Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 09-22-2022

In case you ever wondered, our top selling Vibrancy Essence is Relax…the one that infuses your cells with Mocha energy, reminding you to take it easy…

…to calm down,

…to simplify your life,

…to chill out.

…to just be.

Sounds like this Power is one that a lot of us need more of these days!

How about you??


Let more of the Mocha


Power of Relaxation


seep into your busy life.


If you feel taken over by your own life and/or our revved up culture, take this moment to begin reconnecting with the wisdom of this soothing energy.

This is the power that believes that less is more…unless it’s more space between all the other demanding elements of your life. Then more is a good thing.

More space, less activity and effort.

More time to let go, to exhale, to…relax. Less busyness and endless activities.

More opportunity to stop…to breathe…to let your mind settle and your body rest. Less rushing and drive toward the next thing.

It’s simple…once you press pause.

Need help strengthening your


Power of Relaxation


this week?


1) Keep these affirmations in mind as you move through your days. Let them seep into your consciousness. Let them help you reclaim a sense of ease and peace inside. Let them permeate into the world:

I unwind easily.

I relax and take it easy.

I keep life simple.

I create elegant simplicity.

2) Choose one way you can “press pause” for yourself at least once per day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take a breath in the middle of a tense moment.
  • Sit outside for a while and let nature calm your being.
  • Build in a 15-min. break each day to just stop and rest.
  • Meditate.

3) Notice how it feels for you to build in these Mocha moments into your day.


Stop, breathe and relax…and enjoy.

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