Is your Bulls*** Meter working? Call on the Red Power of Honesty!

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 08-12-2013

Honesty3 - tapestryTelling the truth keeps your life uncomplicated, and your conscience clear. But sometimes those lines between fact and fiction begin to blur, and before you know it, you could be up to your eyeballs in conflicts and confusion. If the Power of Honesty is in short supply in your life, it may look like this:

  • You feel betrayed in a relationship because someone lied or cheated…then you remember all the early warning signs that this person lacked integrity, and you wonder how you missed them.
  • You cut yourself off from potentially healthy, workable relationships, because you’ve been lied to so many times that you just don’t know who to trust any more.
  • You feel like you’re a bad judge of character because you can never tell if someone is going to act with integrity or turn out to be dishonest and slimy.
  • You don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings so you bend the truth a little, but then feel guilty and confused about which was better, the white lie or the pure truth.
  • You paint yourself into a corner with one little lie, and then feel all the stress of continually covering your back to keep the real truth hidden.
  • You find your own morals slipping when something you really want is at stake, like a lot of money. (Ever been tempted to stretch the truth on your taxes?)

The truth shall set you free!

A few years ago we met a businessman who was convinced he knew how to help us share the Vibrancy Path work with the world. He was bright, outgoing, enthusiastic, and talked about a heart-centered business model. We liked him a lot and had many hours of meetings.

There were a couple things he said, sprinkled here and there, that were just slightly suspicious. We called them yellow flags (for caution). We kept paying attention.

He was dangling a carrot in front of us that we were desperately hungry for. Someone who could show us how to run our business, help a lot of people, create a future for this work that would live beyond us, and bring us financial success.

We had stars in our eyes.

But eventually there were a couple of red flags. Some things he said that just didn’t add up. Thankfully, these warning signs were too big to miss. We declined his offer and parted amicably.

Sadly, we discovered not long ago that he’s now a felon on-the-run, wanted by the FBI for fraud and embezzlement. The company he had ended up working for went under from his lack of Red-ness.

In this instance, we were saved from a lot of headache and heartache by our own Powers of Honesty and the ability to recognize the red flags and respond.

It’s not always easy, though. Sometimes the warning flags are very subtle.


Make sure your BS Meter is properly calibrated!

When you’re connected to the Red Power of Honesty, you’ll:

  • Not be so quick to blindly trust others, relying on your inner sense of whether or not people are speaking and acting from truth.
  • Notice when something isn’t adding up in your dealings with other people, and be willing to call them on it.
  • Tell your truth with confidence, no longer letting fear get in your way of being honest.
  • Sleep well at night, knowing that you haven’t said or done anything dishonest….you’ve been true to yourself.
  • Find that people want to work with you, because they know you’re a straight-shooter.
  • Realize that it isn’t worth the complication, guilt, and hassle to cheat on your taxes or bend your morals.

2 ways to stand strong in your Red Power of Honesty:

#1: Tired of dancing around the truth all the time just to be liked, or get your way?  Next time you notice that you’re tempted to fib your way through a situation, here’s an affirmation that will point you in the right direction:

I am strong and honest!

Sing it to yourself or out loud 7 times. Then let the truth set you free!


#2: Keep a bottle of Honesty Vibrancy Essence close by this week. Every time you feel like you are getting sucked into a vortex of lies and deceit (yours or anyone else’s), pick up that bottle and take 7 drops. Then perk up, tell it like it is, and don’t tolerate anything less than the truth from others.


Honesty is the best policy!

Aside from the strictly moral standpoint,
honesty is not only the best policy,
but the only possible policy,
 from the standpoint of business relations.
The fulfillment of the pledged word is
of equal necessity to the conduct of all business.
If we expect and demand virtue and honor in others,
the flame of both must burn brightly within ourselves.

James Franklin Bell (1856 – 1919)

Stay rooted in the truth.

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