Your own “green tips” of new growth!

Posted by Jamie and Chaya | Posted on 03-23-2021

What’s been the benefit of the current pandemic? (You’re likely quite familiar with the downsides!) Many are saying it’s been the unanticipated opportunity for inner growth. Though it may not have been intentional, you likely have had a little, or maybe a LOT, of extra time to confront some of your own edges.

That’s something that doesn’t readily happen when you’re super busy and preoccupied with living life “in the world.” You’re less likely to take on the challenge of clearing out old, worn-out behaviors and patterns when you’re distracted or always on the go.

Maybe some of these scenarios are familiar? (All offered with great compassion, if you have found yourself in these uncomfortable situations.)

  • Rather than address your relationship challenges, you used to avoid interacting in a deep, authentic way. But lately you can’t, because it’s been harder to get away, literally.
  • You used to be able to ignore any dissatisfaction with your work life, because you were stuck in that feedback loop of showing up every day to collect a paycheck. With this recent slow down, how you really feel about it has resurfaced. You have visions of something more suited to your gifts and needs, but aren’t sure how to make any changes.
  • You’ve seen and read about others who practice, and even teach, novel ways to evolve themselves into new ways of being in the world. That seems so fulfilling…but it all sounds overwhelming and scary!
  • Maybe you have your own story? That story you tell yourself that keeps you stuck and unsatisfied.

Why not maximize the time you still have now to transform?

It’s Spring, and you can call on the Red Gold Power of Growing to help you out! Red Gold energy is what gives you the strength to tell the truth about what’s going on with yourself, the stamina to do the hard work of doing things differently, and the willingness to let your own worn out ways burn up, making way for those “green tips” of new growth. Internal gardening, anyone?!

 Bring more Red Gold energy


into your world this week


with the following exercise!


Choose one area of your life where you feel stuck. Depending on your temperament, it may be a small but do-able challenge, a big boulder that’s been in your way forever, or something in between. It might be a destructive behavior, or an annoying pattern in how you relate. Maybe it’s a belief etched in your consciousness that was passed down to you, but that no longer serves your goals for yourself.

Here’s some Red Gold Affirmations to help you get warmed up for what’s next:

I grow each day.

I embrace personal growth.

I am a paradigm-shifter.

I transform by acknowledging the truth.

Now, dig up some vehicle to help you transform whatever your challenge is into a newer better version of you:

  • a therapist who specializes in this type of issue
  • a workshop focused on that topic
  • a one-off seminar that in some laser-like way, helps free up people with this concern
  • a process that has helped others you trust in shifting this pattern
  • or, if you feel drawn to it, a Vibrancy Healing session with Jamie!

Whatever your source for support, choose something that resonates and commit yourself to following through with it until you see yourself step free of what no longer serves you! And remind yourself…

Happy Soul Gardening!

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