Come Out into the Light

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 07-02-2019

Let’s get friendly with the Power of Revealing!

This is that Ultraviolet White energy within you that loves to:

~  access the courage to leave your familiar comfort zone without being discouraged by your fears

~ and take new steps to come out into the light…to reveal more of who and what you are without disclaimer or apology.

Did we say “loves to”? Yes, we did. The other parts of you might not at all “love” to come out of hiding. But since this is the week to let this Power shine, give it a go. Feed the Ultraviolet White part of your being with what it needs most: new opportunities to come out from under the rug, shed the pretenses, and reveal a truer version of you.

And remember, if you have the Power of Revealing in your Vibrancy Signature, it’s doubly critical for your health and happiness to exercise this muscle.

So pick one – pick one way you’d like to express yourself more freely and authentically than you typically do, without being stopped by some debilitating thought or worry.

As you go, keep these hints in mind:

  • you get to choose when you are ready, and how you want to go about it
  • it won’t feel comfortable…and certainly not “normal”, especially at first
  • you can always touch back into your safe zone whenever you need to to ground yourself (just don’t get stuck there)
  • enjoy yourself!

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