The Power of Manifesting!


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What’s your biggest, grandest dream? You know, the great one, that maybe you don’t even share with others because it is so outrageous, and yet so dear to your heart….

Is it to leave your dead end job and start your own business that might just change the world, make you blissfully happy, and earn your fortune?

Is it to run the Boston Marathon?

Is it to build your dream home on a cliff, or by the ocean, or in the mountains?

Is it to start a school that will pave the way for a massive transformation of our education system?

Is it to raise super conscious, aware, loving children in the midst of a busy life and a wild time in the world?

What’s on your Vision board that your heart longs for?


Maybe it’s to sail the world like our friends Sean and Jennifer Myers…

One day, when Sean was in the middle of a vision planning session for the year to come, he stopped for a snack. While he was eating his Cliff Bar, he read on the label “This bar is dedicated to my father Clifford, my childhood hero and companion…”

Sean thought, ‘What can I do to be a hero to my kids? What can we do as a family to deepen our connection and create lasting memories?’

And the grand vision came. It took 5 years of detailed planning and preparation to manifest this big dream. Then one day, Sean and Jennifer took their 2 pre-teen kids out of school, rented out their house, left suburban life and moved onto their new 50 foot catamaran.

For the next 15 months they sailed all around the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, across the South Seas to Australia. They home-schooled their kids while traveling 18,000 miles and visiting 20 countries.

They created a magical family experience, full of swimming with whales and sea turtles, playing with kids of vastly different cultures, helping to refurbish a school in Samoa, racing in a regatta in Fiji, and so much more.

Eventually they returned to their home in Colorado, but the manifestation of Sean’s grand vision continues to inspire everyone who hears their story.

Jennifer says, “If we can help people think bigger and dream bigger, we’re all for that…15 months goes by no matter what you’re doing. It’s gone, and then what do you have to show for it? You have to create your own dream in this life and then go for it.”

Manifesting 3

Take your visions seriously.


What happens when you deny yourself access to the Violet Crystal Power of Manifesting?

  • You think small and stay small, never challenging yourself to achieve greater heights.
  • You stay stuck in jobs, relationships, homes, and cities that you don’t love.
  • You feel hopeless and helpless, because you’re convinced that you don’t have what it takes to make your dreams a living reality.
  • You live and die unfulfilled and incomplete, never committing to any plans for the future, goals to work toward, or moving aspirations.

Get connected to The Power of Manifestation
and make the impossible possible!


Even if you don’t have this Power in your Vibrancy Signature, it can still access it to help you tap into the realm of infinite possibility!

  • As Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve.” (This saying was on Chaya’s wall all the years she dreamed of and trained for the Olympics.)
  • Live with direction, purpose, and a deep heart connection to something bigger.
  • Feel supported, capable, inspired and empowered to live your dreams by tapping into what Deepak Chopra calls “The field of infinite possibility” that surrounds us.

2 Tips to strengthen your Power of Manifestation:


#1: Are you tired of staring down on a pile of withering dreams, thinking “maybe one day” you’ll turn them into something…or not? Here’s an affirmation that you can use to lift up your chin and step into what’s possible.

“I manifest my visions and dreams!”

Sing this 7 times out loud or to yourself every time you find yourself saying “can’t be done” when a big idea crosses your awareness. Then choose and commit to the biggest one you’ve got. What’s the first step? The time has arrived to take it. And every step after that will reveal itself.

#2: Keep the Manifest Vibrancy Essence on your shelf for those times when you are losing sight of your treasured visions. Take 14 drops under your tongue daily or whenever you need a hand in bringing them alive.


Hold on to your visions,
and let the current of infinite possibility take you there.


“The moment we ask the question, ‘How would I like my life to be?’,
we join forces with the creative source of the universe;
we go into partnership with life itself.”

~ Gay Hendricks

May you have all that you seek!

The Power of Imagining!


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You’ve been given a lot of freedom in this human life, and a robust, creative imagination. Are you using it? Here’s a few questions to help discover how healthy your Power of Imagination is:

  • Do you ever feel like you are a victim to the winds of fate, the economy, the political climate of the day, or even your kid’s schedules?
  • Do you find yourself whining and complaining about your circumstances?
  • Are you stuck in the same old routine and have no imaginative ideas for how to redesign your life?
  • Is the part of you that could imagine how to do things differently checked out?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then this is a perfect opportunity to balance and strengthen this Power, and start creating the life you really want. It’s your birthright!
Chaya here….

I tend to think of my Yellow Crystal Power of Imagination as a good friend. As soon as I notice that I am whining and complaining, I call this part of me to the surface for help.

There’s a lot of my life that a Higher Being seems to be running, but I’m also aware of a lot of freedom I’ve been given.

With this force on my side, much of what I moan and groan about I can actually change. This Power reminds me that I am the creative designer, the master architect, of my life. I’m not a two-year old who pitches a fit every time Mommy and Daddy won’t let me do what I want.

Instead, I let my whining cue me in to my Power of Imagination and ask, ”What needs to change? What can I create differently? How do I want to live my life today?”


Imagine this!
YOU take back control of YOUR life, and create or
re-create one that works for you.


  • When you strengthen your connection to Yellow Crystal energy:* Your imagination will engage with creative ideas for how to re-design a situation, your day, your life, and even your dreams
  • * You won’t feel like a victim, because you have taken responsibility for creating your own experiences
  • * The whining and complaining will cease, because you know you’ve got the power


  • * Why create unnecessary conflict in your life by blaming others for what you don’t like?
  • * Why push others away and drag them down with your whining and complaining?
  • * Why live a boring life just because you’ve allowed your imagination to sleep on the job?

Get back into the driver’s seat of your life!


2 ways to fire up your Power of Imagination:

#1: Say or sing this proclamation until you believe it with your entire being:

“I creatively design my life.”

#2: Take 7 – 21 drops of the Imagine Vibrancy Essence daily. This remedy will align you with the energetic frequency of Imagination, and help you trade in your whining and complaining for refreshing ideas about how you can design or re-design your situations, your day, your life, and even your dreams.


Don’t suffer unnecessarily!
Tap into your Yellow Crystal humanity today and
Live your life by choice, not by chance!


“An architect is one who draws dreams.”

~ Grace McGarvie


Here’s to your imagination soaring!



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Do you move through life with elegance and style? Or…..

  • Do you feel like screaming when there are too many things going on at once – the phone is ringing, your child needs your attention, dinner is burning, and your guests are going to arrive any minute?
  • Does coordinating all the elements of a dinner party (the food, the invitations, the people, the timing, the decor) sound like a nightmare you’d rather not have?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the balls your friend has in the air, and long to be able to juggle your life as gracefully?
  • Do you feel frazzled or scattered when you have to multi-task?
  • And you may wonder how this is related, but….
  • Do you trip, stub your toe, bump into things, or otherwise wonder if you’re an accident walking around waiting to happen?
  • Do you avoid activities like dancing, surfing, playing tennis, or ice skating because you’re afraid you’ll embarrass yourself with your two left feet?

The Power of Coordination helps you coordinate your busy life

AND look graceful on the surf board or dance floor.


Have you seen the TV show So You Think You Can Dance? We LOVE it. It’s just amazing to watch these dancers do their thing.

No matter what style of dance they’re trained in, they have to do all styles in this competition: ballroom, hip hop, jazz, Broadway, contemporary, even crumping and Bollywood.

Basically, the person with the biggest dose of Turquoise wins.

One of the final competitions really sticks in our memory bank. The 4 finalists were all breathtaking, but our favorite was Tad…a guy with NO dance training at all. He was a street dancer – a “B-Boy”, who just would find a patch of sidewalk and spin on his head and do crazy tricks.

But in this particular season Tad did a waltz that brought tears to our eyes, swinging from a chandelier a la Cirque du Soleil, and doing a Michael Jackson-esque number to “Another One Bites The Dust” that we replayed 3 times. He was a smooth and cool cat.

Just watching this show felt like drinking in the Turquoise medicine. But these people don’t have a corner on the market! You have the Power of Coordination within you too, even if it’s hard to believe when you’re applying that ace bandage to your twisted ankle.


End your need for band-aids and ice packs!

Dance through life with grace and ease.


When you’re connected to the Turquoise Power of Coordination, you’ll:

  • Handle what’s calling for your attention – the phone, the kids, the dinner, and the guests – with elegance and flow.
  • Make pulling off a dinner party look like a work of art, doing everything at just the right time, with just the right flair, creating a beautiful event to enjoy with your friends.
  • Juggle all the balls in your own life like a pro ~ easily handling each thing as it passes in front of you, and at the same time, being ready to deal with next.
  • Multi-task like the best of them, effortlessly flowing along with those moments when your brain, your hands, and your feet are all doing different things.
  •  Have a good sense of where you are in space, moving in, around, and through things like a graceful dancer.
  • Move in the groove, finding that magical place where all your body parts work together like a charm as you surf, dance, or skate your life away.


2 ways to dance your way into the Turquoise Power of Coordination:


#1: Tired of feeling clumsy and awkward? Next time you notice that you’re moving around like you have two left feet, with the bruises to prove it, sing to yourself 7 times,

“I am graceful in everything I do!”

Then do a little pirouette and move smoothly through the rest of your day.

#2: Keep a bottle of Coordination Vibrancy Essence close by this week. Every time you feel like you just can’t keep all the balls in your life in the air, pick up that bottle and take 7 drops. Then begin to juggle everything a little more fluidly, coordinating what you do and when, so that you feel like you are flowing, rather than stumbling, through your life.

If you are dancing on the inside ~

you can dance on the outside!


Did you know that six trillion actions occur in the human body every second,

every single one of which is working in correlation with all the others?
….How’s that for coordination?
All you need is in you.
You’re already dancing inside ~ now just let it show!

~ Katharine Dever

Yes, we know you can dance!

Are you sparky? Get some juice from the Apricot Power of Inspiration


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Inspired….juiced, ignited, filled to the brim with a sense of wonderment and magic. Is this you?  Maybe not every day or all the time, but would you say you have a general feeling of being “lit up” by life? Kinda like that childlike spark just never left you? If you do, consider yourself among the fortunate. Life events often take a toll on many people’s ability to feel inspired.

What’s it like to live without inspiration?

You might feel….

  • Bored with the same old routine you follow every day…but lacking any ideas or energy to change it.
  • Burned out, or low on the mojo to turn your ideas into a reality.
  • Like your food is bland, conversations are dull, and the sky is always grey.
  • Like you’ve settled for a mediocre relationship or go-nowhere job.
  • The urge to roll your eyes at the next person who tells you to stop being so busy and take time to “smell the roses”.


Who wants boring when you can feel that

spring in your step and sparkle in your eye?

Chaya here…

Not too long ago, I discovered First, you choose the categories that inspire you. I chose gardening, self-improvement, quotes, animals, vegetarian, fitness, and humor to get started.

Now, I get a little treat by clicking a button that says “Stumble”. It randomly gives me something from the world wide web that it thinks I would like….photographs, videos, articles and quotations that line up with my interests.

Many of my stumbles uplift and inspire me and give me new ideas for my own garden, my own cooking, my own life. Or I stumble upon a quote that changes my attitude for the better.

I’ll admit…..I’m feeling a little addicted. I’m often saying to myself, “Just one more stumble and then I’ll stop.”

So, is that bad? Is that a waste of time? John Lennon said, “The time you enjoy wasting is not truly wasted time.”

I would amend that to, “The time you spend finding and doing the things that inspire you is time used wisely.” Ok, it doesn’t sound as cool as John’s quote, but you get the gist.

There were many years of my life when I wasn’t consciously doing something that would inspire me.  And, the opposite of inspired is depressed….yeah, been there, and in all that grey area in between where blah and so-so live.

Personally, I find inspired to be the most alive place along that continuum. So, anything I can do, anywhere I can find it, I’m going there….because inspiration beats anti-depressants any day.

Where do you find your sparks of inspiration?


Whatever wakes you up to the wonder of life

is the key to your inspirational liberation!

When you’re lit up with the Power of Inspiration, you will…

  • Be full of ideas and the passion to take action!
  • Feel enlivened by nature, art, food, movies, and new ideas.
  • Smell the fresh air, savor the yummy food, and feel that spark of aliveness in everything you do.
  • Never settle for the ordinary, and never be bored. You’re alive with sizzle!
  • Let that creativity inside you burst forth, and have fun tweaking all  the things that aren’t great in your life – like your relationships – until they’re so fantastic you want to shout from the mountaintops.

2 steps to wake up the Apricot Power of Inspiration in your life:
#1: Are you tired of tolerating a constant low grade boredom in your life?  Next time you realize that you’re dragging yourself through another painfully flat day, say or sing this affirmation to yourself 7 times,

“I live an inspired life!”

Then ask yourself, “What would juice me right now?” Zero in on that one thing and dive in!

#2: Take Inspiration Vibrancy Essence every time you notice yourself settling for “just okay” or “mediocre.” Take 7 drops, then tap into your creative side and come up with a new way to spice things up ~ re-engage your childlike fascination with life. Think like Peter Pan!


Stop and smell the roses, or stumble, or whatever it is that

fills your senses and enlivens your cells!

“To succeed you need to find something to hold on to,
 something to motivate you, something to inspire you.”

~ Tony Dorsett


Just have to share this cute video/movie. It’s about 7 minutes long, but it’s a wonderful example of the magic that’s created out of inspiration.


Live inspired!

Claim Your Inner Artist with the Power of Creativity!


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Even if you show no signs of being a born Picasso, do you still wonder if you really have that seed of creativity lurking deep inside? The answer is, yes! Creativity comes in many forms, and shines through you in ways you may be overlooking or taking for granted. When you widen your view, you can discover the artist that you are!

You may be out of touch with your Power of Creativity if you…

  • Took it to heart when your grade school teacher told you that you weren’t artistic.
  • Feel like some people are just born artists, and that they have something special that you don’t.
  • Are convinced there isn’t a creative bone in your body, simply because your drawings of people are always stick figures.
  • Try to write something only to find that all the words seem to flee, and you’re left staring at the blank screen.

Creativity affirmation

Creativity comes in many “shades and colors”.
Notice how it shows up in you!

A while back we were in Michigan at hospice with Jamie’s 95 year-old Mom, and as a family we were all reviewing this amazing woman’s creative life.

She had 6 kids and was the matriarch of 26 offspring total, including a Great Great Grandchild! Yes, creating and raising children is an expression of creativity!

She also owned and ran her own real estate business, and for a creative hobby she remodeled and redecorated houses. When she felt too advanced in years for that, she built miniature homes and decorated them. Up to a week before she went into hospice, she still drove, went to her book club, and did the NY Times Crossword Puzzle!

As we sat with her during her final hours, it felt like we were connected through her to some place of divine creativity, as she seemed to sometimes be having conversations with us, and sometimes with angels.

At one point, she said, “My bridesmaids dresses are really pretty. You’re really going to like them.” Even then, she was remembering her more creative moments.


The Power of Creativity is in each of us,
regardless of age, gender, background, or childhood!

As with all the Vibrancy Powers, this is a light frequency, flowing through your body, just awaiting your awareness and channeling.

When you’re connected to the Power of Creativity, you:

  • Know you’re creative no matter what anybody else says, because you can feel it inside just waiting to come out!
  • Realize that creativity takes many forms, and you celebrate the unique way it flows through you.
  • Don’t waste time judging yourself for what you can’t do. Whether through writing, dancing, music, art, speaking, parenting, or how you live your everyday life ~ you connect deeply with your own artistry and it shows.
  • Open the gates and let those juices flow, knowing that there’s no one “right” way to express the creativity that lies deep inside.

2 ways to access your Power of Creativity:

#1: Tired of the conflict between the thought that you “aren’t creative”
and the mysterious sense that you are?  Next time you’re about to buy into the belief that you’re no artist, sing this affirmation out loud or to yourself 7 times,

“I express my creative gifts and talents!”

Then grab your medium of choice (paints, camera, computer, microphone, pen…whatever) and just watch what pours out of you!

 #2: Keep a bottle of Creativity Vibrancy Essence close by this week. Every time you feel like the door to your creative self is locked tight in some kind of vault, pick up that bottle and take 21 drops. Then watch an invisible key gently unlock the door, and let out what is inside for all the world to see.


To live a creative life,
drop your fear of being wrong.

“Creativity is neither a rational deductive process,
nor the irrational wandering of the undisciplined mind,
but the emergence of beauty as mysterious as the
 blossoming of a field of daisies out of the dark Earth.”

~ Thomas Berry


To the eternal artist in you!

Soothe Your Soul with the Power of Sensuality!


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Purple Enews - butterfly on cosmosDo you think of yourself as a sensual person?

Here’s one definition of sensual: arousing or exciting the senses. If you thought this was going to be about sexuality, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Although sensuality is a component of sexuality, sensuality is much more foundational than that. It’s about surrounding yourself with beauty that fills up your senses, AND being open to the wonderful experience of drinking it in!

Here are some of the everyday challenges you might find yourself in, if you aren’t connecting to the energetic gifts of the Power of Sensuality. You may:

  • Have lost the romantic spark with your honey and settled into a hum-drum relationship.
  • Accidentally hurt the ones you love with your words and feedback that comes out more critically than you expect.
  • Slog around your house in over-sized sweats feeling frumpy and dumpy and frowning at yourself in the mirror.
  • Spend your day being pragmatic, practical, scheduled, and busy, but deep in your gut you feel empty inside
  • Live or work in a room that’s “functional” but lacks beauty and leaves you feeling flat.
  • Scarf up your microwave dinner while standing at your sink, and wonder why you don’t feel nourished and satisfied with the meal.
  • Think things like buying flowers, meandering through art galleries, or going out for a leisurely candlelit dinner are just a waste time and money.

Beauty, experienced through your senses, is a vital ingredient in the banquet of your life.
Without it, something is always missing.

These kinds of challenges can easily stem from not having enough beauty in your life. Or, they could be from not being open to receiving all the beauty that IS there. Let’s have a Sensuality reality-check.

Take a few minutes to consider all the beauty that you recognize in your current everyday life. Do you get to enjoy an awesome view on your way to work? Or do you just drive your way through power lines and car lots…or a mix of the two? 

Do you keep fresh flowers on your dining table every day, just on special occasions, or not at all? Do you fill your ears with music that uplifts you, or just listen to whatever happens to be on the radio at the moment?

Scan your life and, on a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate your Sensuality Quotient based on the degree of loveliness you have around you on a regular basis? This is your starting point for strengthening your Power of Sensuality.

Now, having just tuned into where beauty is spilling into your world, are your senses awake enough to process the nurturing that beauty is offering you?

When you see a beautiful butterfly, do you feel yourself take a breath as you absorb it’s colors?

When you eat delicious food, are you savoring the flavoring? Are you soaking in the smells?

Close your eyes and gently rub your hand over your chair or a piece of clothing you are wearing. Take an easeful minute to feel its texture…it’s softness, it’s roughness…how bumpy or smooth it is. Let that subtle information seep into your cells.

How does that make you feel? Is it comforting, pleasurable? Does it leave you feeling neutral? Or does it make you want to pull your hand away?

Imagine surrounding yourself with fabrics you can just relax into in the normal course of your day, and how that would affect your overall quality of life.

Just like with your sense of touch just now, ALL your senses will let you know what nourishes you and what doesn’t when you connect with them. The more you strengthen the Power of Sensuality, the more you will allow the beauty that’s everywhere to nurture your spirit. You will find yourself creating experiences for yourself and others that feed your senses and soothe your soul. Read on to find out what’s in store!

Throw open your doors to the finer things in life.
Feed your senses every day and stay satisfied.

When you’re connected to the Power of Sensuality, you will:

  • Find romance oozing back into your relationships….picnics in the park, reading poetry together, offering little gifts, candlelight dinners…just like when your love was new!
  • Choose kind and uplifting words when you speak to your loved ones, and watch how they blossom with your nourishing feedback.
  • Smile at yourself whenever you pass by a mirror, because you have taken the time to make yourself feel beautiful.
  • Find it easy to take breaks from “being responsible,” to discover the deep, soul-fulfilling pleasure of feeding your senses with beauty – food, words, art, flowers, music.
  • Find easy ways to add a touch of beauty to every room in your house and office….little things that warm your heart, boost your spirit, and feed your soul.
  • Take the time to sit down to a lovely and leisurely meal even when you are alone. Ahh…nourishment for your body AND soul.

2 beautiful ways to surround yourself with the Power of Sensuality:
#1: Do you notice that harsh words put a damper on your psyche? Whenever you catch yourself speaking in an ugly way to others, or when other people drop cold or demeaning comments at your feet, sing out loud 7 times,

“I open my senses to the beauty of life!”

And open yourself up to a life filled with beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, and beautiful ways of relating with others.

#2: Keep a bottle of Sensuality Vibrancy Essence handy all week long. Every time you notice you’re moving through life quickly, practically, and busily, without taking the time to nourish your soul and feed your senses,
take 7 drops and stop for a minute. Then see if you can find one thing right away that will add a touch of beauty to your day.

Nourish your soul with more beauty.

“Modernity and beauty simply don’t mix. Pragmatism and an industrial-sized busyness denigrate everything that can’t squeeze out of a calculator. And the first thing to die under such circumstances is a passion for beauty…

 We just don’t have the time for poetry; beauty isn’t useful, we say, until we’re in our eighties, when many finally reflect and realize that beauty was truly essential to a good life that has now slipped by.”

Douglas Jones


Surround yourself with beauty!