Protect What You Love

Posted by Sallie Justice | Posted on 03-05-2020

Orange Gold energy with the Power of Protection gifts you the clarity and hutzpuh to do what it takes to look out for the well being of everyone and everything you care about most. Your family, your home, your community, your finances, your values, your world.

As an example, the times seem to be calling on us all to do just that with the planet we share. This fiery energy can help you transform any sense of victimhood, vulnerability or confusion you may feel on the subject into a wide-eyed determination to do your unique part to help temper the threats to our Earthly home.

Along your way,

let the Power of Protection

empower you with these qualities:

  • acute awareness of what is going on. Orange Gold helps you stay awake to the circumstances and have the courage to meet them smartly.
  • the practice of looking out for yourself in the process. You’ll have more capacity to rally for a balanced and healthy planet if you keep yourself balanced and healthy as well.
  • the drive to not be discouraged or back down in the short term. Orange Gold energy doesn’t give up until safety and order has been restored.
  • organizational skills to enable you to map out your strategy for doing your part, and lead others in accessing their own strength and to collaborate toward a common goal.
  • realistic optimism. Orange Gold helps you be wise about the steps you take in defense of the corner of the Earth that you care about most. To not give up, but not be stupid either.

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