated (thanks this week to the remarkable empowerment of Tony Robbins).

While I cherish those years of pursuing my dreams, the travel, the memories, and the goals achieved, there are two big life lessons that came out of that for me, and I think both would be useful to share in this conversation about Persistence.

They are a little cliché by now, but hang in there with me.

The first is: You’ve got to enjoy the journey or reaching the goal won’t be worth anything. The second lesson, related to enjoying the journey, is this: Create balance in life.

There were years where I tapped into the discipline of the Power of Persistence, but I did it in a way that made me miserable. So single-mindedly determined to reach my goals, I didn’t have time for friendships; I not only ignored my body, I pushed it in obsessive ways that created serious injuries; I forced myself through fear without knowing how to process it, leaving me in need of years of healing and unwinding. I just pressed on.

And then a fantastic therapist entered my life and helped me turn things around with the idea of enjoying the journey, and discovering a balanced life.

The years that followed still required lots of Persistence. I still had to show up every day and do the dives and the weights and the Pilates and the mental training. But I learned to apply Persistence to a wider range – like self-love, self-care, friendships, fun, and enjoying the moment. Although we weren’t using words like mindfulness and presence in those days, at least in my world, that is what I was beginning to connect with. I’d go to practice and persistently tune into the beautiful sunshine, the laughter shared with teammates, the joy in the strength and ability of my body, the bliss at flying through the air. I persistently listened to my body, its needs, and my natural pacing.

It probably won’t surprise you that those were the years of the big successes.

So the Power of Persistence can be applied in many ways. If you need a little more fire, focus, energy, and drive, you can use the Power of Persistence to dig in and create daily habits that will stimulate that.

But if you’re needing more heart-opening, more compassion, more self-love and self-care, Topaz energy can help you there too, guaranteeing you a sure sense of success and accomplishment in becoming more of the person you wish to be.

And as I think about it now, at the end of this version 3, you can pretty much apply the Power of Persistence to any of the other Powers to help yourself create daily habits that will strengthen those powers and serve your life.

And even better, what would it be like to add some Persistence to the Powers in your own Vibrancy Signature? What would it be like to be more consistently true to yourself? The exercise below will help you explore these ideas.

In the end, maybe what I want to say most is this: let’s be determined and disciplined to persistently live in alignment with our soul’s calling and purpose.

Wake up the Power of Persistence


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Topaz connection, take a few drops of Persistence Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I am persistent.

I am consistent and reliable.

I maintain healthy habits.

I have willpower and discipline.

3) Where would you like more persistence in your life? What aspect of your life needs more determination and consistency to develop the habits that would serve you better?

Below are some of the Vibrancy Powers, with the added bonus of Topaz. Circle the ones that jump out at you, that could help you improve that aspect of your life, or that just feel good.

PersistentlyMindful (Silver Gold)

PersistentlyEnergized (Saffron)

PersistentlyLoving (Pink)

PersistentlyEmpowered (Ultraviolet)

PersistentlyUnderstanding (Green Topaz)

PersistentlyHopeful (Violet)

PersistentlyPlayful (Yellow)

PersistentlyPatient (Blue Gold)

PersistentlyAuthentic (Lavender)

PersistentlyAbundant (Gold. Now c’mon, who doesn’t want that?)

(And there are so many more)

5) Now to your own Vibrancy Powers. How do they sound and feel to you when you add “Persistently” in front of them? Write them down.

For example, mine would be PersistentlyInspired (Apricot), PersistentlyIntegrous (Red Topaz), PersistentlyCompassionate (White), PersistentlySensual (Purple), and PersistentlyEnthused (Blue Green). Yeah, I’m liking that.

6) Now create Topaz affirmations out of your Powers, such as “I am PersistentlyInspired. I am PersistentlyIntegrous,” etc.

7) Lastly, speak these statements out loud and imagine yourself being determined, disciplined, and persistently live in alignment with your soul’s calling and purpose!

Here’s to your Persistence!

Living with a Light Heart


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 22-02-2022

Do you have some Yellow Gold in your Vibrancy Signature, that zesty Power of Lightheartedness?

It’s the one that…

  • adds that playful take to the normal ups and downs of life.
  • enables you to wear your challenges lightly.
  • helps you look on the bright side of troubling scenarios around you.
  • and helps you find the humor that helps make life enjoyable…even when its not.

Granted, you probably have a laundry list of things in your life that deserve serious adult focus and attention. Your self care, your family, your car, your home projects, your career, not to mention the challenges in your community and around the world. But remember…

Wake up the Power of Lightheartedness


in your life this week


with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Yellow Gold connection, take a few drops of Lighten Up Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.

I am silly.


I am light-hearted and laugh at life.


I handle life’s ups and downs easily.


I transform by lightening up.


3) To help you lighten up a bit this week, every time something “goes wrong,” isn’t “right” or is challenging or troublesome to deal with, think to yourself, or better yet, say out loud in a funny way:




Believe it or not, this simple healing sound can drain away some of the drama, ease the tension, and bring you back to center.

For one week, as often as you can, turn all your “Oh-No’s” into “Uh-Oh’s”, and see how things unfold for you! Life is going to happen regardless. You may as well keep a light heart and silly spirit along the way!

4) Another great antidote to too much seriousness is to affirm whenever you think of it:


I’m lighthearted and laugh at life.




I handle life’s ups and downs easily.


Maybe you don’t have Yellow Gold, but wish you did! Maybe others who have it annoy you. That’s a sign that you too could use a little boost to this oh-so needed Power – this facet of our humanity that helps us keep things in perspective and not overly heavied out by the natural, but not always fun, ups and downs of life.

5) Enjoy yourself!


Keep it light!

Clear the Clutter


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 01-02-2022

It’s uncanny how Costco trades out all their leftover holiday wares for stacks and stacks of storage containers this time of year. Maybe on some level they know this is a great time to help people strengthen their Orange Power of Organization!

How about you?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and scattered every time you look at the piles of stuff on your desk?
  • Are you tired of wasting time running up and down the stairs looking for your shoes?
  • Have you had it with being late because you can’t find your keys?

Bringing more order into your life can seem hard earned, especially at at first. Make the task not only do-able, but rewarding, by infusing your cells with more Orange energy right off the bat. The benefits are many and far reaching. Once you are on your Orange way, you’ll find that you:

  • Save more time and energy because you’ll know where to find things.
  • Think clearly because your surroundings are more orderly.
  • Stay more present, grounded, and alert, because the drama is gone.

What’s not to love about that! If “stuff” is getting in the way of you and the life you want to be living, take a little time for this practice:

Wake up the Power of Organize

in your life this week

with the following exercise!


1) First, to help strengthen your Orange connection, take a few drops of Organize Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.


I help clean up.


I am organized.


I maintain order.


I remain conscious and alert.


3) Consider taking on this attitude:

4) To that end, ponder what area in your life most “gets in the way of your life”. Name it. Write it down.

5) Next, journal for about 15-30 minutes to uncover the benefit of this particular area of disorder in your life. Yes…benefit. As much as you may have been wishing it away, it obviously has not gone anywhere because it serves you in some very meaningful way. It protects you from something, or connects you with something, or helps you slow down, or comforts you in some way, or something else. The reasons we keep our clutter close by and our chaos afoot are many and very individual. Explore as you write the loving connection you have with your “stuff.” Continue to write until it’s truthful role in your life has become clear…let that sink in.

6) Now, go get glass of water and then come back and take some time to thank your stuff, clutter, or chaos profusely for helping you in the way it has for all this time, even if you now see how unhelpful it is.

7) A day or so after your journalling experience, shift gears toward your desire to revise your relationship with your clutter, chaos or disorder. On a different page in your journal, write for another 15-30 minutes to uncover what your preferred and healthier relationship or outcome is with regard to this area of your life.

7) Think:

8) And finally, to cultivate a new and healthier relationship with this particular “pile of stuff,” agree to spend 10 minutes a day to bring that Power of Organization to the table. Maybe it is in the form of purchasing some of those storage bins we talked about, labeling them and filling them…10 minutes at a time. Maybe it is reorganizing how you manage your online passwords….10 minutes at a pop. Maybe it is designating a particular “landing pad” for your keys…which only will take 10 minutes total. Maybe it is creating a new filing system that is user friendly for you…in 10 minutes sessions.

Keep this up, and before 2022 is out, years of chaos and clutter will be history!

Here’s to chaos free living!

Life by Design


Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted in Newsletter | Posted on 20-01-2022

It’s a fresh beginning. Let’s take a few minutes to connect with that magical power within you that knows how to start your year off with promise, that helps you to design the life you can love.

You see, you’ve been given a lot of freedom in this human life, and a robust, creative imagination. It’s one of the more fun aspects of being human. This is the Yellow Crystal Power of Imagination, and it feeds you ideas, thoughts, images and inspirations that are essentially pathways for you to travel on your way to creating something fresh, new and novel. Something that lights up Life in a way it never has been done before….from a piece of art, to a project, to a business venture…and it is oh so good at feeding you ideas about how to create a life you love!

Here’s a few questions to help discover how healthy this energy is within you:

  • Do you ever feel like you are a victim to the winds of fate, the economy, the political climate of the day, or even your kid’s schedules?
  • Do you find yourself whining and complaining about your circumstances?
  • Are you stuck in the same old routine and have no imaginative ideas for how to redesign your life?
  • Is the part of you that could imagine how to do things differently checked out?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then this is a perfect opportunity to balance and strengthen this Power, and start creating the life you really want. It’s your birthright!

When you strengthen your connection to Yellow Crystal energy:

  • Your imagination will engage with creative ideas for how to re-design a situation, your day, your life, and even your dreams
  • You won’t feel like a victim, because you have taken responsibility for creating your own experiences
  • The whining and complaining will cease, because you know you’ve got the power


  • Why create unnecessary conflict in your life by blaming others for what you don’t like?
  • Why push others away and drag them down with your whining and complaining?
  • Why live a boring life just because you’ve allowed your imagination to sleep on the job?

Wake up the Power of Imagination


in your life this week


with the following exercise!



1) First, to help strengthen your Yellow Crystal connection, take a few drops of Imagination Vibrancy Essence, if you have a bottle. (You can order it HERE!).

2) Next, saturate your being with these affirmations below.


I play make-believe.


I creatively design my life.


I engage my powerful imagination.


I am an architect of the creative process.


3) Now, revisit those affirmations in this Yellow Crystal sing-along HEREBe sure to listen to the whole thing so it can really seep into your cells!

4) Finally, take a few minutes to write down all the thoughts, ideas, images, inspirations that came to you while you listened.

5) Bring one of them to life this week.

Special shout out, thank you, and lots of love to Lisa Drennan, who made that wonderful Power of Imagination Video and sings the affirmations! Cheers to sharing our gifts and talents with each other and making the world a better place!

Design a life you love!