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Do you move through life with elegance and style? Or…..

  • Do you feel like screaming when there are too many things going on at once – the phone is ringing, your child needs your attention, dinner is burning, and your guests are going to arrive any minute?
  • Does coordinating all the elements of a dinner party (the food, the invitations, the people, the timing, the decor) sound like a nightmare you’d rather not have?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the balls your friend has in the air, and long to be able to juggle your life as gracefully?
  • Do you feel frazzled or scattered when you have to multi-task?
  • And you may wonder how this is related, but….
  • Do you trip, stub your toe, bump into things, or otherwise wonder if you’re an accident walking around waiting to happen?
  • Do you avoid activities like dancing, surfing, playing tennis, or ice skating because you’re afraid you’ll embarrass yourself with your two left feet?

The Power of Coordination helps you coordinate your busy life

AND look graceful on the surf board or dance floor.


Have you seen the TV show So You Think You Can Dance? We LOVE it. It’s just amazing to watch these dancers do their thing.

No matter what style of dance they’re trained in, they have to do all styles in this competition: ballroom, hip hop, jazz, Broadway, contemporary, even crumping and Bollywood.

Basically, the person with the biggest dose of Turquoise wins.

One of the final competitions really sticks in our memory bank. The 4 finalists were all breathtaking, but our favorite was Tad…a guy with NO dance training at all. He was a street dancer – a “B-Boy”, who just would find a patch of sidewalk and spin on his head and do crazy tricks.

But in this particular season Tad did a waltz that brought tears to our eyes, swinging from a chandelier a la Cirque du Soleil, and doing a Michael Jackson-esque number to “Another One Bites The Dust” that we replayed 3 times. He was a smooth and cool cat.

Just watching this show felt like drinking in the Turquoise medicine. But these people don’t have a corner on the market! You have the Power of Coordination within you too, even if it’s hard to believe when you’re applying that ace bandage to your twisted ankle.


End your need for band-aids and ice packs!

Dance through life with grace and ease.


When you’re connected to the Turquoise Power of Coordination, you’ll:

  • Handle what’s calling for your attention – the phone, the kids, the dinner, and the guests – with elegance and flow.
  • Make pulling off a dinner party look like a work of art, doing everything at just the right time, with just the right flair, creating a beautiful event to enjoy with your friends.
  • Juggle all the balls in your own life like a pro ~ easily handling each thing as it passes in front of you, and at the same time, being ready to deal with next.
  • Multi-task like the best of them, effortlessly flowing along with those moments when your brain, your hands, and your feet are all doing different things.
  •  Have a good sense of where you are in space, moving in, around, and through things like a graceful dancer.
  • Move in the groove, finding that magical place where all your body parts work together like a charm as you surf, dance, or skate your life away.


2 ways to dance your way into the Turquoise Power of Coordination:


#1: Tired of feeling clumsy and awkward? Next time you notice that you’re moving around like you have two left feet, with the bruises to prove it, sing to yourself 7 times,

“I am graceful in everything I do!”

Then do a little pirouette and move smoothly through the rest of your day.

#2: Keep a bottle of Coordination Vibrancy Essence close by this week. Every time you feel like you just can’t keep all the balls in your life in the air, pick up that bottle and take 7 drops. Then begin to juggle everything a little more fluidly, coordinating what you do and when, so that you feel like you are flowing, rather than stumbling, through your life.

If you are dancing on the inside ~

you can dance on the outside!


Did you know that six trillion actions occur in the human body every second,

every single one of which is working in correlation with all the others?
….How’s that for coordination?
All you need is in you.
You’re already dancing inside ~ now just let it show!

~ Katharine Dever

Yes, we know you can dance!

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