Feel Rooted and Secure with the Sky Blue Power of Stability

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 10-03-2013

Home…what a warm and cozy word this can be. Just the sound of it offers up an yummy image of safety, comfort, and being right with the world. It creates a sense of stability and groundedness….kinda like milk and warm cookies fresh out of the oven on a cold day.

If the idea of stability seems boring to you, consider some of the challenges you might be facing without it:


  • Change feels scary and unsettling to you.
  • You freak out when little things go wrong, and totally fall apart when something big happens.
  • Those extra pounds you’re carrying give you a sense of grounding and solidity.
  • You crave comfort food a lot – maybe even the kinds of food Mom made.
  • You don’t venture out into the world and try new things because you feel insecure.
  • You feel uncomfortable in your home – or any home. You move a lot, trying to find that place where your restless spirit can finally settle.
  • You feel lonely.

Reaching Towards the Heavens
For a tree to grow up and expand out into the sky,
it’s gotta have strong roots.

Chaya here….

I moved 16 times in 14 years, and traveled so much for diving competitions I felt like I lived out of a suitcase. By itself, there’s nothing wrong with that. Some of it was absolutely thrilling.
Except that I didn’t have any internal stability, so I had no sense of groundedness or home anywhere.
I felt very off balance emotional much of the time….upset by the smallest things. Ok, I was a bit of a drama queen, I admit. I could go from enthusiastic and high to shut down in the pit of despair very quickly.

Kind of like diving from the top of the 10 Meter platform to the bottom of the pool in 2.5 seconds!
And then….a cat named Koala came into my life and sat on my lap. And purred. And sat and purred some more.Stability 2013 - Chaya and Koala

With her on my lap, I felt grounded for the first time. She loved me unconditionally. She chased away the loneliness. Wherever she was, I felt like I had a home.
Over time I strengthened my Power of Stability, learning from personal growth opportunities and people who had strong, healthy Sky Blue energy. The drama began to melt away.
Recently, Jamie and I just celebrated 14 years living here in our house. Now the feeling of HOME in me is one of the deepest, most joyful, peaceful, loving, comforting experiences in my being.
One of my wishes for you and all people is to have that sense of home….first and foremost, within yourself, and then also with family, friends, animals, and a place where you feel loved, warm, stable and secure.


You have the Power of Stability within you!

Here are some of the benefits of balancing and strengthening it:

  • You’ll feel centered and whole even if things all around you are falling to pieces. You’ll remain the calm center of the storm. (You may even find your friends and family feel comfort in just being around you!)
  • Even if big change is in the air, you’ll feel secure, confident, and rooted in who you are and what’s really important in your life.
  • You can let go of those extra pounds because you’ll feel grounded, solid, and secure in your life from within your own being.
  • You’ll find comfort and take care of yourself in healthy ways, consciously eating your favorite foods because you enjoy them, not because you need them to sooth you.
  • Your spirit can finally settle into a peaceful, restful home life, with other 2-legged or 4-legged friends to share your love and life with.

2 ways to root yourself in the Sky Blue Power of Stability:
#1: Do you feel like you use all your energy to just hold yourself together while you ride a roller coaster of emotions? Here’s an affirmation you can begin using:

“I am stable and secure.”

We recommend saying and singing it 7 times daily, or when you need to remind yourself that you have solid ground under your feet.


#2: Keep a bottle of Stability Vibrancy Essence close at hand this week. Every time you notice yourself shaken off your foundation by events in life, take 7 drops. See if you can begin to settle into a sense of security, the kind a child feels around a strong, safe, loving parent, and let that sustain you through times of change.


Take the cozy comfort of your own home wherever you go.

“You can live in a house, but your real home is inside you.”

~ Leonard Jacobson


Blessings on your home and hearth.


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